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-The Red Pants
-The Red Peasant
-The Red Raconteur
-The Red Tuesday

Current Nobility
Definitely More Than One.

Depleting Malton's Ammo Stores: One Mall At A Time.'

Body Count

Recruitment Policy
We ask only the following:
1. Shoot people that take the game crazily seriously,
2. Shoot the leadership,
3. Shoot malls and shit in coordinated attacks,
4. Leave your vendettas behind.
5. (Recommended) Have a pro-survivor and/or zombie alt.

♥ Neutral Point of View ♠

Red Rum's Thanatoholics is perhaps the least seen branch of RR, and thus doesn't get a lot of notoriety outside of Red Rum itself. But every time you kill a Red Rum member, only to see them out and about with a grin within hours? Thanatoholics is responsible for that, for a price, of course. In exchange for human body parts, they restore life to the recently deceased. That's not to say that they don't get their share of fun, though, if they so desire.

♣ End Neutral Point of View ♦

Department Aims

To collect and study body parts of the species known as Homo-Sapiens and to keep the providers of said parts of bodies in tip-top condition.

Department History

Created from the ashes of The Morgue, this department consists of the truly twisted and scientifically inclined folk. Obsessed with detached body parts, they will pay anything to get their them. In a city in which currency means nothing, though, they have decided to put their skills to the test and revive any downed Red Rum member, only in exchange for the substance which they desire, though.

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MAKE AN IMAGE FOR ME Thanatoholics
Hiding in the shadows, syringe in hand and body parts in the other, this little man is always ready to revive a fallen executioner, for the right price, for this person is a Thanatoholic.
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