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You are Benjamin. It is early evening and a group of survivors have come across your safehouse. You heard the polite knock on the door. You let them in, all 9 of them. They seemed so desperate.

What was it that brought them here? Perhaps they spotted the faint light in the window of an 8th floor room and believed someone was safe at home. Yet you, who saw the same thing as them a week ago, have tried everything to get into that locked and barricaded room.

You explain this to them. They are strangers to you. Over the next hour you get to know them. You learn their names. You learn something about each of them.

XX  Thadeous Oakley says he is the leader of the group. He has tried to engage you in conversation constantly.
XX  Saor Eireann is reticent and the oldest.
XX  Gorbonzo & Gondolla are inseparable brothers. They point fingers behind each other's backs.
XX  Anton Howard is a suspicious person with twist-ties in his hair.
XX  Ashley Valentine is bitten, something she revealed to you immediately.
XX  Criid speaks russian and only understands a few english words.
XX  Mia Kristos is outspoken and other than you, she is the only one to carry a weapon—her pistol, maybe empty, maybe not.
XX  Bill Morrissey appears volatile. He probably doesn’t like you.

Another thing: the dead picked up the blood of Ashley Valentine, who was bit a day earlier. The dead followed; you looked out the window. You couldn’t count them all.

What will you do?


The game is 375 pages long.
Currently you can reach the 3rd floor with all permutations.

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