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1921 James Marcus is born.

1939 James Marcus graduates.

1953 Lisa Trevor is born. Kenneth J. Sullivan is born. Mikhail Victor is born.

1957 Enrico Marini is born.

1958 Robert Kendo is born.

Circa 1950's/1960's

December 4th Ozwell E. Spencer, James Marcus and Edward Ashford finally make their breakthrough which begins everything, the discovery of the mother virus, or Progenitor virus:

James Marcus comments on the new breakthrough: We finally did it....the new virus! We have called it the "Progenitor". I want to carry it back and start detailed investigations immediately.

1960 Albert Wesker is born. Barry Burton is born. Michael Warren, who will one day become the mayor of Raccoon City, moves there and begins working on the cable car system within the city. Edward Ashford starts researching the mother virus.

1962 William Birkin is born. Spencer has George Trevor design his new mansion, and after the course of 4 years it is finally constructed.

1963 Brad Vickers is born. Nicholai Ginovaef is born.


1966 Tyrell Patrick is born. Rodriguez Juan Ravel is born.

1967 Ozwell E. Spencer, James Marcus and Edward Ashford realise the potential of the Mother virus. As a result Spencer moves forwards his plans for a pharmaceutical company.

November 10th The Progenitor Virus is administered throughout Jessica and Lisa Trevor. Jessica reads a negative result yet Lisa shows some promise – and Umbrella continue to research on her.

November 13th Architect George Trevor arrives at the Spencer Mansion, he notes his experiences: After having finished my work and leaving New York, I finally arrived at the Mansion around 6.00pm. The hall is very spacious. The central stairs leading to the second floor are also impressive. All these things make me feel nostalgic all over again. Designing the plans for this place is the work I'm proudest of. From the day I first showed the model to Ozwell E. Spencer in his office, until the completion of the mansion, took me 5 years. Spencer's orders were really difficult and I had to call upon all of my energy and ingenuity to realise his ideas. At first sight no one would suspect anything to be out of the ordinary. Lord Spencer shook his white hair from his shoulders and turned to me. He has an impressive stature, and at the first glance, one can feel that he has a high level of self-confidence. He initially announced to me that my wife Jessica and my daughter returned to visit their Aunt Emma who is ill, and then we lifted our glasses and toasted. We are only ones who know about the numerous secrets contained within this mansion. Deeply satisfied with this knowledge, we tasted the wine. The dining room is amazing. There is an incredible variety of food laid out lavishly on a large mahogany table. When someone raised their eyes, they would see a statue of a goddess, in "Rodin" style, on the second floor, which seems to observe us with desire. But despite all this splendor, the banquet can only be enjoyed by two guests (Spencer and I). We only hear the quiet ticking of the clock hands. Ah, if only Jessica and Lisa were here. According to Spencer, they arrived three days before me and greatly appreciated the beauty of the mansion. Lisa in particular benefited from the Spencer's kindness and was able to use the piano among others. She reportedly played the "Moonlight Sonata" of Beethoven (her specialty). In the evening of the full moon, the melody seemed to surpass the celestial body floating above the forest that surrounds the house. Spencer had congratulated my wife for this superb view. I imagine proudly that their two faces must have been glowing with pride.

November 14th Lisa Trevor writes in her diary: I feel dizzy after that shot they gave me. I don't see Mom. Where did they take her? She promised that we would escape together. Did she escape alone and leave me behind?

Spencer offers George Trevor a guided tour around the mansion; he discusses his artwork collection as well as his plans for Umbrella. Trevor writes: Lord Spencer guided me around the mansion. He opened the doors of several rooms. Those rooms are decorated with the most marvellous at pieces: paintings by De Vinci, sculptures by Raphael... In one of the rooms the eye of a stuffed beast was strangely sparkling, and in another room suits of armour of Middle Age knights were aligned in good order close to their captain. All these art pieces were collected by Lord Spencer during past years and he must truly be one of the richest men on earth. "Do you like it? I wish to use this residence as a seaside resort, for a new company. I feel that this mansion could be used not only by employees, but by guests as well." His plan is to create an international pharmaceutical company. He told me that this company would be called "Umbrella". But I wonder why he hid this many things in his residence. He can say that he wants to make a seaside resort but it's exaggerated. Even in the case his actions had been led by his passion.

November 15th Lisa – now in a deranged state writes: I found Mom. We ate together. I was very happy.

But she was a fake. Not my real Mom. Same face but different inside.

Have to find Mom. Have to give face back to mother.

I got Mom's face back. Nobody can have my Mom except me. I attach her face to me so she doesn't go away. Because Mom sad when I meet her without her face.

November 17th Lisa Trevor now beyond help from her ‘treatment’ writes: from inside box, scent of mommy. maybe true mother there. stone box hard. It hurt. steel rope in the way. can't see mother becuz 4 stones.

November 18th George Trevor, unsettled by the disappearance of his wife and daughter looks around the Spencer estate, and in the courtyard notices ‘additions’ to his work: My family hasn't come back yet. "Is aunt Emma that sick?" I doubt it. The telephone is not installed, which is not very convenient. I went out to second floor terrace to clear my mind. Crows perched on a rail looked at me and made strange croaking sounds. I had an ominous feeling. I constantly have the strange feeling of being watched... I saw an astonishing thing in a small court. There is a ladder leading down into an underground passage, which is masked by a waterfall. "It is not my work. When was this thing built then?"

November 19th Lisa Trevor now totally deranged, attempts to write: dadddy atached first momm atached scond

iNside reD and sLimy whiTe and haRd

not true moM wheRe

dunno dadd found mum again

whne atachd mommy she moved no more she screaming

why? Jst want to b with her (The rest is what she writes – for there is no actual date- ~Ty^)

mom where?

