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I lost interest in keeping RP journals.

Whatever else was here is no longer here.

  • ! - After maxing out the third of my three characters I've given up on UD. It's bloody boring. And this wiki is full of it, IMO.

Arbiter of the Proletariat

My new 'mission' (*cough*) is to attempt to combat the rising amount of pretentious bullcrap that's pervading this wiki, especially the stuff about this 'WCDZ'. You're just a bunch of UD players. You're not the bloody dungeon masters of UD. Stop acting like it.


Called Shot

Timestamp: 06:19, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Both survivors and zombies
Description: For survivors, this is the equivalent of two new skills: Called shot (Melee), and Called Shot (Missile). The former comes under basic hand-to-hand and the latter under basic firearms training. In addition, to take advantage of the called shot with projectile weapons (read: guns), you must find a 'Targeting Sight', obtainable in gun shops and police stations.

For zombies, it's simply the zombie skill 'Called Shot' under Rigor Mortis. Zombies may use the called shot after they buy it.

When the ability of 'called shots' is open to you, you may execute a called shot with the attack of your choice either against the arms or legs of your target(though you can still simply attack normally). Executing a called shot lowers the hit rate by 10% and halves damage, rounded up(so at max a called shot with a fire axe would be executed at 30% and 2 damage, a called shot with a pistol would be executed at 55% and 3 damage).

A successful called shot against the legs will force the target to expend an additional AP to move up to 15 AP after the called shot is executed. So if a zombie runs into a mall and hits the legs of the survivors, each survivor moves as if it's a zombie without Lurching Gait for up to 15 AP after being attacked. In other words, the effect wears off after 15 AP is spent.

A successful called shot against the arms will halve the success rates of any combat actions taken by the character, INCLUDING erecting barricades, for up to 15 AP after being attacked.

Both 'conditions' of being somewhat crippled are alleviated immediately if healed by a First Aid Kit.


Riot Shield

Timestamp: 05:33, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Find-able in Police Stations and Police Stations only. It's a large, very hard, clear piece of plastic that is normally used for crowd control purposes. In this case, you can adapt it to fend off would be attackers.

Like a flak jacket, having the riot shield in your inventory invokes a passive hit reduction - any 'melee' attack against the character with the riot shield takes a -5% chance to the attack's accuracy. For example, if I'm sitting in a building and I start swinging at someone with the shield, with my fire axe at 40% accuracy, the final hit rate is 35%.

Presumably if you die and rise as a zombie you won't have the capability to wield a defensive item.

Everyone here hates the thought of having the flak jacket wear out because of reasons of complacency, 'it's already there and we shouldn't change it'. Having permanent riot shields would be kind of off, so there would be a chance that the survivor's shield is destroyed, or the survivor otherwise disarmed, a net chance of 5% on successful melee attacks executed against the survivor. So, while swinging at a shield-equipped survivor with a fire axe at 40%, the chances are you'll disarm the person by the 14th successful swing (0.95^14=.487).

So the riot shield, essentially, is a bit of a free bonus for survivors, and may make the difference for a survivor attempting to get through a mob of 100+ zombies, as the benefits of holding the shield scale very quickly when being attacked multiple times at once. At the same time, given how easy it is to lose the shield and the low net effect, I believe it's fairly balanced.


Introduction of some kind of plot

Timestamp: 22:34, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Game shift
Scope: Everything
Description: Right, so when I was looking over the discussion page someone was wondering about the lack of plot in the game. 1

Therefore I came up with this.

Urban Dead would be restructured into a phase-based game. The game would reset every 3 months, with profiles being cleared of skills (but accounts and character names left reserved). There'd of course be a notice of the next reset so people wouldn't start an account the day before the reset.

Now, to the crux of the matter:

Every month in each 3 month period is a distinct period in the life of a 'zombie outbreak'. The underlying game remains the same throughout the months but some world-encompassing rules are changed on the month changeover.

Month/Phase One. 'Outbreak'. During this month, because the zombie outbreak has just started, evacuation has also just started. A random suburb will be the 'start' suburb for all zombies, and all new zombies will start there. The main difference here: the evacuation isn't over yet, some buildings will be populated. Buildings across Malton have a chance to be 'populated', and cannot be searched or barricaded(cops will look at you funny if you start looting their armories), though POSSIBLY populated buildings could yield aid. (I.E. a populated hospital could automatically heal survivors within). Every day over the 30 day period 1/30th of the buildings in Malton will be evacuated and reverted to the status they are now - emptied and ready for looting and barricading. If zombies break into a populated building the building is permanently converted to unpopulated status.

So thus, zombies get a 'starting suburb' to begin easily horde-ing and survivors are unable to effectively mass supplies or get to safehouses quickly, though their ability to search up items improves as the month passes.

Month/Phase Two. 'Survival'. This is *exactly* the same way UD is now. No changes over the month, just a pitched battle between the leftover survivors and the zombies.

Month/Phase Three. 'Cleansing'. The 'winning faction' gains skills or abilities that allow them to exterminate the other more quickly. The winning faction is determined by the 'survival' phase - I do not know a way for this to be determined. Number in the faction? Damage dealt? Total kills? Total deaths? Damage received? This part is prone to griefing and such so I'm not entirely sure how to determine which faction is the 'winner'.

If survivors are the winner, airdrops will occur frequently and on a regular basis, containing military grade weapons that unbalance the game towards the survivor. Zombies get a total of thirty 'stand ups' during this month - after being killed 30 times, they won't be able to play until the end of month reset. This basically amounts to being killed 30 times, so it shouldn't be too hard for a zombie to last until month-end. Zombies that were created before the month started, were active throughout the whole month, and did not exhaust their lives get a place of honor on a trophy list.

