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Cookie.jpg A FREE COOKIE
Grant Page has given Tarrok a cookie for for being a crazy, all round badass who shoots zombies.

My name is Tarrok Krey. I am a member of the Grizzlies, a scout/pk removal squad.

I was oroginally dropped into the city of Malton as part of Intelligence Taskforce Eyes, of the U.S. Army. I was part of a small scout group dropped into the city before the main attack was supposed to happen. We hit the ground and the first thing to hit us was the smell. My god the rotting flesh was so strong. Then we saw a little girl, bleeding from the throat, stumbling to us. She died in our medics arms. Then tore his face off. We were ambushed then, zeds overran us. Four of us made it out, myself, a scout and my former fiance Saneth, a radio man Hellios, and a scout named Swift Feet. We joined the Dunell Hills Police Dept evuentually, then i lost touch with everyone else.

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