I mis yuo

November 20th George Trevor walks around the mansion further, and notices the shotgun given to Spencer by his wife for his birthday is also missing: There is no trace of the shotgun my wife had given Spencer for his birthday. I'm smoking a cigarette in the room where a broken shotgun can be found and feel that it can fool people and pass for the original. I wonder who exchanged Spencer's shotgun for this unusable shotgun and why? Neither my wife nor my daughter have reappeared and I getting very concerned. My rich employer informed me that my family and I couldn't remain at the mansion any longer and when I suggested that I could join them tomorrow, he laughed and said that it was pointless in worrying myself like that. November 24th George Trevor worries something is wrong at the Spencer Mansion. Eleven days have past since arriving on this estate. How did I end up like this? A guy in a lab coat came with a plate of skimpy meal and said to me, "Sorry to put you through this, but it's for security reasons." That's when it hit me. It all makes sense now.

There are only two people that know the secret of this mansion, Sir Spencer and myself. If they kill me, Sir Spencer will be the only person that knows the secret.

But for what purpose? It doesn't matter now. It's too dangerous here. My family... I hope they are all right.

I've decided to escape... Jessica, Lisa, I pray you are safe.

November 26th George Trevor gets increasingly worried about events at the Mansion. How could I be so careless? I lost my favorite lighter -- the one Jessica gave me for my birthday. Now it's going to be that much harder to get out this dark place.

Nov. 13th, the date when my fate was sealed. My aunt was hospitalized just three days before that. Jessica and Lisa said that they were going to visit her. I wish I could be there with them.

But wait, even as I'm writing my memory is coming back to me more vividly. Just before I passed out, I remember the men in the lab coats said something like, "Most likely your family is already..." I pray for their safety.

November 27th George Trevor writes further: Somehow I managed to get out that room. But getting out of this mansion won't be as easy. I have to get past all the booby-traps. Tiger eyes, Gold Emblem... I have to try and remember for my own sake.

November 29th George Trevor, trapped in the Spencer Mansion, describes his escape: I can't get out. I have tried every possible way to escape but only to be faced with the reality that I'm trapped.

I've been everywhere. The laboratory with the large glass tubes filled with formaldehyde and those dark, wet and eerie caves... What can I do?

At first I didn't want to believe my eyes. But that familiar high-heeled shoe in the corridor... It was like reflex. One name came to my mind, Jessica!

I don't want to believe they share the same fate as me. No! I can't give up hope. I have to hope they're alive.

November 30th George Trevor describes further events: I haven't had anything to eat or drink for the past few days. I feel like I'm going crazy.

Why is this happening to me? Why do I have to die like this? I was too obsessed with designing this ghastly mansion. I should have known better. Marcus battles with Spencer: Damn that Spencer! He came to complain to me again today. He thinks of "Progenitor" as noting more than a money-spinning tool. Fool! But his influence continues to grow; it can only be bad for my research. If I'm to properly develop "Progenitor", I must strengthen my own position, too.

December 1st (George Trevor evidently, through hunger went a little crazy and writes this entry as November 31st ~Ty^) It was a dark and damp underground tunnel. And another dead end. But even in the darkness something caught my eye.

Carefully, I lit the last match, I had to see what it was.

A grave! But deeply engraved into the stone was my name!

"George Trevor"

At that instant, it all became clear to me. Those bastards knew from the beginning that I'd die here and I fell right into their trap.

But it's too late now. I'm losing it. Everything is becoming so far away. Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me.

Because of my ego, I got both of you involved in this whole damn conspiracy. Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety.

George Trevor

1968 Spencer officially establishes Umbrella Inc. The cable car trams that circulate around Raccoon City are built and imported from Europe. The managing director of the Umbrella ‘Dead Factory’ is born.

March 23rd James Marcus describes his thoughts of Umbrella: Spencer says he's going to start a company. Well, I don't care, as long as I can continue my research into "Progenitor". He can do what he likes...

July Edward Ashford is infected with the Mother virus and passes away, his son Alexander becomes the new master of the Ashford family.

August The training facility in the Arklay Mountains is created.

August 19th James Marcus decides to run the Umbrella training facility within the Arklay Mountains, a facility used to train future employees: Spencer keeps asking me to be the director of his new training facility. Maybe it is because of the business but he is becoming intolerably pushy. But maybe I can turn this to my advantage. I need a special facility to properly to explore all this virus' secrets. A place where no one will get in the way...

1969 Forest Speyer is born. The Raccoon City subway system is officially opened for business; the subway runs for one mile and has 3 stops.


February Alexander Ashford has construction begun on his Antarctic base, he has a secret lab constructed for his CODE: Veronica research and development. 1971 Alexia and Alfred Ashford are born after an experiment combining Veronica Ashford’s DNA within the fertility. Alexia is to be the perfect reincarnation, and Alfred is a by-product of the experiment. Murphy Seeker is born. Joseph Frost is born.

1972 Billy Coen is born.

1973 Chris Redfield is born.

1974 Ada Wong is born.

1975 Richard Aiken is born. Jill Valentine is born.


1976 The Ebola virus is discovered in Africa.

1977 Leon S. Kennedy is born. Carlos Oliveria is born.

September 2nd William Birkin and Albert Wesker begin their days under Umbrella.

The Assistant Director of the training facility notes on the new recruits: A useless bunch of trainees, as always. Where does headquarters find these idiots? We did get a couple of decent ones, though, so can't complain I guess, William and Albert, they might have a future.

September 19th James Marcus discovers a new breakthrough with the Progenitor virus. At last... I've discovered a way to build a new virus type with "Progenitor" as a base. Mixing it with leech DNA was a breakthrough I needed.. I call this new virus "T", for "Tyrant".

