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We have the whole of Germany on our side.

-Adolf Hitler- Ultimate Autocrat
-Adolph Hitler Jr- Forum Leader and Founder

The Cabinet
-Adolf Hitler
-Adolph Hitler Jr
-Hermann Goring
-Paul Joseph Goebbels

To purify the population of Europe Malton.

Recruitment Policy
Anyone can join. We accept everyone, funnily enough. You can make yourself known on this forum



Welcome to the page of the Nazi Party of Malton! Here we plan devious plots in an effort to rid Malton of the impure and uncooperative. We are led by the fearless Adolf Hitler and Adolph Hitler Jr. With them showing us the way, we get up to all sorts of fantastic operations.

We are more tempting than you think.

Who we love to hate

At the moment we are looking out for:

  • Queer Jew
  • Queer Jew Renegades
  • Communist Party of Malton

Join Us

Do you love the attention you get with the profile name "neonazi908" and "stalin69"?

Do you love killing people because they don't agree with you?

Well, feel free to rock the Malton Community with The Nazi Party of Malton! Just put Nazi Party of Malton in your name or make it official by going to our forum.

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