U.S. Special Forces/Officers

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| Overall | Teams | Enlisted | Officers |-------------------------

US Army Officer Military Ranks

2LT Second Lieutenant

1LT First Lieutenant

CPT Captain

MAJ Major

LTC Lieutenant

COL Colonel

BG Brigadier General

MG Major General

LTG Lieutenant General

GEN General

GA General of the Army

US Marine Officer Military Ranks

2ndLt Second Lieutenant

1stLt First Lieutenant

Capt Captain

Maj Major

LtCol Lieutenant Colonel

Col Colonel

BGen Brigadier General

MajGen Major General

LtGen Lieutenant General

Gen General

US Air Force Officer Military Ranks

2d Lt Second Lieutenant  

1st Lt First Lieutenant

Capt Captain

Maj Major

Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel

Col Colonel

Brig Gen Brigadier General

Maj Gen Major General

Lt Gen Lieutenant General

Gen General Air Force Chief of Staff

GOAF General of the Air Force

US Navy Officer Military Ranks

ENS Ensign

LTJG Lieutenant, Junior Grade

LT Lieutenant

LCDR Lieutenant Commander

CDR Commander

CAPT Captain

RDML Rear Admiral (lower half)

RADM Rear Admiral (upper half)

VADM Vice Admiral

ADM Admiral Chief of Naval Operations

FADM Fleet Admiral