September 25th The Assistant Director at the Training Facility notes: Scholar Will, Practical Al, They really are opposites. And they are always competitive in everything they do. There is something useless and cruel about them both...

October 7th The Assistant Director at the Training Facility muses over his new orders: Got a sudden call from the director, it was to tell me to encourage a rival between those two! It's the first time since this training facility was built that Director Marcus has ever shown interest in anything other than his research. Well, whatever, orders are orders. I'm going to have them tearing at each other's throats.

October 23rd Marcus becomes frustrated trying to develop the T-Virus. It's no good! I can't hope for real progress experimenting on mere rodents. Only humans can be a proper mammalian subject for the experiments. Otherwise, I will never get any real progress...

November 15th Someone seems to suspect something about my experiments...But, perhaps it's just my imagination. Well, if anyone does get too close, they may find themselves unexpectedly "assisting" in my research!


January 13th Marcus gets close to perfecting his virus. At last, they are ready. My wonderful leeches! Those of low intelligence, they will never have the privilege of tasting this sense of joy and satisfaction! Now, finally, I can move against Spencer. Soon, I will control everything...

January 31st Marcus notices a disturbance in his premises: The devices I set to protect my work have been disturbed; it appears someone came looking for "T" and the leeches. Fool. No doubt it's Spencer's group.

February 3rd Marcus notes development on Leech growth: Administrated "T" into 4 leeches. Their will to survive leads them first to parasitism and predation, then they breed and multiply. Such single minded biology makes them attractive candidates for bio-weapons research. Afterwards, no major changes observed.

February 10th Marcus furthers his research on Leech growth: 7 days since the administration of the "T". Rapid growth to double former size, signs of transformation emerging. Spawning successful, they double their numbers in an hour, but their ravenous appetites lead them to cannibalism. Hastened to increase food supply, but lost 2.

February 11th Marcus notices more disturbances at his premises: Today, I again found evidence of tampering around the entrance to the labs. If that is what they're after, I must find a suitable way to deal with them. Perhaps I should have William and Albert smoke out the pest... Those two are the only ones I trust. Apart from the beloved leeches, of course, But Spencer... It wouldn't end there... Would it? I will announce "T" at the next directors meeting and collect my just rewards...

March 7th The Leech growth report continues: Provided them with live feed, but lost half when the live food fought back. However, the leeches are learning from experience, and are beginning to exhibit group attack behavior. They are also ceasing cannibalism. Their evolution is exceeding expectations.

April 22nd The Leech growth report continues: The leeches no longer exhibit individual behavior, even when not feeding, they move as a collective. They consume everything I offer with remarkable efficiency.

April 30th The Leech growth takes a sinister turn: An employee has stumbled onto my experiments. Can a human be a food source? How will the leeches respond?

June 3rd Marcus’ report on the leech growth is completed: A day worthy of commemoration. Today they began to mimic me! Surely they recognize their father... Wonderful children, No one will take you away...

29th July Umbrella close the Training Facility in the Arklay Mountains. Marcus however continues his research regarding the T-Virus.

31st July The now 18 year old Albert Wesker and 16 year old William Birkin arrive at the Spencer Mansion in the Arklay Mountains for the very first time. The mansion is Spencer’s own research laboratory for the T-Virus. Birkin and Wesker become chief researchers. Birkin searches through research documents of the Ebola virus which had been discovered in Africa. Wesker notes how 90% of people infected with the Ebola virus will die, and how frightening it would be to be used as a weapon. Spencer, whom has already established a company - Umbrella Inc. as a pharmaceutical company and also to specialize in creating a cure for Ebola. Secretly however, Umbrella is used to create Bio-Organic Weapons, or BOW. In an early experiment for such a weapon, Birkin ponders on taking the Mother Virus, discovered by James Marcus, Edward Ashford and Ozwell E. Spencer and adding Ebola to it, he soon forgets this when he and Wesker witness Lisa Trevor for the first time. From this point on Wesker and Birkin, with the help of Marcus in the shadows – continue research on the T-Virus.

1979 Claire Redfield is born.

1980 Rebecca Chambers is born.


1981 Steve Burnside is born.

As a result of 3 years of solid research on the T-Virus, the research moves into the second stage. The virus becomes stable enough and the first zombies are created as a result. However, the virus only spread to like 90% of people like the Ebola virus. Spencer is disappointed by this and says he wants a virus that can wipe out an entire population. He ignores the costs and stresses to Wesker, Birkin and Marcus that he wants a 100% effective virus whatever it takes. Wesker fails to understand this. On the side Birkin manages to creature a strain within the virus that can cause exceptional mutation on subjects with extraordinary fighting ability – this is the ‘Hunter’.

July 27th Young Ashford genius Alexia at only 10 years old, is appointed Senior researcher at Umbrella South Pole laboratory.

Circa 1981 People at the Spencer Mansion labs wonder if more success would be achieved if Alexia was there, which annoys Birkin immensely. He becomes a nuisance to Wesker and starts acting abnormally. Birkin moves too fast in his research for the specimens to survive, much to Wesker’s annoyance. Yet Lisa Trevor survived all that was infected with. Wesker questions how she can survive such exposure to so much of the virus.


January 30th The young Alfred Ashford locates a hidden door in the Antarctic facility, in a section that has been modelled to look exactly like the Spencer Mansion. He notes his frustration: There's a sealed room in the hallway located inside of the Antarctic facility. I don't know what is hidden there, but I do not know how to get in. I can use the three jewels that each one of our three members wear as proof of being legitimate descendant of the Ashford family. The only problem is, I do not know how I can gain possession of my father's proof.

