Special Recon Unit

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S.R.U- Special Recon Unit
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Abbreviation: S.R.U
Group Numbers: --
Leadership: Mr Ashbee
Goals: Protecting Raines Hill, Maintain it's Phone Mast
Recruitment Policy: Any humans that would like to join
Contact: New-England@hotmail.co.uk


The S.R.U were responsible for escorting Colonel Joseph Ashbee into the danger zone to provide the quarantine with any important information. Its second objective was to train small resistance groups in side the Dead Zone. However upon deployment the unit was forced to flee to nearby Raines Hills in search of a safe house. Upon seeing the lack of any resistance groups in the area Mr Ashbee decided to reform his unit to protect the suburb. First good communications for the Suburb was needed!


The Newly formed Special Recon Unit aims to defend the Suburb of Raines Hills, Provide communications for the area, radio services and medical needs for the area. At the moment we are recruiting all who can join us in the holy battle against the Zeds. Once we have a good membership base we will bring reports from nearby danger zones and help in the general up keep of Raines Hill and surrounding Suburbs. At this time due to our low numbers we will just keep the phone mast going and caded. We try to keep it at VSB but lately zeds have been around so we raised it. So do not count on the phone mast to be VSB.


Because we are a newly formed group we have no restrictions on our membership policy other than you must be human and not be a PKer, GKer, RKer or zombie...... If you wish to contact us then email new-england@hotmail.co.uk or find Mr ashbee in central Raines Hill. If you want to apply in person go to the Phone mast in Raines Hills.


26 November 2007- After a long period of inactivity I've come back and hope to reestablish the SRU in Raines Hills.

18 January 2007- Raines Hill Mobile phone mast is now up and running! we shall do our up most to defend it, also if possible try and get a in game mobile phone! And welcome to our new members Borocks and DrNic010! Long live the S.R.U!!! Mr Ashbee

12 January 2007- Our First recruit (Leon Fire) joins the Unit and eliminated the PKer Uncle Louie

Mercinaries.jpg Heavy Arms
This user or group has Heavy Arms and will use them if provoked.