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Amin Mofo was originally a medic, dropped into a survivor vacuum on the border of the map, and survived 3 days on his own with no barricaded buildings, just closing doors and stumbling around trying to find someone, anyone- since, being a medic, that was kinda essential to getting xp (not wanting to randomly heal zombies). On the 3rd day he ran into members of the Special Air Service, and has been working with them ever since. He is also one of the commanding officers in the Special Air Service and has been fighting the good fight against Player Killers ever since the get go!

Amin Mofo's Survivor Rules for Starting Characters (that I have learned the hard way)

First off, let's not pretend that I am any "guru" or know it all - these are just one player's observations. Second, these are rules, not laws, so they can be broken- but they're a good place to start. Third, and obviously, there are folk who may disagree with them- that's fine.

As with any advice, sift through it, take what seems valuable, tweak what seems to need that, and toss the rest lightly over your shoulder without a look back. You know I'd do the same for you.

1) Patience
You have a max of 50 Action Points, and often it takes ALL of that to take down a Zombie. Don't get impatient with taking your turn, esp if you're a zombie hunter - try to wait for a full 50 points, so you have the best chance to kill a Z (or two?) and get the bonus XP. (Unless you're not going to log in again for a long time, it's not like you'll lose the AP.)
2) Safety Buffer
Try to have about a ~5-10 AP buffer when your turn is over. There are 1000's of players online- barricades fall, barricades can be built up, things change- being able to run away is nice. Again, unless you aren't going to login for a full 24 hours, you won't lose them.
3) Don't get greedy
Can be hard to do when the zed only has 2 hit points left, but what :happened to Polter is all too common. (see #2)
4) Plan B
Pay attention to safehouses- if you have to wander around, notice the VS buildings you pass- they'll give you a closer hideout, even just an "open building", where you can hide short term (2 hours?), get 4 AP, then get to real safety. (see #2)
5) No Assumptions
Don't assume that ANY place will be only Very Strong barricaded. I've run into Police Departments, Hospitals, Necrotech bldgs, all Heavily barricaded, and been SOL by trying to cut it too close. (see #2)

Happy Hunting!

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