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Colonel George Taylor and his fellow astronauts Dodge, Landon & Stewart were on their way to Alpha Centauri aboard the ANSA spacecraft Icarus in 1972 when they encountered an unexplained dilation of the Hasslein Curve.

Although the details are unclear, their spacecraft crashed down somewhere near Eastonwood in early April, 2006. Colonel Taylor was injured in the crash and wandered for some time in a daze, shocked and apalled that this alien world was infested by "damn dirty zeds," before realizing that this was, in fact, his own earth some unspecified time in the future.

Current Goals

Colonel Taylor has since dedicated himself to exploring Malton and updating the wiki's main Suburbs map and individual suburb listings as he goes.

He is currently exploring the 4 Northwesternmost suburbs of Malton, trying to untangle their web of organized PK conflict and update their pages accordingly.

Places of Interest

Along the way he's checking out notable Malton Landmarks. So far he's been to:

The Judgewood McZeds Organ Arms (14, 14)

Frankly, I was disappointed. Although the place was clearly marked on the outside, it was always overbarricaded. I waited around three days (one day I even went after the barricades myself with a fire axe- what can I say, I was hungry), but never got in. I give it only one star: great reputation, poor hospitality.

If you're looking for a good place to drink, by the way, you should also check out The Malton Good Beer Guide by those friendly folks 5punk.

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