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There are incidents where a person, for whatever reason, does not want to have someone else post on his talk page. Sometimes, people make a statement on the top of the page calling for that person to not post: certain people however ignore this statement and continue to harass that person anyway. It soon escalates to a lengthy arbitration process, which wastes time and cause even more drama than the harassment in and of itself.

If a person states that he does not want to be harassed on his talk page, then sending any message to that person is in fact useless, since the reason you use the talk page is to talk to the person you're talking to. So I propose this policy, to streamline arbitration and try to reduce drama based on harassment:

"Any person is allowed to use their header to create a list of people that he does not wish to post on their talk page. Violation of this would be counted as a bad faith edit, and thus vandalism. Sysops would still be able to post on the talk page for official reasons."

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