Molotov Rocktails

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Molotov Rocktails
Abbreviation: MVRTs
Group Numbers: Low
Leadership: Mr Backwards
Goals: Kill Zombies for Fun! Hinder Emerging Authoritarian Groups! Retake the radio, and play music that intimidates the eldery and the undead! No commitment, just excercise your freedom and destroy anything that may stand in your way. We also advocate for additional weapon updates by the mods
Recruitment Policy: Add "Molotov Rocktails" in your profile. To be an endorsed member (which is prefered) see Joining

Mototov Rocktails

Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

We are renegades. Of course, a group implies unionization, which is what our goal is, but individual freedom is more important to us than so called "progression". This apocolypse IS what granted us our freedom, and thusly we treasure it. This is a group for any human that just enjoys this game and wants to enhance their freedom with a little security. You can be free AND safe.


We do not like zombies. They rob us of our most precious freedom, life. Thus, we also do not like PKers. They are zombie wanna-bes. If you have too many zombie skills, we will probably have trouble finding you trustworthy. Be careful in that regard. Also


If you or your group do not want to be declared a Rocktail but want to participate in our cause, put your name here. We are a part of the Malton Anarchist Federation. See Anarchism for people and groups involved.


The least you need to do to join is put "Molotov Rocktails" in your profile. To be an endorsed member (which gives you perks such as support, possible revives, and protection) email us the following:

   * Your Character's Name
   * Your Profile Number
   * Class
   * Level
   * Current location (suburb)
   * Time Zone
   * How often do you check your player?
   * How did you find our group?
   * Additional Comments

This is just to make your membership more palpable. If we know about your character, we can "bond". It comes in handy when you need help. We are in need of good soldiers, medics, anything. If you submit, there is pretty much no way you will be turned down.

Additional Info

We are currently a non-suburban group. We do not specialize in one particular suburb. While this makes us a weeeee bit more versitile, it makes it harder for us to offer support. If you know of a suburb that could potentially habitiate us, let us know. We will always be a "universal" group, but a home base would be nice. I've got my eye on something around Kempsterbank, to fight the growing threat in that area.

Current Activity

Our current goal is higher recruitment. Tell your non-dead friends!

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