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Malton chronicle.jpg This story is part of the Malton Chronicles.
This story is fan-made, and is not officially part of any background history for Urban Dead.

The Canadian Side

By: Carfan7

The helicopter... July 3, 2005

The helicopter's blades slapped through the air. Master-corporal Thompson had been with the PPCLI (Princess Patrica's Canadian Light Infantry) for three years, but this was going to be his first peacekeeping mission. Everyone on the 'copter looked the same, all were outfitted with a CADPAT Canadian combat uniform with wet weather boots and a Canadian C7A1 assault rifle with a M203 Grenade launcher. Also on the squads' uniforms was something special - A brightly coloured Canadian arm band with the UN sign printed on it - The arm band was for identification, also a reminder of their mission. Thompson shifted in his seat nervously.

The briefing... July 1, 2005

They had been briefed on their objectives two days ago.... They were being sent to a small city in Europe called "Malton." Apparently there had been riots over a recent election that had been forced up by a local biochemistry corporation named Necrotech to kick out the current mayor. After the election ended and the Necrotech candidate won there was outrage against him; many of the people were convinced that Necrotech had some how used their power and wealth to "fix" the elections so they would win. A few weeks later the rioting got worst, to the point of violence and killing. The epicenter of the riots were near a historical landmark named the Pitman Mansion which was owned by the local curator of the famous Malton Coymer museum. Thompson's squad's objective was to go and play riot control since the local police had no control over the situation.

Back in the 'copter... July 3, 2005

The guy sitting next to Thompson nudged him softly with his elbow.

"Nervous, eh?" The man was the leader, codenamed Sunray - He was Warrant Officer Kelly. He had been a strong man with a hobby for shooting long rifles at home.

"Sure am... You not?"

"Course I am Master-corporal... I just hope we finish this mission quickly... My daughter's getting married in a week." Kelly's speech was overlapped heavily by a strong French-Canadian accent. One of the privates in the corner looked out of a nearby window.

"We're approaching the city! I-Spell: Echo, Tango, Alpha: won-tree-fife seconds!!!"

Kelly and Thompson nodded. Sure enough a few seconds later they were flying above the city... But it wasn't what they expected it to be...

The city of death... July 3, 2005

The city was in ruin, the streets were almost empty, decaying corpses were littered everywhere. All the buildings were empty; not a living soul in them.

"Where's the riots? Where's the civil unrest? What the hell is this?" Thompson asked the Warrant officer.

"Shhh... Look!"

Thompson peered out the window, there were a group of people - about fifteen or more - pounding on a door of a pub. They looked pale, some were bleeding, some even had missing limbs.

"What the hell is going on?!" Thompson asked again.

"I don't know... I don't know..." Kelly responded silently. Another group of people could be seen, they were crowding around a dead body... feasting.

"Oh my fucking god!!!" Thompson yelled.

One of the soldiers screamed and ran to the rear door. Kelly got out of his seat and grabbed him. The soldier punched Kelly in the face and opened the door and jumped out. Kelly lay on the ground of the 'copter, unconscious. Thompson ran to the door just in time to see the soldier land with a muffled thud. The rifle he was carrying hit the ground after his fall and fired. Suddenly there was a wail in the cockpit - Thompson ran to it and saw the bullet hole in the windshield. The stray round had hit the pilot, who now lay limp in his seat.

The crash... July 3, 2005

The helicopter went into a nose dive. They were about a few metres from crashing. Thompson grabbed the control stick and pulled the back. The helicopter slowly began to lift back up into the air again, but it was too late, they were too low. The 'copter smashed into gravel and slid forward making sparks and a screeching noise. Finally the 'copter slid to a halt. Master-corporal Thompson slowly opened his eyes. The wreckage of the 'copter was charred with fire, but Thompson managed to get out in one piece. Three other people also crawled out. One of the soldiers - the one that announced the ETA time - sat a few metres watching the the burning helicopter - the other two survivors teamed up and headed north. They left Thompson and the other survivor alone.

Run... July 3, 2005


Thompson jerked his head to the sound and saw what it came from. A group of the sick cannibals started heading toward them. Thompson lifted his rifle to aim and pulled the trigger. Click. Thompson looked at his rifle and cracked open the action. Immediately a spring flew out - The rifle was useless! "Hey where's your rifle private?!!!!" Thompson yelled at the other soldier. The private shrugged his shoulders and dug his hands into two hip holsters he was wearing. The man looked angry when he tried to draw from his left holster - There was nothing in it. Thompson frowned and ran past the cannibals southwest. Thompson headed toward a police station, he ran inside and closed the door.

The police department... July 3, 2005

It was quiet... Too quiet. Thompson drew out his combat knife and head toward the lobby. Suddenly dozens of the cannibals came out of a door that lead to the basement, they charged at Thompson. He stared in horror at all the cannibals and turned around - More of them had come in the door he had just used.

"For fuck's sake!" He yelled.

Suddenly he could feel a ripping at his throat. Thompson dropped his knife. Thunk. Thompson could feel himself being devoured. He slowly closed his eyes and went limp. Thompson was nothing now, nothing but a meal.

A new hunger for flesh... July 3, 2005

A few minutes went by. The cannibals were gone now, they had enjoyed their snack. A dead Thompson lay on the ground of the police department. His CADPAT now stained of red, his flesh had been torn apart. Slowly, Thompson stood up and shuffled out of the police department. He was hungry.

The End.

Some of the events of this story are linked to my character's journal so if you want to know more read it then comment on it! I hope you enjoyed my story.

--Carfan7 21:58, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

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