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I'm a college student, majoring in neuroscience (braaiiiins), and boy do I dig zombies.

I've been playing for a long time, but now only check up on two zombies and a scientist.

On the wiki, I participated in Search Odds and Suggestions back when they were less crowded. In retrospect, I wish I'd spent that time indulging my curiosity in some more meaningful way.

I've really enjoyed all the updates made to this game, so much so that I pitched in my $5 a long time ago. Kevan, keep up the good work!

This may be the best article on the wiki: Zamgrh.

(Here's a little secret, for looking at my profile. Refreshing a page in UD repeats your last action, and so by spamming your refresh key (probably F5) you can run through as many AP as you like in seconds as long as you just perform one action. This is great for searching, barricading, de-barricading (my favorite), and sometimes even combat. Even better, if you spam the refreshes quickly enough, sometimes you can end up with negative AP. RP wise, I suppose this is the equivalent of playing a very focused character!)