February 17th Alfred finally enters the hidden room at Antarctica: I finally succeeded in entering that sealed room. I never could have imagined that such an insane secret existed regarding the birth of both Alexia and myself... I hate my father. That fool, Alexander...Now it is obvious that we were merely created in an attempt to cover my father's blunder. I can never trust him again. I must regain the glory of the Ashford family with my sister. I have nothing to be afraid of, as long as Alexia is with me.

March 3rd Alexia and Alfred finally trap their father Alexander, and experiment on him: Alexia carried out the experiment on the human body that we've been talking about. Our useless father must be happy now, since he can finally contribute to the Ashford family. The only thing we should be careful about is that the butler, Harman, does not become wise to our activities.

April 22nd Alfred writes about the recent experiment: The experiment resulted in failure. Our father was useless after all. Even worse, he turned into a dangerous monster that is completely out of control. We tied him down and locked him up in an underground prison cell. However, Alexia seems to be close to a solution. Beyond all my expectations, she now says that she wishes to conduct the experiment on her own body. On top of that, she feels she must be kept asleep for 15 years in order to accomplish the experiment. Thanks to that idiot, I can't see my dear Alexia for as long as 15 years. Alexia is going to sleep, with all of her trust relying upon me. Now, I am the only one who can protect Alexia.

December 31st After two years of under-achieving, Wesker and Birkin receive news from the South Pole laboratory - Alexia Ashford has died. They hear it is because she was accidentally infected with her own virus – the T-Veronica virus. Rumours persist she deliberately infected herself with the virus. The South Pole laboratory is taken over by Alfred Ashford. The Ashford name becomes irreparably tarnished.

Circa 1984 Birkin returns to the person he was before he knew of Alexia, though still is angered at the name, so much so he refuses to let Wesker get a sample of the T-Veronica virus. Wesker bides his time to learn more. In this time, Wesker researches the adaptability of the T-Virus and learns it can infect just about anything, from wildlife to plant life. He questions why Spencer chose the Arklay mountains as a ground to set the T-Virus lab, as though he wanted an outbreak of T-Virus to happen one day. Lisa Trevor is almost forgotten about and condemned to her cabin high in the woods outside the mansion.

1984 Ramon Salazar is born. Ashley Graham is born.

1986 William Birkin marries fellow researcher Annette, and before long Sherry Birkin is born.

1987 Brandon A. Jackson is born. Michael Warren becomes Mayor of Raccoon City after a successful campaign.

1988 With the T-Virus completed, Spencer sees no reason to keep Marcus alive. He sends Birkin and Wesker, as well as two armed assassins to confront him. The assassins open fire immediately, mortally wounding Marcus. Birkin tells the dying Marcus that he will continue the T-Virus research. Marcus’s body is disposed in the waste treatment plant deep below the main Umbrella lab in Raccoon.

1st July Wesker and Birkin move the T-Virus into the third stage and look toward creating a ‘Tyrant’. The Tyrant proved to be an obstacle for the research, although the T-Virus was well suited to creating zombies and hunters, to create a Tyrant the infected needs to retain a vast amount of intelligence. In short – only one in ten million hosts would become a Tyrant. The research comes to a standstill.

Circa 1988 Feeling the pressure of competition, particularly from the European branch. Wesker quickly demands a sample of the Nemesis Parasite, despite Birkin's opposition, in order exploit it for his own success. Spencer makes the impossible happen and within just a few days Wesker and Birkin have a sample of the Nemesis prototype. The Nemesis parasite was a wildly intelligent parasite, and once infected a host could control them, yet no matter how many times they used the parasite it always killed the host. Before long Wesker and Birkin have a long list of deaths to their research. Wesker, desperately trying to take control of the Nemesis prototype from the Europe labs, decides as a last resort to use Lisa Trevor as a host for the Nemesis. Lisa Trevor is administered with the Nemesis, and the sample disappears the moment it is injected into her. Lisa had taken over the parasite and something had awoken within her. Birkin, now obsessed with Lisa, ignores all the previous research and starts fresh. He learns that within Lisa is the first ever known existence of the G-Virus.


April A pamphlet for the Raccoon City subway system is published: 20 years have passed since this line opened here in Raccoon City in 1969. In that time, it has enjoyed the patronage and support of all of Raccoon's citizens.

When the Kite brothers first started this line, it ran only a mile and had 3 stops. Thanks to the city's economic rejuvenation by the Umbrella Corporation, it now has 8 stations and stretches 8.5 miles.

Progress continues at our company as we strive to provide the excellent service that our passengers deserve. Please accept the heartiest of thanks. S. Gordo. KBS PR Dept

SOMETIME IN THE LATE 80's The Raccoon Police Department purchases the old Raccoon Museum building and turns it into a new precinct. It was chosen for its central location and ample parking.


1991 Seeking Spencer's motives, Wesker transfers from Arklay's Chief Researcher to the Information Bureau (or Secret Service) [Information Bureau was capitalized in the actual report]. Much to Wesker's surprise, William Birkin’s G-Virus research is approved by Spencer and is given his own laboratory deep beneath Raccoon City to facilitate the project. In Umbrella’s European Research Lab #6, the Nemesis Project beings.

1992 With his fifth year secured in office, Mayor Michael Warren puts forward a large refurbishment plan for Raccoon City; this includes the construction of a brand new state of the art hospital and a rebuild of the Municipal building. To commemorate this, a statue of the Mayor is built and dwells within the Municipal building.

