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U.B.C.S. Merc-For-Hire
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Abbreviation: U.B.C.S.
Group Numbers: Classified
Commanding Officer: Leon Cane
Goals: To halt the undead menace.
Recruitment policy: Post on the Discussion Page above, or email.


We are mercenaries. We move around the city helping survivors and pissing lead into the wretched undead. We can be hired by any group that requires our assistance.

Our "payment" will be access to all of their group information (plans, websites, wiki pages, etc.), what first-aid they have whenever we need it, and their full cooperation. Once they give us that, their mission is our mission.

Who We Are:

Current Members: UBCS maintains a small, select force of rarely more than a half-dozen members in each game.

Conduct: U.B.C.S is a group of experianced combat veterans. We frown on PKing, GKing (Unless absolutely essential), Zerging, and any other form of in-game misconduct. We DO NOT support PKer or Greifer groups. However, we WILL retaliate against PKers that attack us (and only those that attack us) with deadly force.

Contact: In order to contact us, the UBCS Mercs, you'd want to either:

A. Register on the Umbrella Corp forum, or

B. Send us an email at UBCSMERCS@gmail.com

C. Register on our personal forums, see below, though that may take the longest time.

Past And Present:

Formation: Basically, UBCS was formed in Counter Strike: Source zombie mods, where Carlos recruited players he liked. Thus, UBCS was created as a solid combat group within CS:S and eventually Urban Dead. More Recently, Carlos has been recruiting people directly from Urban Dead.

Early Urban Dead Campaigns: UBCS participated in the successful defense of the first two Caiger Mall sieges, successful defense of Nichols Mall, and invaded Ridleybank when it was fully under zombie control, remaining there under attack for a week before being overrun.

Umbrella Corporation: We joined the Umbrella Corporation under the Alliance of the Dagger which basically meant that we were their elite assault unit (And mistakenly called their secret police on occasion). We acted as the Spartans of the group, conducting high-risk missions and first-strike operations.

Ex-Umbrella Corporation: We've ended our alliance with Umbrella (October 1, 07), due to being dissed by their VP one too many times. Once again, we were set upon the path of nomadic zombie slaying.

5th Of November: During the 5th of November raid into Riddleybank, UBCS attacked the Blackmore Building at the beginning of the raid. It was later reported by media sources that pairs of survivors were attacking the Blackmore Building and seriously damaging the undead presence therein. That was us. We continued to support the raid until we were attacked by PKers, which started a minor war which ended in a cease fire. Following this, UBCS made a three-week operation back into Riddleybank, where we held a small perimeter for the duration of our stay without gathering any additional supplies. We consider three weeks a success for only about eight people.

Umbrella and Pking: UBCS recently re-entered our contract with Umbrella. However, a member of UBCS was PKed, and the PKer was supported by Umbrella's temporary president, Rated R Superstar. This led to a short PK war with the Corporation, which ended in a cease fire. We lost one member, and made at least five kills, though it is probably more than that. This, and the short firefight with the Flowers of Disease, mark our only PK operations to date.

Change of Command: After a solid five year run, Captain Carlos Olivera has retired from the team he founded so long ago, and has promoted the group's Intelligence and Operations officer, Leon Cane, as commander of the group. However, he leaves Captain Cane with but a handful of veterans to work with; many of the group's members have gone MIA over the new year break.

Renewed Operations: With the formation off the new Red Block Empire in Northern Malton, the newly appointed Captain Cane orders the UBCS (now a mix of raw recruits and veteran Mercs) to the heavily contested border suburb of Shackleville to help stall the growth of the Empire as best as a group of their diminished size can.

Downfall of Humanity: With the number of living people in Malton dwindling, and the undead presence increasing, civilization is teetering on extinction in Malton. As of March 23, 2008, the UBCS is preparing every last member, every last bullet, and every last gun to fight to the bitter end. The Mercs will fight until every single human in Malton is looking for brains, and then some. As of the above date, 2/3 of the game is red, and only two suburbs are green. We stand in those suburbs, and will fight to keep them green.

Resurgence of Umbrella: With the Umbrella Corporation now fully reorganized, UBCS resumes its contract as a security and black-ops service for the corporation. Just weeks later, Captain Cane is given the position of director of Umbrella's military wing.

RidleyBank: With the rough departure of the RRF, UBCS and Umbrella both moved in to take and hold the suburb. The zombie's home quickly succumbed to human expeditionary forces without their staunch defenders in place. With few zombies left standing there, or anywhere, it seems that -for the time being- the survivors are once again the dominant species...

Shearbank: After a bumpy war path, the mercs stop back in Shearbank, the new Umbrella's home suburb, to refit and rearm, only to be caught up in the take and hold operation in Stickling Mall, the central resource of the suburb. Though the mall goes back and forth from Zombie to Survivor control, the Mercs hold as best they can with once more diminished numbers.

Yagoton Resistance: The Mercs head into Yagoton as part of a joint Umbrella operation to help besieged survivors beat off an attacking force. Though Bale Mall is a primary target, the safety of civillians is the Mercs main goal. Reconstruction, security, law enforcement.

UBCS v UC: After an extended period of down time, war was declared between Umbrella and the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service run by Haliman111, a former member of Umbrella. Though Umbrella ended up having the most kill, by a long shot, peace was declared so that both sides could concentrate on holding Downdy Mall against Mall Tour '09.

