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Rando (also known as The Random Number Goddess or simply The RNG) is a deity which, according to Her followers oversees the metaphysical fabric of the universe governing random event chains. She is the goddess of fortuity, spontaneity and chaos. In the consideration of Urban Dead, she is thought to govern the Random Number Generator, a part of Her living within the Urban Dead servers as a kind of deus ex machina. Rando is revered by RNG cultist group AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


The name Rando (ran • dö) is a derivative of the English word random, an adjective often used to describe the goddess' chatoic and whimsical nature. It is the short form of her proper title The Random Number Goddess. Some refer to her simply as the RNG though this can lead to confusion by unenlightened inhabitants of Malton. RNG cultists consider phrases such as "Fuck the RNG", or "RNG is being a bitch" to be blasphemous and will often lash out at these curses, much to the bewilderment of witnesses.

A popular depiction of Rando, as described by members of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


Though Rando is a shapeshifter and may assume any number of forms, she is generally depicted as having random characteristics of many other well known deities. She is often described as tentacled, three-breasted, multi-appendagèd and having an ass that just won't quit. Most all descriptions include her wielding a large slice of pie.


The RNG is a fickle being. She can shower you with incredible treasures and baubles or promote you instantly to a fearsome and deadly warrior. Your aim will be ever true and your cup will overfloweth. You will be the awe and envy of all of your friends. Meanwhile, she is silently plotting your doom, waiting until the height of your satisfaction before ripping pride right from your heart. Chaos is natural way of things, however and her whim is not defined by love and hate, favor or spite. Though her tenants seem unforgiving, she is not without a strong sense of fair play. She is known to punish cheaters and award her loyal followers.

RNG Cultism

Many players consider the Urban Dead RNG to be a poorly programmed line of code residing on the game's server and even more people are completely unaware of its existence. There are a few however that worship the RNG as a god. They are known as RNG Cultists, RNG Worshipers or Rando Worshipers. The cultists believe that through spontanious, chaoctic and uncontrived actions, one can experience the world in its most natural state. Embracing chaos brings one closer to Rando and to know Rando is to know inner harmony or "chaotic harmony". RNG cultism philosophy encourages individuals to experience multiple and unique styles of play to achieve this harmomy.

Offering its blood was totally worth those 30 straight succesful FAK searches, right?

Some worshipers of Rando will often make symbolic sacrafices or silent prayers to the goddess before taking actions and most will praise her for fortuitous action success rates. Common phrases uttered by RNG Cultists are Praise Rando and "Chaos be with you". These individuals strive to spread the word of their goddess, sometimes going into great detail about her to complete strangers. Some popular subjects of symbolic ritualistic sacrafice are cute bunnies or puppies, goats, infants and cake. The sacrafices are often unsubstantiated in the sense that they rarely provide any benefit to success rates. But they are fun nonetheless and its a good way to show love for the goddess.

As of the fall of 2012, the group AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is Urban Dead's only Rando worshiping group, though many of their friends have grown to know and embrace her as well. They believe there exists a conduit to Rando's will called The Wheel of Rando. The wheel, which is actually uses a modified Random Number Generator, helps the group to determine which unique style of play the group will follow. A new version of The Wheel of Rando, called the Zodiacus Fortuitae is currently under development. The group has had a modest amount of dedicated followers join them. They hope that by spreading the truth of Rando, more will seek truth in chaos, wheather it be with them or individually.

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