1993 The Arklay hospital located in the mountains closes.


31st July Wesker returns to the Spencer Mansion after his absence and re-unites with William Birkin for the first time. Wesker asks himself why Spencer would authorise research on the G-Virus as it was a virus which could potentially deviate from the original concept of a Bio-Weapon. Also, the G-Virus as a weapon is too unstable as it continues to mutate within a host until the host dies. No matter what Birkin could do to try and stop the mutations, they would just mutate nonetheless.


Circa 1995 A youthful scientist, John, who is one day going to be an acquaintance of Ada Wong, begins to work as a Chief Researcher at the Spencer Mansion having transported from the Chicago laboratories. A final order is issued for Lisa Trevor – the termination order. Her behaviour began to get more erratic and she started to attack the female researchers, ripping their faces off and wearing them on her own, a similar routine as when she first got administered the virus’. Even though she was terminated, it still needed confirming repeatedly and eventually she was taken away under instruction from the Laboratory Manager. 1996 Albert Wesker establishes the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S team. The Special Tactics and Rescue Service are to be a heavily experienced and powerfully equipped team to deal with most situations even the Raccoon SWAT are unable to.

August 30th The Raccoon City newspaper, “Daily Raccoon” publishes a story regarding the local prison: August 30th 1996 A failed breakout was reported early this morning at the Douglas Prison. Outdated security and a poor infrastructure are to blame for the 4th such incident this year.

Kyle Brendan (34) is said to be an acquaintance of Derek Azula (31), and it is suspected that Azula masterminded the escape plot. Azula's lawyers, however, refuse to comment on the incident

September 26th A report is made on a test subject on Morpheus’ island facility: Today we will begin the experiment. The subject is a condemned criminal called "Alpha". It has been one month since the subject was transported to this facility. He is not exactly aware of what is going to happen to him. However, he seems to be very frightened...

Day 1: Commence Experiment: We hammered a metal rod into the subject's frontal lobe in order to alleviate some of the pain. This was done only for humanitarian reasons.

Day 4: Removal of Eyeballs: We have removed the eyeballs in order to observe its reactions to external stimulation.

Day 14: Dose of Muscle Booster: After administering the muscle booster, we confirmed the unusual development of the muscles. It gained a drastic amount of weight before the treatment. In the future we will consider using hampering items...

Day 36: Sharpened Hearing: An effect of the eyeball removal procedure has been an enhanced sense of hearing. It recognizes precisely where a sound originates and its distance from that sound.

Day 41: Experiment Suspended

The experiment has been suspended due to the fact that the subject has escaped. Even without its vision, the subject is quite dangerous. We should use extreme care not to make sounds when we try to capture it.

October 31st Raccoon City newspaper, the ‘Comet News’ publishes a story referring to a dead body:

"Body Washes up on Shore of Aimes" Alyssa Ashcroft, staff reporter. The body of an unidentified white male has been found in the Aimes River in the northwest Arklays.

At least half a year has passed since the man died, so the body has been impossible to identify. Powerful steroids, along with other drugs, were found in the body, and police are suspecting foul play.

The river has long been used by local pharmaceutical companies as a dumping ground, and links to illegal activities in connection to that have not been ruled out.

1997 Barry Burton leaves SWAT and joins STARS recruiting his friend Chris Redfield at the same time. Ada Wong, a spy infiltrating Umbrella, becomes intimate with the Umbrella researcher, John.

June 16th An operator of the Dead Factory waste disposal writes in his note book: One month has passed since I was dispatched here. I am astounded at the sloppy supervision of this Umbrella waste disposal facility. It's not surprising that this accident happened.

I know that if I must die, I want to die as a human... (I just assume that the place this guy is describing is the Dead Factory as seen in Resident Evil 3 ~Ty^)

June 24th The operator of the Dead Factory writes for the last time: The supervisor here called Morpheus, is so annoying. He drives me nuts.

He must pay more attention to worker health management and biological weapons that anyone I have ever met. This facility belongs to Umbrella, but he obviously doesn't think so...

I have no idea how long I've been here. I don't wanna stay in this facility,

But I can't move.

My body won't move...


March 15th A botanist in the Arklay Mountains describes his experiences: I can hardly explain my surprise at finding this abandoned cabin. The strong vines... the gigantic tropical flowers... I was convinced that I'd discovered a new species.

March 18th The botanist in the Mountains writes about further exploration: Rick and I decided to set up camp right here so that we could begin research and take samples. It is imperative that this site remain secret.

March 19th The botanist continues to explain his experiences: This is no good. The plants seem to possess a will of their own. They move as if controlled by intelligence. They have blocked the only door to the cabin.

March 20th The botanist writes for the final time in his diary: There's no way out of this place. If it comes down to it, I can use my satellite phone as a last resort. We have a week's worth of food left. It's best to just wait for now.

Rick swears up and down that he can sense a human presence here. He's likely hallucinating. Meanwhile, I managed to drop my phone and break it. I no longer care about new plant species. I just want out of here.

There's a room that appears to be a pharmacy here. I found a tank full of medicine or chemicals in there. The vines around it have begun to wilt and decay.

There's a knob-like protrusion on part of the vine climbing the wall. It's much tenderer than other parts of the plant. I used a syringe to inject it with the medicine. It worked! We can get out now!

Rick is dead. He was killed. Who is that freak? Why is he attacking us?

Bianca, Jessie.

Please forgive your father for dying before you. I'll always love you.

April 2nd The Daily Raccoon publishes a story referring to problems in the local water: High Levels of Toxins in Local Water According to a local environmental group, recent tests of the municipal water system and local streams have revealed shockingly high levels of dangerous toxins. A significant increase in the level of contamination over the last year or so has prompted many to demand a thorough investigation into local environmental protection laws.

