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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.
Mob Tactics (Aka P.W.N.D.)
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This tactic is for use in the event of your suburb coming under the claws of the horde, and combines principals from several survivor strategies to create rapid, organized attacks and repairs that concentrate on unpredictability and stability to purge a suburb of horde activity by any means necessary. Guerilla warfare, hit and run strikes, and decoys all play a role here. This strategy requires at LEAST two organized survivor strike teams of preferably ten each and a great deal of communication between anyone involved.


For this strategy to work communication between team mates is very important. The horde is in town and less than quick response will most likely result in death, this does not mean run in rambo style and start pumping bullets. Sending in a scout, a life cultist works best here, to gauge the strength of the horde once suburb invasion is confirmed is ideal. Once you have an idea of what you're up against, it's time to act.

Barricades are your friend

Maybe not always for the obvious reasons. Pulling from the concept of trap setting, groups are urged to set up a decoy or two and if possible lure some of the horde away from their current targets to the decoys before making a quick escape. One of your crew should split off as bait, stab a zed a few times or cleave in their head a bit with an axe, run back to the "decoy" and wait for some of the horde to retaliate. This is the kamikaze's cue to high tail it out of there to safety if possible, if not this is a good opportunity to set up a vampire. Once some of the horde has been lead away to the decoy...

Hit and run strikes

This is where another small task force gets some opportunistic shots in. A group of at least three, possibly containing the bait, can cruise in and lay into the distracted horde before making a hasty retreat (it's a good idea to leave at least 10 action points to escape scent trail), note, the goal here is NOT to kill the stragglers, only to rough them up a bit so they can later be dumped into the streets more easily. If you run into a bit more than you bargained for...

Time for some CPR

Pull out the scanner and look for low level ferals or members of the attacking horde with few if any pesky survivor skills that could cause potential death culting. Should you find a few younglings in the mix, toss them a lovely combat revive and leave the horde deciding if they should take time to eat their now breathing colleagues or focus on their assault, causing wasted action points and frustration. Again truism is your friend here, make sure you have a designated low profile safe place for you and your crew to fall back to and the action points to get there. Your only goal with hit and run strikes, decoys, and combat revives is to slow the attack down, don't be a hero...Not yet. Speaking of...


Let's face it: No matter how many of you there are, the horde will out-man and overpower you 10:1, your only hope is maintaining a stable level of frustration for them until they are deterred. It is crucial here to keep this in mind and the condition of the suburb in order to ensure you and your crew stay breathing as long as possible. If action points allow, leave the suburb entirely and make delicate, precise hit and run strikes meant to slow, distract, confuse and cripple first the feral cloud then the horde it's following. When this isn't an option, when the attackers are many, when time isn't on your side, or if more frequent strikes are required, use of the principles utilized in Rat Tactics becomes ideal. Take the action points to scout out the suburb before deciding the best course of action, be sure not to draw unwanted attention from your attackers. Find a low priority building, dark buildings are your friend here, as you'll be running if discovered, not fighting. Any decoys you set up should be far, far away from where you are actually hiding, if you think the horde isn't going to check the building next to the well lit, completely barricaded hospital they just tore down only to find empty, you may as well shoot yourself now you will be joining them soon. Speaking of...

Plan Ahead

Mistakes happen, so it's better to prepare for them before they do. Utilizing vampire tactics is a great way to do this. Always, always have a reviver on backup ready to save your asses should shit hit the fan. It doesn't hurt to have another team hang back nearby ready to resuscitate your sorry butts should the horde catch on to your shenanigans and silence the lot of you. Make sure you are NEVER all in one place at once, the more spread out you are within reason, the better. It may be beneficial to set up multiple decoys near one another, to create the illusion of a large population of survivors near your bait, especially near your bait who can hop between the buildings to cause further wasted action points on the part of the zeds that gave chase. Why just have them waste one AP cycle of disappointment when you could provide your foes with multiple let downs? He who plans for today lives to see tomorrow. Which brings us to...

Mind Raping Your Foes

It is imperative to remember while your foes are undead, they are people just like you and I and can fall for the same psychological warfare. Fake and misleading graffiti, decoys, and all around mind fuckery will add to the frustration of you foes more quickly, which is ultimately your goal. Anything that doesn't bring you and your crew harm but inconveniences the enemy, even if just by wasting their time, is only helping you and your fellow survivors, remember, this is war, it won't be over overnight. Which leads us finally to...


Your foe never tires, never "needs" sustenance, and no matter how much lead you pump into them they can't be brought down forever. The only hope of victory is maintaining calm, and being patient, for while they are impervious to death and disease, your foes WILL get bored and frustrated, eventually. Use the above tactics as a general outline, and use your best judgement. P.W.N.D. - Patience and Wisdom Never Disappoint.

On a final note

If for some insane reason you find you either can not or choose not to run from a fight, your best option is to work in cycles. A few people maintaining the barricades, a few getting ammunition from the closest possible source, hopefully the building you are in, and some healing and maintaining the barricades otherwise, with plenty of revives handy, you'll need them (you should have ran you fools.)


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