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"Supplying Savoury Snacks since 1776"

The industrial giant of Malton, the Molly Corporation (better known as Molly Co.), owned a string of Cheesy Poof factories and warehouses around Malton.


Molly Co. can trace its roots in Malton all the way back into the late 18th century and Grandma Molly's book of secret recipes. From humble beginnings as a cottage industry it has gradually spread its corporate tenticles to cover a number of Maltons districts. Not content with cornering the Snack market it had recently expanded into Meat-derived products, including 'Cocktail' burgers - 'the bit on a stick'.


An event of note is the mysterious disapperance of all the Molly Co. employees immediately prior to the outbreak.

A bunch of disgruntled, underpaid Molly Co. employees attempted the first (and last) industrial action against Molly Co. They went on strike a few days before the outbreak and sent flying pickets all round Malton. It was always presumed that they got eaten by passing zombie hordes, but it would seem that no picketing occured on that final, fateful day.

Initially overlooked due to the panic of the original outbreak, its is of paticular concern to those trying to maintain civilisation in Malton via the distribution of Cheesy Poofs.

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