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Cyrano Arrives in Malton

It was the promise of a unique experience that brought Cyrano to enlist for a deployment to Malton. He knew that fighting brushfire wars in foreign locales for blind idiot commanders was simply not fulfilling. It was when the outbreak in the model city of Malton occured that he knew he had found his grand adventure. It was with deep pride that he boarded the helicopter that was to bring him into Malton and deposit him with orders to protect the quarantined populace and make observations concerning the reanimated dead. As the chopper approached the city he was suprised at how quiet it was, the streets seemed empty, some lights were on and besides the abandoned car and the multitude of taggings it almost seemed normal. The pilot gave a shudder and brought the eager Cavalier in over the Hanson Museum in Huntley Heights, taking hold of the line dangling below the helicopter cyrano let himself out with a wave. Giving a look around he found it difficult to believe there would be any problems, let alone any survivors to protect, he considered it a moot point that he hadn't studied the specifics of the assignment before dropping in. Entering through a loft he discovered himself in a wing displaying curios and knick knacks from the British occupation of India and the art it influenced. The room was looted, and he could see that the rest of the museum was all but the same. However he did see something that pleased him a enlisted mans uniform from 1880, if this was to be an adventure, might as well look the part. Donning the classic red and black of the British army he set out to discover what was happening in Malton.

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