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Project Atmosphere

Project Atmosphere is an Urban Dead Wiki Group whose aim is to make the wiki a more friendly, fun and hospitable place to be. We welcome all wiki members who share in our goal.

What we do

  • Show appreciation and give praise for good work. When we see edits that are particularly impressive or high quality, we applaud them.
  • Treat all fellow editors with fairness and courtesy. This is especially true when more experienced users interact with less experienced ones, but should be kept to at all times if possible.
  • Use criticism sparingly and with restraint. Criticism is often damaging and we should use it only when the benefits outweigh the costs. Good criticism is precise and constructive.

How to Join

  • Step 1 - Stick your name on the member register.
  • Step 2 - You're now a member!

Member Register

If you share in our vision, then you're welcome to join by placing your name on the member register. The easiest way to place your name on the register is to use 3 tildes (ie ~~~). The current member register is as follows: