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basic info

9855528 tml.jpg

name-walter hoffman

level-41 (does not want brain rot skill)


race-irish causcation


kill count- humans-32 zombies-150

death count-7

cause of deaths-killed by agent aldon, killed by residentevil007,killed by victorious secret


occupation-forensic detective officer,temporary general of the anti zombie squad




jason hoffman (destroyed son)

racheal hoffman (destroyed wife)

ashley hoffman (destroyed daughter)


Eric bessette (dead)

Janus Abernathy (alive)

Bhuwannabe (alive)

Luckydogpsycho (alive)

Eric Matthews (alive)

Officer Lirette (dead)

cyrano de ventura (dead)

Beer Ref (alive)

Akule (unknown, presumably alive)


agent aldon (destroyed)

resident evil 007 (destryoed)

victorious secret (destroyed)

ethan anderson (dead)

andrew redfield (dead)

Canderous Ordo (alive)

william bill murray (alive)

darlocke (unknown,presumibly dead)

ashferd anderson (alive)

hoffmansdeath (alive)

papa roach (alive)

new nobody eric bessette (alive)


history behind the character

forensic walter hoffman is based on both his creator, warren marsh aka me, and he is also based on the Saw character forensic hoffman. the reason for hoffmans name being walter, instead of mark (like in saw) is because at the time, hoffmans first name was unknown at the time of creation. hoffman is a forensic officer, meaning that he specializes in human and animal anatomy, and figuring out how a person died and such affairs. hoffman is known through out the city as the cop who likes to sentence cruel punishment on criminals, especially serial killers. hoffman does not like to fight without weapons, and he is often disputed as being sort of weak. the hoffman character was created in ruddlebank. where a large portion of the story takes place.

relationships with other characters

Detective matthews-matthews is the younger brother of hoffman, his first name is eric. matthews and hoffman have different names because matthews had his legally changed. mattews is presumably one of walters co workers and even went to the same college as he did. unlike most members of the cast, he does not have any "special" abilities.

Janus abernathy-janus is a member of the anti zombie squad and is presumably one of the highest ranked members. abernathy and hoffman seem to get along but the exact extent of this is currently unknown. janus is also one of the few female characters mentioned in hoffmans biography. it is rumored that she likes eric bessette. she is geneticly mutated and is also as strong as the pker, canderous ordo.

Eric Bessette-a friend of hoffman, who he meets during an escape from ruddlebanks destruction. eric is more of a plot device then an actual character, seeing as he rarely has dialouge and has very little "screen time". his character is often depicted as being courageous, cunning, and open hearted. as well as very determined. like officer cannon, eric is a super soldier, meant for the sole purpose of destruction and defense.

officer Cannon- cannon is a character portrayed by anti zombie squad member bhuwannabe. cannon first appeared in chapter nine of the series and is one of the most powerful members of the anti zombie squad, cannon was part of a military super soldier project and as such is much more powerful then an average human. this is shown very clearly, as he is able to survive several cuts and bullet wounds without feeling large amounts of pain. cannon is one of the main two protagonists in the series so far, he is the main protagonist of the cannon cronicles.

Daniel Stockton- daniel is a creature from an ulternate universe who some how ended up in malton city, and he cant find his way out until the zombie occurance is over. stockton has metal prostetics attached to his body, very similar to the main protagionist hoffman. he quickly forms an alliance with hoffman and the two of them end up being very friendly sparring partners.

Calvin D.- calvin is an interesting character, seeing as unlike most of the characters, he does not have super human abilities. to make up for this, calvin is somewhat of a gadget junkie, being able to invent a helicopter, a large machine gun, and even a bomb that could blow up the border surrounding all of malton, calvin does not get along with hoffman that much and even dispises him at points. calvin is also a major character in season 3 and the end of season 2.

Canderous Ordo-canderous is a bounty hunter who likes to cause chaos and destroy the world around him, simply because he can, although he is a major villian, he does not have a personal connection to hoffman. canderous is portrayed by legendary urban dead player saromu, who in previous works, portrayed the character sonny corleone.

hoffmansdeath-hoffmansdeath is a low time assasian and is the final villian of the second season, she is very attractive and wears a mask over her face, her identity is unknown to everyone, but she claims to be "connected" to hoffman in some way. hoffmans death is a character forged by an unknown user.

Ashferd and Ethan Anderson-the andersons are 2 major reoccuring villians who are extremly powerful and are also two serial killing brothers. they are so powerful to the point were even canderous cant defeat them. although ethan has very little screen time compared to his brother, he is often used as a subject of the plot.

John Holden-holden is a character that is never seen in malton, but he is responsible for setting up the border in malton and is even responsible for the conception of the zombies. despite him never actually setting foot in malton, he is the man pulling the strings, so in a sense, he is the main antagonist of all urban dead cronicles.

William bill murray- william is a small town crook who kills a man named residentevil2007, he is canderous's co worker and he is often considered hoffmans major enemy for the first 3 episodes of the second season. his character is realitifly unimportant, but he does however put some of the events of hoffmans story in motion.

audioslave-audio slave has a breif appearence in the forensic hoffman cronicles, although he is dead by the time hoffman arrives, he is a major villian in bhuwannabes story which takes place while hoffman is in ruddlebank.

racheal hoffman- racheal hoffman was forensic hoffmans wife before the outbreak, she was born september 25, a day after hoffman. she isnt a main character in the first season but makes several appearences in the second season, (flashbacks and photos).

jason hoffman- jason was hoffmans son, jason like his sister racheal were assumibly killed by hoffman when he returned home after his coma, jason was not purticularly good friends with his father and his last words to him were, "i hate you".

ashley hoffman- ashley was hoffmans daughter, and like her brother, she did not get along with hoffman. before the outbreak occured, she gave her father a little present which repusented a piece of the moon, she has the remaining part with her in the form of a necklace.

chapter one-before the apocalypse

(begin transmission) (flashback)

the day was a normal one at that seeing as forensic hoffman was working

at his desk with a tired look in his eyes nothing seemed to be out of

place with hoffman that day. half drinking coffee cup on his right side,

a photo of him and his brother catching their first criminal named henry

jarvis along with a photo of himself his wife and their two children on

their front poarch all of them smiling at the camera with the children

in front of both them and his beautiful wife racheal. it was always a

mystery to his unit why he was always so tired in the mornings, but

thats probetly because he was the last one of us to leave the department

i should know this because i am his lawyer and also his best friend, but

still it made you wonder why he would always volunteer to be the last man

to go home and spend what little time he had with his wife and kids which

due to his job didnt happen that much. in a strange way i wish i could

take his place for the night seeing as by 2 in the afternoon he was slump

ing on his desk and yawning louder then the rest of the building but together.

then later that day during our break i saw him watching the only channel he

had on his portable tv, the channel 4 news team with 5 time emmay award win

ning anchorman User:Ron Burgundy although walter would often skip and ignore

rons blabbing on scotch and women he would pay close attention to the

several strange murder cases that happend on the other side of the city

i went up to hoffman and chuckled to him that i was glad we didnt work there

he looked up at me from his chair with a smile and laughed along with me

i asked him why he always worked so hard at night and always stayed behind

after everyone else decided to leave and i also suggested that he should go

home and spend some time with his family so he wouldnt kill himself due to

overstress and low amounts of sleep. he told me he couldnt sleep well for the

last 2 weeks or so because he witnessed a terrible incident. it was our 45th

case in the city of malton and to date it was our only case that lasted for

over a month the suspects name was ethan anderson who was a criminal mastermind

who killed 5 cops with his eating tray and a 45.colt he was one of our more...

special convicts if you will, because he had survived things no other man could

despite being shot,stabbed,smacked and crushed constantly he had survived and

showed no illness or side effects and could lift up a full metal keg with one

arm and assumaply showed an intelligence of 178 making him our deadliest criminal

in the history of malton with a kill count of over 40 innocents and 12 police but

the thing he did that freaked detective hoffman out was his apility to regenarade

flesh at a fast rate and in front of hoffmans eyes...he ate a police officers

hand in 2 bites which he seemed to enjoy. as hoffman described it, it seems

the two of them got into a fight and hoffman was stabbed in the leg as

ethan escaped but not before hoffman toke his gun and shot him in the jaw.

hoffman keep telling me of nightmares he had that ethan would threaten to kill

his family and his whole police department.the next day was april 14 and that

was another day where hoffman was working on ethans latest victems corpse

hoffman was the one performing the autopsy where he found a tape that told him

to go to kan 42 west avenue where only hoffman and i encounterd ethan and found

out that he was a former detective himself which would explain his knowledge and

advanced age and next to him we saw a young man named andrew chained to the wall in

a bathroom which was for some reason where we were having this conversation...but i

digress. anyway before we knew it he shot andrew with a revolver and seconds later

threw a strange needle at him and we watched as he died within seconds. little

did we know that poor andrew would become the first creature that would later start

an apocalypse and spawn our now major enemies...zombies. ______________________________________________________________________________________


above is a picture of andrew redfield, prior to becoming a zombie

chapter two-battle of malton city

ethans next move was that he would destroy the city using andrew but first he had

to feed him some flesh and with that he pulled out a chainsaw and slashed me across the

mouth and cut walters right foot off sherly causes him to eventually die he then let

andrew try to break out of his chain but didnt help him he just left him and injected

himself with the same needle that he shot andrew with and said that if he ever died

he would join andrew in the verch of evolution and detective hoffman would be his first

target it was at this point where we lost and hoffman just watched as ethan

laughed at us...and then suddenly walters brother eric walked in the bathroom and shot

ethan and then went up to him and shouted this is for my brother and cut his neck with

ethans own combat knife eric then carried us to a nearby hospital to heal walters leg

and broken arm that he recieved from andrews jaw. a few days later when i was doing

ethans autopsy we found a tape that said play me in his stomach and when it was played

it told us that by playing this tape andrew has been freed of his chain and would start

infecting everyone near him, we tried to stop him but it was too late....the battle of

malton city had begun, and forensic hoffman (still in the hospital and in a coma) would

not see his family for another 2 years...but they would not be human, instead they would

be....somthing.....else. when detective hoffman woke up from his 2 year coma he found

that they were barely able to keep him alive due to lake of supplies and due to the

bite from a needle similar to the one ethan had,warren had to have his right arm and left

foot replaced by machinary walter also during his coma had a zombie drop acid on his

eye causing the hospital to replace his right eye a metal heat sensing one. the first

thing walter did after he got out of the hospital was go to his house only to find it in


once he made inside he grabbed 4 things for his trip back to =[[Knapp Boulevard Police


he brought a loaded pistol,a flak jacket,his upstairs radio,and a pocket watch with a


of his deceised family who he was forced to watch them die as he burned his house to the ground

killing them and making sure they would rest in peace (he coulndt revive them due to lack of

supplies at that time). walter apparently was uncouncious for so long that the zombie invasion

that he vowed to stop before happening had became so large that he alone could not defeat the

zombies for he would need the help of every living survivor and let them handle the zombies

while hoffman was on his way to kill the one who started this all...andrew redfield. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


above is an image of hoffman stanting over ethans body after his corpse has been autopsied

chapter three-other side of life

its been a few days since forensic hoffman was last seen by my eyes and i noticed a difference in his

personality for he looked a little more violent seeing as he had a beard growing and he had weapons

chained to his arms probetly because he was always surrounded by danger, but then again we all were

like that.we talked for a while over some wine and he told me that malton was starting to tear itself

apart i asked him how that was possible and he replied that for an example he saw a bunch of zombies

murdering a man named Iden DeSeer who was, and even in death ruled over a group called Suicide Recon.

which was ironic because idens corpse was right outside the door at the time. we never saw him again but

we prayed that he would be revived...or put out of his misery. walter then told me to follow him so that

we could investigate a signal on his portable radio and brought along some pistols and shotguns when we

got to the investigation area we found 2 zombies attacking walters brother, eric matthews. walter quickly

killed the zombies and dragged his uncouncious body out of there and but him in a car, i was wounded and

stayed behind waiting for him. i realized what happend to my could infected by a zombie claw

i couldnt let walter see me because not only would he rat me out but he would also ruin my plan to become

one with evolution, for i wanted to be a zombie as well. so when he got back i knocked him out with a bat

and chained him to a chair and when he woke up i threw a needle at him so that when he died he would become

a zombie as well. and to make sure that was quick i toke out a pistol and shot him in the heart and left him

trapped there in that building as he slowly bled to death and trapping him there forever.(end transmission)

(walters p.o.v.) i couldnt believe this was happening, my entire life was flashing before my eyes i felt my arms and legs go cold

as i felt the serge of death hovering over me. i knew that i would not only die but i would become one of those

things that overtoke my family,my unit,....and my life. i swear if i ever get out of here im going to kill that

backstabber and feed him to the things he wanted to become. suddenly the already dark room became suddenly darker

and i started shaking and puking out blood. after 30 seconds of it i felt everything come to an end and i fell layed

my head on my shoulder and watched as my vision of my wife and children vanished away from me.

it had been 3 days since my death and i couldnt believe that although i was dead my mind was still thinking, as if

i was in a terrible dream just watching my corpse just now losing all of its water and in my horror i found myself

standing and looking in a new sort of vision. apparently i could sense heat and feel movement,i for some reason was

alot slower but i had better senses and i my skin had become gray and harder making me a better fist fighter, my teeth

also were sharper and i looked at the still closed door of the building i was trapped in and walked towards it only to

be pulled back by somthing on my wrists. as i susspected agent aldon had chained me to the wall with steel chains with

weird daggers attached from the wall to the chains. i looked at it for a few moments and easily broke the daggers from

the wall and started making my way out of the building and walking towards aldons hiding spot Edward General Hospital.

when i got there i found that he had mutated into a nearly completed zombie form with only his right side of the face

left to go, he told me that he left my brother at my police station to throw off suspicion and that andrew wasnt the only

"first zombie" but one of the stowaways that ethan got his hands onto and he laughed as he continued to tell me that no

matter what, i was doomed to be a zombie and stay that way forever having that said he opened his eyes widely in horror

as i put my chains around his neck and decapatated him and crushing his brain to make sure that he would never be revived or

a zombie threat in future battles. i sat there just wondering what to do now that i was dead with no other desire to live on

as i was, so i decided to take a nap and find a way to end my life as a zombie and for all time. when i woke up however i

found myself with a needle next to me and ingraved on it were the words THANK YOU on it, i simply toke the syringe and stabbed

myself with it only to be knocked out by its effect. when i woke up i found myself to be to be moving faster, and i suddenly

had the weirdest need for water, so i went to the sink,drank from it looked up in the mirror and found myself looking at a

person not dead, but reborn. and from that point on i decided that as long as the zombies are here...i will here watching over

the still living and will continue to live here among the this....URBAN DEAD. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


above is a picture of agent aldo prior to his death by me

chapter four-ruddlebanks destruction

a few week have gone by since i killed aldon and i couldnt believe that this was really happening i found that in so little

time my family,my unit,and my city that i vowed to protect was all gone or in a never ending whirlwind of death. i write in

this journal every once in a while to keep my self occupied because just like in prison, a man will do anything to keep his

mind occupied. funny as i say that seeing as i am, or was a police officer of the law i found that when i killed aldon he had

a record on me, he must have been planning on this for a while, i dont know why he did what he did but i believe he did it out

of fear because he did not want to die for a meaningless cause. now looking back on it i couldnt agree more seeing as the

military has left its own people here with those who used to call this place home. i miss my family....i miss my friends....I

MISS MY LIFE!!! i cant stand to live anymore so i decided to commit suicide by sliting my wrist but as i wast about to stab

myself i tripped on somthing and cut my shoulder sending my own blood onto the streets outside. i went to heal my wounds but i

heard a noisy banging at the door. i went to see what it was and i found that a load of zombies have been banging on the doors

but before i could shout to anyone what was happening one of the zombies threw a closet on me and kept me safe but left the

barricade wide open i got hit in the head pretty bad and passed out in that closet. much later i woke up and found that the

town of ruddlebank had been destroyed leaving me as its sole survivor i realized i had to leave for another town and fortunatly

my brother was still alive albeit barely breathing when i got to a town south of ruddlebank i found that my brother had been in

fected and only had time to do one action (ap point) he said to me that if he died by the side of anyone he was glad to have

it be his older brother, i told him that i could find a way to help him but he would have to make a choice, i asked him if he

trusted me and he simply noded and i toke a needle. with the needle i stabbed a zombie corpse and extracted blood and used this

blood to turn my own brother into a zombie however unlike most zombies he did not try to eat me but he simply followed me into

a near by hospital that was also made by necro tech so i was able to get the supplies to heal my brother but someone by

the name of residentevil2007 was inside. i asked him if he needed help but instead of replying he struck me with a knife to

the leg and i realized that he was a zombie summoner (a person who is human but summons the zombies to kill people so that he

can survive) i pulled out my gun and shot him in the chest and he ran away up the stairs and left me to die then he did what

no other human would ever do, he destroyed the barricades and let 30 zombies in.i tried to fight them but they eventually

overpowerd me along with my still zombified brother who was held to the ground in place as he saw me being eaten alive by the

creatures we vowed to kill and with my death came the complete destruction of our home...ruddlebank. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________-


above is a picture of ruddlebank, during its initial attack, please note that this was from a camera i found on my way out of the city

chapter five-my last moment

although ruddlebank was destroyed i found myself still human but slowly becoming a zombie (which was about the same time that

the zombies stoped eating my slowly decaying body, with my last bit of effort i locked all the zombies in the town of

ruddlebank into one builing (the hospital). it was there that i also did my research of a special bomb named eseaesid, which

could kill zombies on impact. in my last efforts i make the only known exsisting copy of the bomb and lit it off, destroying

all the zombies in the building. i smiled in triumph as the building burst into flames and started to crumble to the ground.

however as it was doing that, residentevil2007 started to escape albeit without his legs, i went up to him and smiled evily as

i started to slowly snap his neck and decapatade him. he was alive for a few seconds and the whole time, he was looking at

his body that he was now no longer part of. when the building was done burning i found my gun still on the ground along with

my brothers corpse which would soon revive on its own eventually. i checked my gun and i found that i still had one bullet. i

wished that the zombie part of me that would eventually take over would not harm anyone else in this world. so in my final

moments of my human form, i hooked myself onto a device that looked like a chair with a gun attached, the device would go off

and kill me when i got off the chair. this way, when i got turned into a zombie and stand up, the zombie form would be

terminated. i have to admit as the last few moments were some of the best in my life because as i was dieing i had a vision of

me and my family finally reunited after so long. good bye reader, i will now go and in peace.

"at 7:35 pm the zombie form toke over and was terminated by the device." "walter hoffmans body was found 3 days later by a man named ventura." "ventura buried walters body in his now burned down home, along with his familys chared remains". "may he rest in peace"- Daniel williams, chief of police in knapp PD. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


above is a picture of my special home made bomb going off against the zombies.

chapter six-live again

"precisly at 8:00 on the same day of his bariel the now god like form once known as forensic walter hoffman had rose from his grave, however he did not amerge as a human nor a zombie but he had assumened the form of a god in a human body, he was now truely immortal and would survive until the worlds eventual destruction".-security guard near walters grave.

a few days have passed since my eventual rebirth and i have to say that i am some what dissapointed that im still alive, i was

so close to being with my loves ones again. but i guess that its only a matter of time before i see them again, still it was

wonderfull thinking that i would be with my family again. but i digress, i found myself being in my old neighborhood again,

(wykewood) it was nice to see my house again (if i could still call it that). i was starting to get tired on my way to the

rebuild ruddlebank (wow the survivors actually toke it back, im inpressed.) so i decided to rest in a nearby building, inside

where 3 men named eric,victourius,and ace,. i spend approximently 2 days with them talking,drinking,and just hanging out, it

was nice to have a friend like eric. however on the 3rd day victourius killed all of us (hes a faggot) and dumped us outside,

what a fool for thinking he could kill a god so easily, now he would feel my wrath for what hes done, i woke up from my "death

stage" and started to break down the building he stayed in, but little does he realize that i have back up from two un

expected sources, my brother and an old enemy turned good guy, (andrew)

now all i need is to wait patient and soon i will seek my revenge and remove his form from this world. o how i cant wait. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1798649505 aadd5a2a03.jpg

above is an image of a zombie looking to kill victourius secret

chapter seven-hoffmans trip to old ackrham

victorious retreated from the building, knowing he would be killed by all of us if he stayed there any longer.

so in the mean time (after we all got revived) we all went our seperate ways, somehow i knew in my heart that i would see eric

bessete again. for a while i was laying around my old police department, my brother decided to drop bye and say that i needed

a vacation, it was nice seeing my brother in his human flesh again, he tells me that a man named solomen beach revived him and

turned him into a human again. i dont know who solomen is, but whoever he is, hes a good man.

anyways a few days after my brother suggested i take a vacation, i got a call from some man in old achram, he said that he

wanted to speak with me and it was urgent, being unfamilar with the area, i decided to take a guide which, in turn ended up

being my brother. The next day after the call came in, we found the building where the message came from and found that the

building was completely abandoned, with the exception of a radio,a dead body covered in a cloth,and most surprisingly, a

little girl called named allyssa. surprisingly, the girl was all right, at least physicly. we antarogated the girl and fought

out that the man who was dead on the ground was her dad, we toke one look under the cloth and found out somthing horrible but

at the same time, somewhat mind numming, for as it turns out, her father was victourious secret!, it was strange seeing him

here. "i believe justice has been surved" my brother proclaimed. i felt sorry for this little girl, she lost her father and

even though he was a complete piece of shit, no one decereved to see their parent die, even if said parent was a murderer.

i asked her who had done such a thing and in that moment, the lights went out and before we were all knocked out by a gas

gernade, i heard a voice say, "that would be me.....willaim bill murray"! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


above is allyssa, the girl who me and detective matthews rescued, she is the daughter of victourious secret.

chapter eight-the pker games.

after waking up from the knock out gas, me and eric looked around and found that we were trapped in a room with only one small

window, with the moonlight coming in. and above us was a tv, with willaim bill murrays face looking at us threw it, what a

coward, he couldnt even have the balls to fight us man to man. (although i cant blame him, seeing as i had a metal arm and a

metal leg which was capable of breaking steel! let alone a human skull). after the tv turned on he told us why he had done

what he did, he told me that i was part of a group of people called the anti zombie squad (at the time, i thought they were a

bunch of noobs joining together to do god knows what) and that he was joining in on a game of killing innocent people. as it

turns out, the person who was responsible for this "game" was a man named sonny corleone or as we like to call him, canderous

ordo. although i have never met the man in real life, i was aware of who he was. he was a man who somehow convicted others

into being his henchmen, and more importantly he was a murderer and at the time of the zombie invasion the second most wanted

villian in the city, the first being ethan anderson weither or not there is a connection between the two is unlikely. the

game that william was refering to was a huge battle about to unfold between pkers,zombies,and the innocent people of west

grayside (a suburb not to far from ruddlebank). in order to be excepted as a pker in west grayside, william had to do the

following, kill a man, kidnap a hostage,and torture a police officer. he had managed to do most of them and now he was about

to do the last and to him, the most important. i asked him what he did with the little girl allyssa, and he moved the camera

over to a wall with alyssa chained to it. he told us he always wanted to be a forensic scientist (how ironic) and he was gonna

enjoy seeing what the "inside" of a zombie looked liked, and as he grew a malus smile on his face, he pressed a switch and a

needle came out of the wall next to allysa and then it showed it getting closer to her and it apparently was a serium

containing the now common zombie virus. it was horrifying watching her scream, as the needle grew closer, i saw the fear in

that little girls eyes as the needle got closer to her. then i got an idea, i shouted into the mic next to the tv "alyssa,

yell into the mic, as loud as u can"! and as she did, i could hear her voice coming from below my feet.....they were below us.

