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51st Welsh Armoured Division

"Duty Prevails!"

51st Welsh Armoured Division
Abbreviation: 51st WAD
Group Numbers: 3 Members

Simply post a request and a small paragraph about your reason for wanting to join in the discussion area and a link to your urban dead profile page(needed for membership), within a week i will review your profile and inform your acceptance or denial!

Leadership: Lord General Militant Matthew Mainwaring, Chief Advisor Deadpool2142, Chief Of Medicae Tom 1337

Goals: To look after whoever needs help and to provide a HQ for all Welsh citizens stuck in Molton
Recruitment Policy: British(preferably Welsh), able to follow rules, has a great sense of humour and is reliable!
Contact: Leave a message in the discussion page OR if it can be of some importance to others then the news section is more suitable

Our History and Ideas

Sent from the vallys of Wales, three fifty men strong commando units were sent in aid of Maltons outnumbered forts. Their mission was to repair and occupy them to provide a safe haven for the human survivors till an evacuation plan could be formed. Leaving a day after the outbreak the 46th Division set off to occupy Fort Perryn while the 51st and 66th were sent to occupy Fort Creedy. Days past with the survivors static radios reporting the trooper convoys closing in on the forts.....and then the reports stopped.

Weeks later when all hope was lost a single solitary figure appeare on the horizon, carring a loaded shotgun and covered in the blood of a hundred Zeds he would not speak of the horrors he had endured, but he vowed to unite all the Welsh he could find and rebuild his division in his allies honour, and to complete the ultimate objective.........


Although this is mainly for Welsh citizens all survivors are welcome if they feel that this is the right group for you

Also it must be said that this is intended to be a very easy going group that will only meet every few months but will be a place you can come to for advice and help. A great sense of humour will take you a long way in this club! Eventually we hope to liberate one of the mansions and fortify the surrounding area as a base but thats a long way off till we get more members. If anyone needs to speak to me in game im currently residing in Fort Creedy.

Our Goals

1. To Gather all Welsh players in the city of Malton

2. To protect those who are unable to protect themselves

3. To survive

4. To fortify and man the Forts of Malton

5. To establish a HQ and survivor friendly perimeter

Rules and Regulations

1. No Pking- Punishable by death

2. No zerging- Punishable by death

3. No Hacking- Punishable by death

4. No Bots- Punishable by death

5. No GKing- Punishable by demotion OR death

6. No breaking of barriers- Punishable by demotion

7. Intabordination- Punishable by demotion

8. Not carrying out Operation Alner Blitz Krieg when called for- Punishable by demotion

9. No last stands, flight before fight!- Punishable will work it out

Chain of Command

Please note that the command system it based on experiance ,trust and reliability NOT just level!

High Command

Lord General Militant: Overall Commander of the Group and has highest level of authority

Chief Advisor: Second in Command and answers directly to the General

Cheif Militant: Head of the Armed Forces, answers to the Chief Advisor

Chief of Medicae: Top medical advisor and in charge of revives points, Necro buildings etc, answers to the Chief Avisor


Platoon Command

Junior Officer: In charge of the armed forces on the front line


Note on Commissar ranks

The Commissar rank is a very unique and special rank. It is only awarded to a player with a unanimous vote from the group. In affect a Commassar acts as the groups own personal Bounty Hunter BUT can only hunt down and preform a Summary Execution on members on THIS group. Any PK's preformed on other group members will result in the usual punishment as stated in the Rules and Regulations. It is vital that the bounty be read out his crimes and be informed of his impending death. After a Summary execution a screen shot will be required and once revived the executed member is free to return to the club if he may please.

Note on Colonel-Commissar rank

Only one Colonel Commissar can exist at any one time in the group. The rank grants the rights of both the Lord General Militant and Commissars. The rank will only be awarded by unanimous vote AND by approval of the acting Lord General Militant. The rank is reserved for when the acting General is rather expected to be zombified for a number of weeks OR he is expected to be absent from the game for a number of weeks. The rank is for life or until the return of the Lord Militant, failure to step down from said rank will be delt by Summarry Execution and banishment from the group.


Deadpool2142 Tom 1337

Operation Alner Blitz Krieg

In the event of the fall of Fort Creedy, the group is to proceed towards the temporary HQ known as Alner Mansion (52,37). If dead please report to the cemetary at 52,34 where the Chief Of Medicae will be waiting with staff. Upon occupation the surrounding police stations/fire stations and hospitals will be EHB with an entry point next door left completly unbarricaded. These will remain in affect till the crisis is over or the General commands their removal. We hope this plan will not be neccesary but it will automatically be in affect if Fort Creedy falls.


26 September 2007

Operation Alner Blitz Krieg designed and in effect

25 September 2007

Congratulations Tom 1337 of attaining the rank of Chief Of Medicae and becoming our third member!!

21 September 2007

Congratulations Deadpool2142 of attaining the rank of Chief Advisor and becoming our second member!

Greetings from the VZW We have also recently joined the Alliance of Fort Creedy and wanted to introduce ourselves to your group. We are a pro-survivor group operating in the triangle formed by Fort Creedy, Hildebrand Mall and Mitchem Mall. If any of your team are in the region and need healing or reviving, let us know and we will help. If you are planning operations in this area, we would be happy to join and add the weight of our numbers to any endevour. VZW members will check profiles and when they see a 51st Welsh AD player, we will add to our contacts and say hello so that you can do the same. Good to see another survivor team! --Shazzelim 13:19, 16 September 2007 (BST)

13 September 2007 Officially Open to the public!!!!

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