April 6th RPD secretary writes about her experiences within the precinct: I accidentally moved one of the stone statues on the second floor when I leaned against it. When the chief found out about it, he was furious. I swear the guy nearly bit my head off, screaming at me never to touch the statue again. If it's that importantly, maybe they shouldn't have put it out in the open like that...

April 7th The secretary of the RPD refers to Chief Iron’s collection of rare materials: I heard that all the art pieces from the chief's collection are rare items, literally worth hundreds of thousand of dollars. I don't know which is the bigger mystery: where he finds these tacky things, or where he's getting the money to pay for them.

April 25th Celebrating his birthday as well as his first day at work, the Dead Factory’s managing director writes: Today is my 30th birthday. I was transferred to this facility today. I am very happy because the work environment is very different from life in the university.

May 9th The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion describes a recent poker game: Played poker tonight with Scott and Alias from Security, and Steve from Research. Steve was the big winner, but I think he was cheating. Scumbag.

May 10th The secretary of the RPD makes a note of Chief Iron’s latest entry in his deco collection: I wasn't surprised to see the chief come in today with yet another large picture frame in his hands. This time it was a really disturbing painting depicting a nude person being hanged. I was appalled by the expression on the chief's face as he leered at that painting. Why anyone would consider something like that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension...

The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion describes his recent task: One of the higher-ups assigned me to take care of a new creature. It looks like a skinned gorilla. Feeding instructions were to give it live animals.

When I threw in a pig, the creature seemed to play with it...tearing off the pig's legs and pulling out the guts before it actually started eating.

May 11th James Marcus, now revived thanks to his own creation – the leech queen – exacts his deadly revenge on Umbrella, and causes the first Biohazardous Outbreak at the Spencer Mansion, infecting everyone within.

The Keeper notes of something wrong: At around 5 A.M., Scott woke me up. Scared the shit out me, too. He was wearing a protective suit. He handed me another one and told me to put it on. Said there'd been an accident in the basement lab.

I just knew something like this would happen. Those bastards in Research never sleep, even on holiday.

May 12th The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion describes his frustrations: I've been wearing the damn space suit since yesterday. My skin's getting grimy and feels itchy all over. The goddamn dogs have been looking at me funny, so I decided not to feed them today. Screw 'em.

May 13th The Keeper continues: Went to the Infirmary because my back is all swollen and feels itchy. They put a big bandage on it and told me I didn't need to wear the suit anymore. All I wanna do is sleep.

A Prisoner at the Rockfort prison island owned by Umbrella writes a diary of his ordeal: This room stinks of death. Based upon the information I've found, I believe that I'm far south of the equator. Lucky for me that Bob in the bunk below me is one of those interesting types of guys...

May 14th The managing director of the Dead Factory notes a further development within the facility: The disposal system has been completed. Using a special kind of gas, it can decompose the cells of the guinea pigs. We have to try this out before beginning practical usage of the system, since it is not 100% stable yet.

The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion continues: Found another big blister on my foot this morning. I ended up dragging my foot all the way to the dog's pen. They were quiet all day, which is weird.

Then I realized some of them had escaped. Maybe this is their way of getting back at me for not feeding them the last three days. If anybody finds out, I'll have my head handed to me.

May 16th The Keeper describes his worries: Rumours going around that a researcher who tried to escape the estate last night were shot. My entire body feels hot and itchy and I'm sweating all the time now.

I scratched the swelling on my arm and a piece of rotten flesh just dropped off. What the hell's happening to me?

The Prisoner at Rockfort writes again: Today Bob told some crazy story of why he was put this place with me. Bob said that he used to be an attendant of the head of this place. This "boss" named Alfred supposedly placed him in here because of a tiny little mistake. What does that mean? What's going to happen to me?

May 19th The Keeper’s diary: Fever gone but itchy. Today hungry and eat doggie food.

May 20th The managing director of the Dead Factory notes a possible security risk at the facility: While I was checking the treatment room, the door shut, and I was locked inside. I couldn't get out for one hour. I guess even if you have the key card, its useless when you are locked inside.

The Prisoner at Rockfort talks again: Without warning, a group of military men took Bob to the building behind the guillotine stand. At midnight, I'll sneak out of here to see him. I've been hearing that anyone taken to that building never comes back. On top of that, there are these REALLY large plastic bags being constantly being removed from that place. I'd better pray for Bob...

May 21st The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion: Itchy itchy Scott came ugly face so killed him. Tasty.

4 / / Itchy. Tasty.

A scientist of the Guard House describes his experiences: Four days have passed since the accident. The plant at Point 42 is growing at an amazing rate.

Although there are many unknown aspects about this plant, we know that in comparison with the other group of plants, the T-Virus has had a substantially stronger affect on this one.

The T-Virus has drastically morphed its host's anatomy as well as its size. Looking at its current state, it's difficult to imagine its original appearance. Nowhere on Earth will you find anything like it.

We've also found that PLANT 42 has two main sources of acquiring its necessary nutrients. One source is through its root. Somehow it has rooted itself down into the basement.

Immediately after the accident, a scientist went mad and destroyed the Aqua Ring. Ever since, the basement has been like a pool. There is a high possibility that it's one of the chemicals in the water that's promoting the PLANT 42's rapid growth.

However, we have yet to determine the specific chemical.

A bulb-like body of the PLANT 42 has been sighted hanging from the ceiling of the first floor. We are sure that it used the air ducts to reach the first floor. Numerous long tentacle-like vines are protruding from the bulb.

We believe the vines are the second means of acquiring its nutrients. When the PLANT 42 sense prey, it uses the tentacle-like vines to capture its prey. After doing so, suckers on the vine drain the prey of its blood.

We've also noticed that it has some intelligence. When it captures its prey or when it's inactive, the vines twine around the door to stop possible intruders.

