The Know Nothings

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The Know Nothings
Citizen Know Nothing.jpg
Abbreviation: KN / TKN
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Unknown.
Goals: Protect Malton from the encroachment of zombie immigration.
Recruitment Policy: Sign up at
Contact: Please don't, unless you're interested in joining.

The Know Nothings are a rather secretive group dedicated to protecting Malton from the scourge of zombie immigration. All we want to do is protect our homes. Malton is the property of surviving humans, and as such, the Know Nothings feel it is their duty to protect Malton from such encroachment.

Who are the Know Nothings?

The Know Nothings are a very secretive organization. When asked about their projects, members will almost always reply with a simple "I know nothing." However, investigation has brought the following rumors to light...

  1. The members appear to be composed largely of alts from various zombie groups.
  2. They deploy counter-intuitive tactics outside of the typical meatshield / "RUN AWAY!!" dichotomy used by survivors.
  3. They apparently operate in Southeast Malton, but have been known to wander.
  4. While they openly work with survivors ingame to secure Malton, they strenuously avoid working with survivor groups in the metagame, both to avoid potential conflicts of interest (almost all Know Nothings have zombie alts) and because they do not wish to deal with the inherent drama, chest-thumping, and ego-massaging of the survivor metagame.

How to Join the Know Nothings?

Know Nothing membership is, despite their secretiveness, totally open. While it is recommended that you have access to Discord and that you have a zombie alt running around Malton, we do not wish to put conditions on our terms of membership. All you have to do is sign up at