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Unfortunately, no one person knows the entire history of Umbrella's dark and secret past. Put forth here is simply an attempt to preserve a small piece of the past before the Malton Umbrella branch was almost completely dissolved by the unfortunate coup of the second era. Umbrella has had many "era's" in the corporation and is currently operating in the Fifth Era. Please note that this is not a complete record of First Umbrella Era, this is merely a remaining record of the Umbrella Corporation's past.

Thank you and kind regards, Haliman

Early History

Umbrella was first formed in February 12, 2006 by Malton branch founder Airborne88. Airbourne88 was part of the first deployment group sent into the suburb of Galbraith Hills. Their operation orders were to establish and maintain a records and research facility to monitor the infection. Due to a lack of resources and personnel Airbornne88 was forced to establish a field H.Q. in a suburb with no Necrotech facilities. Following the successful deployment of a field H.Q., Airborne88 Successfully began recruiting, training and re-purposing the surving local civilian population. Airborn88's first local recruit would be Pearlyone421. Pearlyone421 eventually became a Director of the Board after showing excellent leadership and adaptivity to adverse situations. Following her recruitment IvaRomero, Burning The Fire, Harrald, and Kalamord. Two of which would go on to also become member's of Umbrella Corporation's First Era Board of Directors.

Here is what remains of the original forums. It should be noted that after the coup of the Second Era the board was wiped by the tretcherous Third Era self-appointed leadership. Umbrella Corporation First-Third Era Forums

Umbrella Corporation's First Era early member's roster:

Sergeant Goswick

El Ravager









Carlos Dimitrijevic

Ilya Alexander








WiIIiam Birkin




Doctor Birkin

Doctor Ashford

Doctor Curien

Dr Doom86

Dr Volp


david pithers


Death Dealer X



Leto Viet

Board of Directors

Airborne88 --- President of Umbrella Corporations

Kalamord --- Vice-President of Umbrella Corporation

pearlyone421 --- Senior Chief of Public Affairs

Burning The Fire --- Chief of Intelligence

Dr Doom86 --- Search and Rescue Commander


Unfortunately, not mucht is known about First Era Umbrella operations. After the coup during the Second Era only bits and pieces remain.

  • Operation: Ghostbuster
    • "Operation "Ghostbuster" was probably our most famous victory. It was aimed at making the suburb of Molebank a safe place for survivors to seek refuge. Before we went in, the place was completely devoid of any and all life. Every building was in ruins. It was a complete ghost town-hence the name of the operation. I did some research on the suburb, and discovered that it contained 6 Necrotech labs! I suspect that because of this, Molebank was hit especially hard in the early stages of the outbreak. The zombie concentration must have been so intense in this area, that all living people were exterminated in short order! Once the living population had been wiped out, the zombies obviously dispersed to other sections of Malton, hunting for more survivors to feast on. Man, I'm glad I wasn't practicing surgery at a hospital on this side of the city! I probably wouldn't have made it through the first night of the outbreak!"-Dr Doom86
  • Operation: Good Neighbor
    • "Umbrella has been busy. We have formed into squads and are preparing to launch "Operation Good Neighbor" aimed at destroying the zombie threat in our neighborhood. We have formed several alliances and held elections. We have started the "Umbrella Sponsored Public Works" aimed at improving survivor's chances at staying alive by keeping hospitals and police departments open. We have over 20 members with more applications rolling in every day. Umbrella Corporation is open for Business."-Airborne88


Former alliances Umbrella had includes:

  • Raccoon City Survivors ((Alliance))

"Umbrella shares a unique bond with the RCSG as some of our founding members were once in the group. We have lost contact with RCS, and fear they are gone..."

  • Black Berets ((Non-Aggression pact))

"Umbrella Personnel should not engage is any hostile acts against Black Beret members. Any incidents should be reported to Senior Umbrella Staff. The matter will be addressed with our contacts inside the Black Berets. We at Umbrella are looking to strengthen out ties with the Black Berets in the future."

  • Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service ((Alliance))

"The Umbrella Corporation is looking forward to working with our sister group UBCS. Special thanks to Darkx."

  • S.T.A.R.S ((Alliance))

"The Umbrella Corporation and S.T.A.R.S. have put their old differences aside and now share an Alliance in the city of Malton."

  • Village People of the Damned

"All of us here at Umbrella are looking forward to stopping in and having a drink with you guys."

Enemy List

K.O.S. List

Torec Shadecrow-Involved in Umbrella HQ attack

Nerull's Chosen-TSL Member launched an attack on Umbrella Members- this character is cleared for termination.

xrayer-TSL Member launched an attack on Umbrella Members- this character is cleared for termination.

Watch List

Chris Redfield- Pked airborne88 in attempt to start a war between Umbrella and STARS. Has been taken off enemy list after he said he was sorry. We will keep an eye out for him.

poptop- Seen destroying a generator by airborne88

Chris' 'Redfield - a likely alt to character to the chris redfield who has been trying to start a war with Umbrella.

Sir Tain De'ath- killed Kuureves (no screenshot available) report further incidents to Senior Staff to upgrade this character to Enemy

5punk Members- 5spunk supposedly declared war on Umbrella corp.

Hall of Fame

Past Hall of Famers include:

    • Umbrella Achievement Medal- is awarded to Pearlyone421, actions are in accordance with the highest traditions of the Umbrella Corporation. Her selfless service and dedication to The Umbrella Corporation are an inspiration to us all.
    • Umbrella Achievement Medal-is awarded to Kalamord, he has distinguished himself by meritorious service to The Umbrella Corporation. His actions are in accordance with the highest traditions of Umbrella. He has set an example to follow.
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