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Come Again?

Punk Fest is a annual (although to date its timing has been entirely irregular) festival in which music lovers (of the three chords and the truth variety) get together to flail arms and shotguns to the sound of their ears cracking.

The Plan

Gather yer shotguns and knuckledusters for a good 24 hours of mind numbing music. We would post directions but that's not very rock and roll punk is it? Just be at Ackland Mall on July 18th.

Latest News

July 11th - after a quick scout of the area it seems that our feral friends have started the party early! The Grateful Undead will not be playing this year due to other commitments and we have confirmation that Public Image frontman John the Brain Rotten has recovered from a skin infection (caused by a loose safety pin nonetheless) and will be playing as scheduled.

Praise For Last Years Punk Fest

"After about five minutes people forgot about the music and became somewhat more preoccupied with the pit."

- Malton Times

"Scandalous, obscene and lewd."

- Christian Outlook

"Ten out of ten for heads smashed, nil for originality."

- The Malton Bugle


- Undead Mosher
Punkfest.gif Punk Fest Supporter
This User or Group supports Punk Fest and will be in the mosh pits on July the 18th.
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