Unfortunately, several of our scientists have already fallen victim to this PLANT 42. When we heard the stories from the survivors, they all observed one thing in common:

When the uniform petal-like flaps open and reveal its vital internals, it has a tendency to become more aggressive.

One witness reported that it was as if it was trying to protect itself. Why it behaves the way it does is still unknown.

May 21, 1998 Henry Sarton

The Prisoner of Rockfort writes again after sneaking around the island at night: I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone there. What is going on it there?! All I could here was some insanely creepy laughter and the sound of Bob screaming. I don't know what to do. I can't stop thinking about it... Is that going to happen to me?! I can't let it... I just can't...

May 27th The ‘Raccoon Times’ publishes a story regarding the nearby Arklay killings: Animal Attack? Woman Mutilated May 20th. At around 10pm a 20-year-old young woman's body was found by a baser-by on the left bank of Marble River in the Older District of Raccoon City. Raccoon police assume it to be a grizzly or other animal's doing because there are teeth marks along her mutilated arms and left foot that show considerable power. Since she was wearing a hiking boot on her remaining foot, it has been determined that she was attacked in the Arklay Mountains and fell into the river. They are hurrying to identify this woman.

The last prisoner of Rockfort describes his fears: Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have been taken to that building! I know that I am next...It's obvious that we are all here to be used as Alfred's guinea pigs. There's no way out! What am I going to do?!...

June 1st A Raccoon City tabloid publishes a story referring to the Raccoon Zoo: Raccoon Zoo's Bootlegging Disgrace Alyssa Ashcroft, staff writer. A recent inquiry into the finances of Elliot Martin (67), chairman of the local zoo's board of directors, has revealed shocking news. The Washington Treaty specifically prohibits the trade of rare orchid specimens, but Martin has repeatedly defied this ruling, according to an anonymous tip from within the zoo.

If this is true, many questions arise regarding the funds derived from these sales. Is this new flora exhibit truly a place for children to dream and learn, or is merely an illegal money-making scheme?

June 3rd Umbrella Research Martin Crackhorn, trapped in his room by zombies – writes a last letter to his wife: June 3, 1998 My dearest Alma.

Let me first apologize for not being able to call you. A man wearing sunglasses didn't permit any phone calls. Sorry Alma.

I sit here trying to think of where to begin, of how to explain in a few simple words all that's happened in my life since we last spoke, and already I fail.

I hope this letter finds you well, and that you'll forgive the tangents of my pen; this isn't easy for me.

Even as I write, I can feel the simplest of concepts slipping away, lost to feelings of despair and confusion -- but I have to tell you what's in my heart before I can rest. Alma, please believe that what I'm telling you is the truth.

The entire story would take hours for me to tell you, and time is short, so accept these things as fact: last month there was an accident in the lab and the virus we were studying leaked.

All my colleagues who were infected are dead or dying, and the nature of the disease is such that those still living have lost their senses. This virus robs its victims of their humanity, forcing them in their sickness to seek out and destroy life.

Even as I write these words, I can hear them, pressing against my door like mindless, hungry animals.

Alma, I have tried to survive only to see you again. But my efforts only delayed the inevitable; I am infected, and there is no cure for what will follow -- except to end my life before I lose the only thing that separates me from them.

My love for you.

In an hour I'll have entered my eternal sleep where there is peace. Please understand. Please know that I'm sorry.

Martin Crackhorn

June 7th The managing director of the Dead Factory comments on the increasing work load for disposal: The guinea pigs we have to dispose of are increasing. The system is not working smoothly. The laboratory staff doesn't listen to my opinions and I am getting extremely frustrated.

June 8th One of the Head Researchers at the Spencer Labs writes a letter to ADA WONG: My dearest Ada.

By the time you read this letter, I will no longer be the person you once knew. The results of my test came out today, and as I suspected, it came out positive.

I feel like I am teetering on the edge of reason just thinking about my impending doom. I would give anything not to have to become one of them.

As far as I know, you are not infected. I sincerely hope things do not reach such a desperate pass, but if it has turned out that you are now the last person remaining alive, I want you to get the material from the Visual Data Room.

Then, activate the Self-Destruct System in the Power Room, and escape from here. Please do everything in your power to make this whole accident public.

If everything is still running normally, you should be able to release all the locks using the Security System.

I have set up the terminal in the small security room so that you can log in to the system using my name and your name as the password.

You will need another password to release the lock of the door in Basement Level Two where the Visual Data Room is located.

As a safety measure I have coded that password into an X-ray picture; a roentgenogram. I know you, and I'm sure you will be able to work it out without any trouble.

There is just one more thing... and it is my last request. I hope you never have to lay eyes on me in this state, but if you do happen to run into me in my hideous form, I beg you to put me out of my misery. I hope you understand.

Thank you, Ada. Yours truly.


The RPD secretary looks back at her time within the precinct: As I was straightening up the chief's room, he burst through the door with a furious look on his face. It's only been 2 months since I've started working here, but that was the second time I've seen him like this. The last time was when I bumped into that statue, only this time he looked even more agitated than ever. I serious thought for a moment that he was going to hurt me.

June 10th The Raccoon Today publishes a story referring to an art ring: Defunct local art museum Rams, which closed last February, has allegedly sold some 200 stuffed wildlife specimens on the auction block.

Sculptures, paintings, and other pieces are accounted for and have been sold to private collectors and legitimate museums, but no information concerning the specimens has emerged.

The police are demanding that the auctioneer relinquish an inventory list confirming their hereabouts. Such specimens are banned from sale by auction and rumors of endangered species in this batch are rampant. (This explains where Iron’s got a great stuffed tiger ~Ty^)

June 15th The secretary of the RPD writes one last time in her diary: I finally discovered that the chief has been hiding all along...If he finds out that I know, my life will be in serious danger. It's getting late already. I'm just going to have to take this a day at a time...