at this moment i slammed into the groud with my metal arm and leg and watched as the groud started to break apart. after a few

seconds, i had managed to get the lower level and when i landed i found that william had apparently left, leaving alyssa all

by herself and about to be turned into a zombie, which after seeing it, i went up to the incoming needle and crushed it with

my hand, and watched as it feel into the cracks of the floor below. after the machine shut down, i helped alyssa get out of

her chain and she gave me a tape that apparently was left behind by william, the tapes message said this "hello william bill

murray, my name is ashferd anderson, i am the man who is responsible for bringing you here today. today you can join our ranks

of murdering others, however in order to do so we want you to do us a favor, i want you to bring an officer named walter

hoffman to west grayside, he just got attacked by a man named victorious secret, i want you to use him and his daughter as

bait in order to lure hoffman to this building, be warned tho, hoffman is not what he appears and he is considered highly

dangerous, i dont want you to kill him, for i want to do this myself. he will pay for what he has done to my brother ethan.

its time we not only kill hoffman, but also the groups in west grayside, i found one that was ripe for the picking, its a

small group and already it is starting to become a nuisence, and its named.....the Anti-zombie squad." and at that moment, the

tape ended, and he knew what i had to do, i had to stop william,canderous,and now this new threat that no one has ever heard

about, but if its just like what the tape said, then we only have a few days to not only stop them, but also to save not only

the suburb of west grayside, but possibly the whole city. i thought these thoughts then, as i headed towards west

grayside.....and possibly my finest coming guys, ill make sure that no one hurts any of you,.....even if it means

i have to die.

Urban dead pic.jpg

above is a picture of forensic hofffman as he left to follow william bill murray.

chapter nine-west grayside

after hearing this message of how this man was going to kill these people, i immediatly ran out the building with my trusted

shotgun and hand and ran threw zombie filled streets for about 2 hours, without taking a stop. however i felt that i needed to

get there faster so out of pure luck i managed to find a bus nearby, knowing its sturdy capabilities i thought that this would

be an excellant way to get across the city. after high jacking it i managed to set it on auto drive, while i would start to

reload all of my equpment. i was just about to reload my last shotgun when i heard the bus run over something, i thought to

myself that it was probetly a zombie, and to my sad conclusion...i was right. but not only was it a zombie, but it was a king

zombie (meaning that it was freckin huge!) i knew this because as soon as i ran it over on my back wheels, it started to chase

after me with its fast tentacle like legs, and its teeth that resembled a weird chimera type animal. but as i was able to get

a better look at the beast, i found out that it was not one zombie but it was a bunch of human corpses compacted together to

make this creature, apparently it had the ability to merge its own body with that of dead human corpses. (jeez, talk about

disgusting). out of fear, i managed to find a knife on one of the seats, and i flung it at the beast.(while he was chaceing

the bus). the knife managed to hit him on one his eyes, and by this point this creature managed to talk through one of its

many human mouths, and it said to me, "your a dead man hoffman"! "you executed many of us, and now we will execute you"!

i couldnt believe what i was hearing, this thing was made up of criminals in which i executed personally, and thinking back on

it, i wouldnt blame this creature if it did kill me, ive been a bad husband, an awful father, a terrible brother, and a just

about all around miserable excuse of a human being, i dercerved to i just stopped my firing and just sat down on

where the buses door used to be, and i waited for this creature to end my life, and this time, i wouldnt be coming back.

but just as it opened its mouth to bit down on me, it suddenly backed off and one of its teeth landed on me, it was broken.

"how"? i asked, then i turned around and i saw someone, it was an officer, before i could say anything else, he told me to

move, and when i did, he shot a flare gun, and it hit the creature dead on, right in its mouth. "get down"! he said and when

we did, the thing had exploded and pieces of it went flying all over the place, some even landed inside the bus. which after

that happend, crashed right into the side of a building, which caused me to pass out, but before i did i managed to read the

name of the building, and as it turns out, the name was....the bellamy building aka home of the anti-zombie squad.

after i woke up, i found that i was in a chair with a warm blanket around me, and sitting across from me was the man who saved

me. as it turns out, his name was officer cannon, aka bhuwannabe of the anti zombie squad and little did

i know, as it turns out this would be the people that would make me a new and better person, and they would also be the people

to save my life from one of the most powerful people that ever lived, in the city of malton.....canderous ordo.

