The Shadows of Hope

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The Shadows of Hope
Abbreviation: SoH
Group Numbers: 12
Leadership: Una Laguna
Goals: Protecting our own and eliminating any threats.
Recruitment Policy: Human players only.
Contact: Una Laguna for further information.


The Shadows of Hope began in 2002 as Jedi, training their skills, and expanded into anti-terrorist combat. (Jedi Knight II/Jedi Knight Academy, Counter-Strike.) When they heard of the zombie outbreak, in 2006, many of them volunteered to go in and help, swapping in lightsabers and assault rifles for shotguns and axes. During the months following, numbers dwindled to near-nonexistant. Spearheaded by a few core members, the group received reinforcements and revived dead members. Now they have organized to efficiently combat the zombie menace.

Current Location

As of 17th May 2008, The Shadows are located in The Baillie Hotel, Ruddlebank.


All members except one have been in the group from other games. However, if you have an interest in joining, contact Una Laguna for further instructions.

Member list

  • Una Laguna - "Una Laguna, ruler of the known Unaverse..."
  • PhantomShadow - "If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you."
  • gmercenary - "Die? Why that is the last thing I'll do in Malton!"
  • Capt JackSparrow - "You will remember this day as the day you almost ate Capt Jack Sparrow!!"
  • Duggee D - "For me, every mission is a suicide mission."
  • Andov - "¬_¬"
  • Ice 'SoH' - "Malton needs some cleaning up."
  • Hyourinmaru - "Revan, you can have my wirecutters."
  • LiquidMetal - "In a town where friendlies can become hostiles in a matter of seconds, names mean little."
  • Helvyn - "I'm away from the group, fighting the zombie horde wherever they may be."


The Shadows of Hope are currently allied with the DvB:SWEEPZ. However, we are happy to help any pro-survivor group if we can.


The Shadows of Hope have absolutely no affiliation with the Shadows of Hell, operating under the same abbreviation. The Shadows of Hope is much older and multi-game, not to mention severely anti-PKer.