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This User is a Bot

This is a bot account created for making single-time batch updates.

Its creator is User:The Rooster

The bot is manually controlled and should not therefore act incorrectly. However, if in the unlikely event it is found to be doing so, do not hesitate to get this account temporarily banned to prevent further edits.

Contact The Rooster and inform him of any problems with the bot.

Do not post on any part of this account, it will not be checked.

Updates Made

  • 100 edits to the Danger report namespace for Malton Suburb Danger Reports. Upgraded to support a new DangerMap system.
  • Approx 10,000 edits in the creation of co-ordinates pages. These are used as search terms.
  • Approx 115 edits in the creation of named redirects for buildings using the St prefix.
  • Approx 360 edits correcting some ambiguous redirects from the initial co-ordinates pages spree.
  • Approx 5,300 edits in the creation or alteration of building danger report pages.
  • 100 edits to the subcategories of Suburb Danger Levels to change the header to a template.
  • 100 edits to the suburb building information centers to change the header to a template.
  • 200 edits creating and then categorising suburb minimaps.
  • 100 edits to EMRP pages to bring the category into a noinclude and add a proper sort key.
  • 100 edits to add basic code to each suburb's barricade plan for a new template to be used.
  • 100 edits edits to the subcategories of Suburbs to change the header to a template.
  • Approx 100 edits to suburb news archive pages to template certain items.
  • 100 edits to create new suburb group listing templates to replace old ones.
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