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Paladin Bail Bondsmen
Abbreviation: Paladin
Group Numbers: undisclosed
Leadership: undisclosed
Goals: Provide honorable protection to survivors in need through prosecution of known criminals
Recruitment Policy: apply here
Contact: our forum

Paladin Bail Bondsmen

Prior to the outbreak, the Paladin Bail Bondsmen worked within the city of Malton offering bonds to criminal defendants as bail for appearance in court. However, as the city fell into anarchy and lack of a court system, the Paladin Bail Bondsmen had to change tactics from holding bonds for individual criminals to self professed bounty hunters. The city of Malton had a need to protect the common man from the murderers and petty criminals. While many survivors gather into groups to protect each other from the zombie threat and assemble some form of organized society. Many others chose to devoted themselves to evil, slaying fellow humans in a reign of terror and unrepentant slaughter. The Paladin Bail Bondsmen were created to put some balance and order back into Malton.

Goals & Guidelines

Due to the lack of a court system, The Paladin Bail Bondsmen have turned from the business as bail agents to become a core group of vigilante bounty hunters. Using their bail enforcement training, this team now spends it's time hunting down fugitive murderers to bring them to a final justice. The Bail Officers are expected to behave as professional "knights without armor" helping the community as the move about Malton. Record keeping is the most important factor for the Paladin Bail Bondsmen. Bail Enforcement agents use the DEM Rogue's Gallery to find the fugitives and are expected to announce intent while collecting a bounty with a link to the criminals rap sheet. Bail Agents will need to take screenshots of the summons and execution for processing. All bounty collections will be reported promptly in the Paladin Bail Bondsmen forum's and Paladin will report to Brainstock. All collected bounties will need the screenshots, the fugitives profile as well as the rap sheet link from Rogues gallery. Bail Enforcement Agents will go into any and all suburbs / buildings to claim a bounty. Paladin Bail Bondsmen should try to act as honorable bounty hunters, and protectors of the law-abiding Malton citizens.

Joining the Paladin Bail Bondsmen

Are you sick of all the PKer's roaming Malton? Ready to do something about it? We are currently accepting all classes for consideration as bounty hunters. We are looking for Bail Enforcement Agents that follow the Rogues Gallery, and that are meticulous with paperwork. Every claimed bounty needs to be recorded with a screenshot of the announcement of the warrant and the actual kill itself. Besides Bail Agents we are also accepting players as support staff (ie: revivers, scouts, healers, and general security). If you are interested in joining the Paladin Bail Bondsmen, please contact us at We'll need a link to your profile and how you feel you can help Paladin Bail Bondsmen.


Paladin Bail Bondsmen is interested in developing long-term relationships with other groups. Well scratch your back if you scratch ours. Do you want help with a nasty PK'er? Are you looking for long term support just in case a PK'er group targets your group? We are always willing to work with other Malton groups. Please contact us at

Seek Assistance

Is someone continually PKing you or members of your group? Request assistance from a Paladin at


Paladin Bail Bondsmen is run by a reclusive figure that goes by the nickname "Paladin", based on the lead character from "Have Gun — Will Travel" a popular American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963 (Please note that "Paladin" is not his profile name in UD). Each bail bondsmen is expected to follow the goals and guidelines listed above or suffer the consequences and be hunted as a PK'er by his fellow bail bondsmen until his bounty is lifted by DEM.

List of Known Members


Bounty Count

PKer Body Count [1]

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