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Necrotech's Assassins
Abbreviation: NTA
Group Numbers: recruiting
Leadership: Alex Koponen
Goals: Crushing the rumours about Necrotech
Recruitment Policy: Drop us a line on the talk page
Contact: Use the talk page or contact Alex koponen

A Newly Developed branch of Necrotech, Necrotech's Assassins are a group of similar minded survivors who intend to keep the truth about the Malton Incident hidden. These Assassins are called upon to remove anyone who criticizes Necrotech, or attempts to link them to the incident. Therefore, we call all armed necrotechnicians to assist us in defeating the accusations made against Necrotech. We are accepting any members who wish to join. We will accept any type of survivor, or in effect, zombie, who wishes to join us. Merely drop us a line on the talk page and we will consider you.

Run by Alex Koponen, a Doctor from England, who ended up sealed in the city quite on purpose, after fleeing his hometown for personal reasons. He now leads the assassins to fight for the Necrotech cause.

Allies of the Necrotech Assasins

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