Malton Communist Survivor Front

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Malton Communist Survivor Front
Abbreviation: MCSF
Group Numbers: Rising
Leadership: Private Ireland
Goals: Communist Revolution
Recruitment Policy: All Communists
Contact: email

The Malton Communist Survivor Front (MCSF) is a Communist survivor group looking to bring Communism to Malton. The MCSF accepts Communists/Marxist-Leninists/Maoist/Socialists. The MCSF provides protection, security, and facilitates the spread of Communism throughout Malton.


  • Be a Communist/Marxist-Leninist/Maoist/Socialist
  • All levels and classes welcome
  • contact Private Ireland in game, or at
  • put "the Red Star of the Malton Communist Survivor Front is visible" in your survivor appearance box
  • switch group name to "Malton Communist Survivor Front"
  • go to the Fort Perryn Barracks and put on
 - a red beret
 - a khaki short sleeve shirt
 - a camouflage jacket
 - camouflage trousers
 - black boots
 - OPTIONAL: black balaclavas, sunglasses, gas masks, medical masks, etc. 
   most are not found in the Fort Perryn Barracks


  • No PKing
  • No GKing
  • Respect the Sacred Ground Policy
  • No Zerging
  • Only assist survivor groups
  • Keep Communism alive in Malton

WR-CommunistParty.jpg Communist Party
This group belongs to the Communist Party
Stalin victory.jpg Joseph Stalin: 1878-1953
Stalin: Superior to Lenin, crueler than Hitler, absolute despot of the USSR, Time's "Man of the Year" twice, mentor and architect to communists, and the unmatched murderer of all human history.
Socialist Template.png Socialism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Socialism, and their induction into Malton society, through the maelstrom of the Zombie epidemic.
Nogod.jpg Atheist
This group is an atheist.
Gun.jpg Military
This group is in the Military and is probably off trying to control the zombie outbreak.
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