If zombies are the winner, zombies get zerg powers. Any of those random overpowering zombie suggestions can fit here. Survivors in this instance CANNOT be revived. Survivors that are still survivors at the end of the month get their names on a trophy list too.

These are really big changes, but I feel that they give some sort of directed purpose to the game for both factions. The first month is a basic 'run for your life' and 'kill kill kill', the second would be both factions working towards being the winning faction, and the third would be determining who gets on the trophy list.

I think this got spammed out, and I'm not going to touch it. This is just here for reference.

Some things I did for no reason - examples of SPAM

Extremely Loud Boom Boxes

Timestamp: 07:16, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: You can now find stereo boom boxes in tech stores, and this doesn't lower the chances of finding the other things.

With a boom box in your inventory, you can select the type of music to play from a drop down menu, then click the boom box button, to set the boom box down on the ground. Once it's down, you and anyone else can adjust the volume controls.

There are 5 grades of volume:

  • 1. Extremely soft. Only the closest 50 people can hear the music and it's unclear what kind of music it is. Flavor only.
  • 2. Soft. Everyone in the same block side can hear the music clearly. If you set it down in a block with a building in it, the people on the other side of the block can hear the music indistinctly (i.e. if you set it down inside a building the people outside can detect it, and the people inside hear it clearly). Flavor only.
  • 3. Loud. Everyone in the block both outside and inside can hear the music clearly, and everyone in the surrounding blocks are notified about a source of loud music nearby.
  • 4. Extremely loud. Everyone within a block of the boom box can hear it clearly, and everyone within 3 blocks can detect the music source. If you're in the same area as the boom box (inside a building with the boom box inside), you can't hear or be heard by anyone in normal speech.
  • 5. Gut wrenchingly mind blowingly loud. Everyone in the block, inside or out, lose their ability to hear anyone or anything (including conversation or zombie groans) for up to 20 AP after login, if they login while the boom box is blaring. Everyone within 2 blocks can make out the music, everyone within 6 blocks can detect the sound.

The boombox behaves as a generator and can be destroyed, but cannot be refueled. It will naturally stop working 24 hours after being placed.


You are in a factory. You hear German hard metal music nearby. (The boombox is outside, set to soft).

You are in a warehouse. The sound of Japanese pop music drowns out all conversation. (Boombox set to ex. loud and inside).

You are in Caiger Mall. You can't really hear anything since there's a boom box next to you blasting out music. (Set to uberloud)


  1. Spam - Brings new meaning to the word "stupid" --Grim s 07:26, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Spam - Wow, just wow. --Cabbage cookies 07:32, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Kill Absolutely no point to this. Annoyance for the sake of annoyance?Greylon 07:32, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Angurvadal the Flame Tongue

Timestamp: 22:11, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Martial or Elf Survivors
Description: Blades of this type hail from the workshop of Raegik Hammerhold, a Rashemar smith who refused to reveal the secrets of his craft to any but his chosen apprentice. It is unknown how many Angurvadal blades may exist, but it is certain there are no more being produced. Raegik discovered his student dealing with the Red Wizards of Thay, and is believed to have died in the ensuing battle.
  • Base Item: Longsword
  • Base Damage: 1d6
  • Base Critial Threat: 19-20/x2
  • Damage Type: Slashing
  • Weapon Size: Medium

Damage Bonus: Fire 1d6 Enhancement Bonus +2

This item has a 50 percent chance of dropping when a survivor kills Nezzerwilth, the Eternal Zombie Lord, located at the Crypts of Elwyrth. Requires hand-to-hand melee to use.

Votes here

Political Corn Flakes

Timestamp: FireballX301 05:02, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Item for Survivors
Scope: Survivors
Description: I love corn flakes. Do you love corn flakes, and if so, don't you wish you could espouse a party line through the mystic power of corn flakes?

If so, Politiflakes are for you!

Coming in 5 distinct varieties:

  • Fasciflakes - For whenever you have the urge to scapegoat a section of humanity for the purposes of getting elected.
  • Commuflakes - Your comrades will be amazed at your ability to hand out equal portions of food to everyone - none at all.
  • Leftieflakes - For those born rebels, these flakes allow you to represent your ability to defy authority and the 'industriocapitalist machine', while at the same time kowtow to the right when they portray you as traitors. Comes with extra spinal support since yours is already broken from bending over.
  • Rightoflakes - Do you like money? Do you like getting money whatever the cost? These are for you, as they will protect you from those bastards that want to 'tax and spend', while also giving you the special power to coerce the government to give free money and subsidies to your favorite oil company investments. And whenever anyone starts raising questions, you get a free Captain America shield that makes you a patriot, because you said so.
  • Anarchoflakes - For those times where you need to BUST SHIT UP.

These corn flakes would be findable anywhere and will not lower the percentages of finding anything else except 'nothing'. Eating a box of these corn flakes will change an 'alignment' flag on your character thats viewable in the character profile, but otherwise has no effect.

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Timestamp: FireballX301 05:08, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Yo yo what up gangsta? This be the OG supplier crew here, getting you all yo needs to bang like a banger, even if you AIN'T.

This be yo new item - the OG's official Doo-rag. Wit this piece you can be just like yo favorite gangsta wit two pieces blowin away at the SAME TIME.

  • Item: Doo-rag
  • Findable: Mall drug store
  • Use: Automatic while held in inventory. Replaces the 'pistol' attack with a 'gangsta pieces' attack if two or more pistols are held in inventory. Both pistols fire at once with each accuracy rating calculated differently - however, because it's stupid to use two pistols at the same time (a waste of ammunition), the accuracy rating is reduced to zero anyway, so no chance to hit. But hey, that's the price you pay to bang in the streets, son.

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