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And several characters from SpongeBob SquarePants were on this wiki. --Bus driver Jim 15:00, 9 February 2011 (UTC)

Proud to Be Your Bud

"Proud to Be Your Bud" is a song that was used in a Budweiser commercial. [1] The line, "Budweiser, I'm proud to be your bud," was also used in the song "I Deserve a War Hell Ride" by Wesley Willis.

I think it has the same tune and melody.

I deserved a warhellride (This is your world)
I deserved a warhellride (Genuine and true)
I deserved a warhellride (You're the one who keeps coming through)
I deserved a warhellride ('Cause you're giving it your best)

(Proud to be your Bud)
(Proud to be your Bud)
(Proud to be your Bud)
Ooh, yeah
(Proud to be your...)
I'm proud to be your Bud!

The lyrics to the chorus are "I deserved a warhellride," and the "Budweiser - I'm proud to be your Bud!" is sung at the finale. I'm not sure how the verses go, though.