Urban dead pic.png

above is a picture of what the creature looked like, this is its head piece, this thing was huge! thanks for saving me, officer cannon

chapter ten-the anti zombie squad

i woke up next in a bed i was unfamiliar with, the whole time i was wondering where i was, then it all came back to me, i

apparently had been taken here by officer cannon, in the hopes that they would get some information from me. so after i woke up

and starting walking around, i found a coffee machine on the table and next to it was a cup with the name "hoffman" insrcibed

on it. i assumed that the cup was put there for me, so i poored some coffee into it and as i was drinking it, i noticed that

there was another cup, with the name of chiara on it. after putting my cup down, i looked forward to examine it, with my

robotic eye. after about 5 seconds, the eye told sent a message to my brain saying that who ever owns this cup, apparently is

female, about 5'5, of white descent, and has a small scar from a sharp knife. as it turns out this chiara is actually the co

leader of the anti zombie squad. i went to turn around and as i did, i say a woman, shorter then me, pointing a gun at my head.

"who are you" the woman asked, after clicking the gun off safty. "woo, woo, woo" i replied back "let me explain, my name is

officer hoffman, someone brought me here last night." "how do i know i can trust you" she asked, which i replied to by taking

out my identicatiion (id). she (still holding the gun) managed to snatch the card right out of my hand, my god she was fast.

after what seemed like forever, she finally returned my card and said "my apoligies officer, let me introduce my self, my name

is chiara but most call me by my alias, janus abernathy". "such as strange name" i thought to myself. "its not a strange name"

she said "wow, what the hell, how did you...." "officer, let me explain, as a child i was often exposed to radiation, as u can

see by this scar, the radiation was inforced into my blood stream and caused me to become super human" "you are very strange

chiara" i said as she then lifted up my right metal arm. "your one to talk, mr hoffman". "hehe i guess your right, say how

many of you are there" "only 2 people in malton have this sort of radiation, you see, the radiation needs a strong body to

reside in, and i was one of the only 2 people to survive this". "may i ask who is the other one" "the only one who is capable

of harnessing this power is.....canderous ordo!" "you have got to be kidding me" "no im not hoffman, and believe me, you might

be strong hoffman, but the only one who is capable of killing ordo, is me". "just how strong are you"? "i could mop the floor

with you" she said as she left down one of the hallways, tucking her gun into one of her empty gun holders. "wow, talk about

one interesting person, why do i get the feeling ive seen her before, i thought to myself, and she can read minds, how besare

is that. as i kept thinking to myself, i heard someone enter into the room, this time is was a man, who for some reason had

similarities to me, he had a metal left arm, a metal left eye, and a metal right leg, we were total opposites! "oh hello, you

must be hoffman, officer cannon has told me about you. is it true that you got in a fight with a giant creature yesterday. "oh

you mean that ugly thing, that cannon shot down, yea i did. "by the way where is officer cannon"? "oh hes out on patrol, such

a hero he is". "hey, how did that happen" i said pointing to his metal prostetics "that would be the result of years of

battleing on foreign planets". "planets, what are you, an alien" "yes for the lack of a better term, i am a cybornetic alien

who has now taken on the form of a human". "if it werent for the metal arm and stuff like that, i wouldnt believe you, but

seeing as ive come in contact with cults,regenerating villians,giant zombie creatures,zombies,and radiatied humans, im ready

to believe anything at this point". "you have a very strange life officer hoffman" "yea, i guess you can say that" after

talking for about a good half hour with the guy i felt really safe and secure about being around this building, the pkers can

wait, but for now, i think i deserve a vacation with these guys, thats all i need, and is that really to much to ask.

"i didnt quite get your name, what is it". i asked the man. "my name is daniel stockton, or as many other people call me......

Daniel "Hurricane" "Psycho" "Lucky" "Get away from my girlfriend you bastard!" Stockton, the sergent first class of the anti

zombie squad!


above is a picture of the bellamy building.