Disbanding: For the time being, at least, UBCS MfH is disbanding due to inactivity. Perhaps, later, we'll be able to get enough good people together that we can reactivate the unit. But until then, consider this case closed. -Leon.

Haha, Disregard That: With the recent return of Carlos, the UBCS MfH is back in business. Already, we're gathering new recruits to the team and gathering up old hands to make the reactivated Merc for Hire back into the best group in UD!

Allies and Enemies:

Umbrella Corporation - Allied

Flowers of Disease - Buddies

PK Alliance - Hostile


You can always contact U.B.C.S by our Forums, http://nobles.proboards30.com/index.cgi

Or on our section of the Umbrella Corp forum, http://z15.invisionfree.com/Umbrella/index.php

As of Occtober 20, 2008, you can also email the Mercs at UBCSMERCS@gmail.com

Joining Up: Simply put, if you want to work with the U.B.C.S, contact Leon via the Forums, Wiki talk page, email, or in-character within Urban Dead. The Forum address is at the bottom of the page, though it'd be best if you mentioned that you wanted to join us on the wiki discussion page so that we can approve your account on the forums. Generally speaking, if your account is approved on our forum and you don't post within a week, it's deleted. Our characters can be found pretty much anywhere in Malton, usually near large concentrations of zombies - feel free to stop by and say "hi!". Email is, probably, the fastest way to get accepted.

Note on joining from Leon:

-Please post in the Wiki discussion page before trying to register on the forum. This let's me know that you actually want to join... And if you don't post within about a week of being accepted onto the forum, I will delete your account. Also, you can now join via the Umbrella Corporation. We have a sub-board there, so feel free to post there instead if you're sluggish on forums.

-And I am sorry about the delay between you trying to register and me aproving your account. Our forum doesn't send me a message when someone tries to join, so... Again, the wiki page or on Umbrella is a great way to join. Email works now, too.

Recruiting the U.B.C.S. Mercs: If you ever need assistance with you or your group's problems with zombie kind, then UBCS is certainly the first group you should come and talk to. We've been fighting the zeds for over five years now (CS:S and UD). If you require our assistance, our payment will be as follows:

Access to any and all data regarding our mission.

Whatever aid we require, within reason.

Respect and Cooperation

Because we value the Human Race's survival needs, and the urgency of the undead outbreak, we will accept any kind of job that furthers humanity's goals. Whether it be protecting a revive point, or participating in an attack on zombie turf, UBCS is always willing to be at the tip of the spear.


What we want out of a recruit

(From Commander Leon Cane, 02/28/08): Basically, our recent recruiting drive was a major success, thanks largely to my 2IC, Frozen Flame. We have a number of new recruits, but not enough. But before any more join us, I wanted to say a few things about the role of our members.

What We're Looking For: Generally, younger players that have UD experience, Counter Strike zombie mod experience, Resident Evil experience, or have actually fought the undead in real life. In other words, you need the time to commit to the game (log in once a day, actually read and post on the forums, etcetera) and to know zombies and gaming.

After that, no nubcakes or newbs, depending on your terminology (That's right, I said it. Sue me). I want members who know what they're doing, which end of the gun shoots bullets, how to form a sentence at least relatively well, and preferably have played the Resident Evil games. Some writing talent would be nice, because we have a fictions section that doesn't get nearly enough attention. Anyway. I have nothing against trenchcoaters, and if you want a katana, go get one for all I care (though I still think broadswords like Rebellion from DMC4 are way cooler). I also don't care what level you are, so long as you have a grasp on what you're doing (and again, which end of your gun is the shooty end and which is the whacky end). However, veteran players with the full skill tree would be WELL appreciated... Don't come all at once...

Also, being able to work as part of a team is absolutely crucial. UBCS isn't a group where you join, and then expect to get support from a bunch of Angels of Death packing Milkor semi-automatic grenade launchers and chainswords. Because of our small size, we work as a team. We help each other, and we stick together. And when I say jump, I don't want members to turn around, flip me off, and then go back to playing World of Warcraft; I want people who can follow orders. Though you don't have to yell "How high?" when I say "jump!", you do need to jump. Or shoot. Or throw yourself into a horde of the undead with fire axes swinging and shotguns blazing. Or whatever it was that I said.

Yeah, nobody's going to join now, but one good member is worth a thousand pieces of newbish cannon fodder.

Zompocalypse FanFictions

Sadly, our fan fictions section just doesn't get the attention it deserves. After Captain Olivera, our most prolific and talented writer, left us, we've had a devestating lack of additions to our fictions section. Come on, we've got a full novel and over thirty short stories up there - Let's expand it! Any Mercs is welcome to write anything even vaguely related to the undead (vampires included) and post it up, regardless of quality. That's what posting it with groups is for - so you can improve and so others can see your talents.


Refuting the Rose

A while ago, the Flowers of Disease took a swing at us, and aside from combat, there was a verbal war. One thing they did was publicly discredit our abilities. The only reason they wiped the floor with us was because we hadn't a bullet between us, and had just been in Ridleybank for three weeks fighting for Blackmore. However, I have no beef with the Flowers. PKers do their thing, we do ours. They kill people, then we kill them again. It's kind of ironic, really.

U.B.C.S Command Center: http://nobles.proboards30.com/index.cgi?

U.B.C.S Joint Email: UBCSMERCS@gmail.com

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