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The Alner Household
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Paul Derleth
Goals: to maintain The Alner Mansion from ruin and zombies
Recruitment Policy: change your group ID to The Alner Household and head to Roachtown

Tired of seeing the Alner Mansion empty and ruined? Wish you could decorate a mansion as you see fit? Want to survive the outbreak in style? Then join The Alner Household. We (the royal we, as there's only one current member) are dedicated to repairing and maintaining The Alner Mansion, in Roachtown. Eventually, we plan to repair the surrounding buildings and mantain an active revive point.

If you want to join the cause, add The Alner Household to your group name, and head over to Roachtown.

Check out our wiki page, with history and four-stage plan to restore the mansion, at

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