June 16th The ‘Raccoon Weekly’ publish a further story describing another Arklay murder: Raccoon Weekly June 16th 1998 Monsters in Arklay Mountains? Some people claim they've seen monsters in the Arklay Mountains. The monsters are supposedly about the same size as large dogs and usually run in a pack as wolves do. This may sound like a group of ordinary wild dogs, but these monsters are surprisingly fierce and hard to hurt. They say these dogs won't bother you unless you wake them, so you smart readers should stay out of the Arklay Mountains for the time being. But if you're looking for adventure, check it out! You wanna try?

June 22nd A resident of the Spencer Mansion’s Guard House writes: I had to do it. We ran from those things -- helping each other to survive. But Robert started to show the symptoms. I had to do it. Those damn things are pure evil.

There was no other way. He would have done the same if it were the other way around. After I put him out of his misery I had to just leave him in the bathroom. Now I'm probably the last one...

How could this happen? I'll never forgive myself for being part of this project. Eventually I'll get what's coming to me, though. There's no way to escape from this nut house. It's just a matter of time now.

Everything is set. All I need is a little courage to get it done. Knowing that I'll leave many things undone is regret beyond words.

But, this is better than just waiting to turn into one of them. Please understand and at least let me end my life as a person.

Linda, please forgive me...

June 28th The manager of the Raccoon City sewer system writes in his diary: It's been a while, but I saw Don today and we talked after completing our work. He told me he had been sick in bed until yesterday. It really doesn't come as much of a surprise given how long he's been working here. He was sweating like a horse and kept scratching his body while we were talking. I asked if he was hot, but he just looked at me funny. What's wrong with him anyway?

July 7th The Raccoon sewer manager comments on a meeting with Chief Iron’s: Chief Irons has been visiting the lab quite often lately. I don't know what he's doing over there but he always looks grim. The expression on his face has been even more unsettling than usual... My guess is that it's because of Dr. Birkin's impossible requests. The chief has my sympathies though. After all he's done for the town, he doesn't deserve this.

July 14th A passenger travelling on the Umbrella controlled Eclipse Express, writes: Orders came from the boss today. Looks like we’re in charge of investigating the remains of the Arkley Mountains laboratory. We’re moving in two groups, with us in the initial group, assigned to start checking what’s left of the abandoned experiment.

July 16th The managing director complains of further frustrations at the Dead Factory: We can't dispose of all the bodies and the quality of the liquid medicine is not good enough, either...

The passenger of the Eclipse Express explains some details of an Umbrella controlled T-Virus experiment: Unfortunately, the test production of the B.O.W. (Type -Y139) had to be suspended because of this investigation. It's the same with the Type -Y139. There's still so much we don't know about responses to the crustacean virus. There's a lot of interesting research left...Depending on the species and nurturing conditions, only minute doses of "T" bring about remarkable changes in solidity, size, multiplication of internal toxins and brain development. If these effects can be controlled, a weapon could be produced. But the sudden development of the shell results in corresponding fragility. Certain areas become exceedingly weak. Problematically, one of these areas is the head carapace. This lab we are going to... Were they pursuing the same research? It would certainly help to find data and samples that help us in our research.

July 19th The passenger of the Eclipse Express writes a final time: The day is finally approaching.. I am growing more anxious. The Raccoon City newspapers and TV stations are full of reports about bizarre murders in the suburbs. It can't be the virus, can it? If it is... No, I can't think of that now. I have to concentrate on this investigation and make sure it runs smoothly.

July 21st The Raccoon Sewer manager writes of his distress: I rarely drink because I'm on the graveyard shift, but I don't suppose I have much to complain about it since this is how I make my living. I saw this new guy working at the lab today. He was tall, skinny and well dressed. His annual bonus is probably bigger than my salary. The world ain't fair....

July 22nd The Commander of Security of the Spencer Mansion sends a fax to an unknown party: CONFIDENTIAL Attn: Chief of Security Date: July 22, 1998 2:13

X Day is drawing up on us. Execute the following procedures within one week. Prompt actions are demanded.

1. Lure S.T.A.R.S. to the estate, and obtain B.O.W.'s raw combat data against S.T.A.R.S.

2. Collect two embryos of each mutated specimens as samples, excluding the Tyrant. Dispose of the Tyrant.

3. Ensure complete disposal of the Arklay Laboratory including all personnel and test animals. Disguise their deaths as an accident. When the above procedures are executed, report to headquarters for further instructions.

If for some reason you are unable to execute the procedure by the deadline, report immediately. In case of emergency situations, report directly to the extension number 5691.

Good luck. Umbrella Headquarters. Umbrella Inc.

July 23rd Billy escapes the authorities and runs into the woods, eventually meeting Rebecca Chambers. Bravo Team are sent in, eventually discovering the Spencer Mansion. Edward Dewey dies. Rebecca and Billy battle James Marcus, eventually killing him.

Through the night, the Military move prisoner Billy Coen through the Arklay Mountains, after an accident in the jeep, Billy is able to escape into the forest.

The Initial Mansion Disaster: Detailed Accounts 1

The Second Mansion Disaster and Raccoon City Epidemic: Detailed Accounts 2

Sheena Island Detailed Accounts 3

Code: Veronica Incident Detailed Accounts 4

Mid – 1999 -Classified-

Millennium Main Umbrella operations move to France. Umbrella Cor&%^!@$#&^$^&#@#$%$#&^%*&%#^$@@$#!#^$^%*&^$!@!$##!#*&^$&%#%^









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