chapter eleven-a black envelope

As i continued to wander around the area people referred to as the bellamy building, i

kept thinking about what that girl said to me, "i could mop the floor with you". i

wonder if she really could, but thinking back on it, i had to believe her, because to be

honest, im not much of a fighter. im not sure how old that girl was but if i had to

guess, i would probetly say around 24 or 25 ish, she looked really young and for some

reason, kind of scary too. Daniel told me earlier on that he thought that she has a

thing for eric, which if you ever saw the two, you would have to agree. But i digress,

later on i managed to meet up with cannon and i was able to tell him the reason of me

being there in the first place. once i told him of this information, he told me somthing

very bleek, yet very true about Malton. "Malton, ha! malton's people have always been

dishonest and aggresive, they deserve all the punishment that is apon them, these people

are scum, all of them, they lie,rape,cheat,scandel,corrupt and murder, and quite frankly

they deserve everything they get". although cannon was being a little harsh on the

people of malton, for some reason i couldnt help but believe him, and apparently eric

thought the same thing, "hoffman, hes right. But don't be alarmed, malton is not

corrupted, we can still save it, and with people like you protecting it, im positive

that we can save malton, and we will, your a hero hoffman". and after he had said that,

i remember thinking of all those people i killed in the line of duty,all those people

whose lives i took away, and all those familes who lost their loved ones because i

couldnt prevent their deaths at the hands of murderers. so when eric said that i was a

hero, i then looked over to him and quietly said to him....."am I"? eric seemed confused

at this, but before he had a chance to respond, and alarm went off and the three of us

left the basement where we were having that conversation and we headed towards the front

of the building were we saw a body on the floor. The body was that of a man in his late

20's, he at the time was wearing a very simple garb, a black raincoat,purple pants,brown

shoes, and a fedora hat. He was very pale and skinny, almost to the point of anirexia.

eric looked over at the guy and whispered to me, "I know this man, his name is richard

montell, better known as the criminal "audioslave". Attached to him was a camera

with an envelope attached to it, entitaled 'For officers hoffman,cannon,bessette,and

stockton'. we read the letter within the envelope, and in really pretty writing was the

message "watch". so after a few seconds of thinking it over, we toke the tape inside the

camera, along with audioslaves body and toke it with us into the building.

We put the cameras cassette into the VCR and watched a man, with a scary face explain to

us, his message, we all looked at the face in discuss, as he told us the message

"hello officers, today is a very special day for the 4 of you, you see this

cult, if you will, is looking to thin out our competition for superiority, so in doing

so, the few who have loyaly stayed as our side, have decided to to take part in

the event that will occur this night. For you see tonight is a special night for, both

pker and human sympatheizer alike. tonight is a game of conquest. tonight is a game of

proving which side is better, of you gentlemen will lose not only the

game, but your very exsistance. Thats right, tonight, one of you.....will die!!!!

So lets start the first round shall we,". it was at that moment were the video stopped

and from behind us came a moaning sound, it was audioslave, who was now in a zombified

form. when we saw this, we all acted quickly and destroyed him with our

firearms....which is were this brings an end to my flashback, and i start to think of

what we should do now, knowing that tonight, one of us wont make it to the next morning.

Scary face for story.jpg

above is a picture of the man in the video

chapter twelve-pure malice

That night, it was raining, that night is was pouring, that of us died.

that night they invaded, the pkers of east greyside have found their way to the west grayside and were slowly

advancing. eric bessette, the proud and noble leader of the anti zombie squad prompted me to join his part of

the group, he refered to as alpha team, at the time there were only two team parts, alpha and relief, each of

them was run by someone, alpha was run by eric bessette while relief was run by that crazy girl chiara aka

janus abernathy, i always wondered why she would pick a boys name for an alias. so as anyone would guess i

picked alpha team for the moment, we spent most of the afternoon barricading the area with anything we could

find, even audioslaves body. little did we know, this battle would one day be called "pure malice" and by god,

did that name suit it well, the battlefield, being the whole suburb of west grayside, specificly the bellamy

building. it was 11:55, five minutes from mitnight, we waited for the pkers to start marching towards us, five

minutes passed and from behind our barricades we saw a mass amount of people marching towards us. it was them,

and in the back, sitting up high in a very large chair being carried by several sub portinants was mr.ordo

himself, suddenly they all came to a stop, and suddenly ordo started to speak. "sister, do not be afraid, do

not attempt to fight off this great power that flows throw your vains, as it does mine". sister, who could he

be refering too. "come on out janus"! "father would be so dissapointed in you, for your disobediance"!

obviously canderous was not in his right mind.....janus was not giving an answer in fact she was looking at him

in a very strange way. "no answer"! "then you leave me no choice chiara"! "murray"! "fire the cannons" "yes

sir" said murray in his new blood red colored coat, along with his shiny black pants and boots, he was wearing

white gloves and also had a black over coat over his militia coat. i remember wispering "murray" and i swear he

must of heard it because he said "hoffman! i know your in there! i dont know how you managed to get past my pet

a few days ago"! pet? is he refering to that giant monster made of those dead bodies? "despite your win over

him, this is somthing that even you cant stop". "bring it on" i whisperd as william fired a cannon ball towards

the building, busting a hole straight through it. and with that shot being fired, we all had the same thought

coming through our minds, how are we going to stop this? within minutes, the 30 somthing pkers ended up firing

into our barricade, although elite members such as me,cannon,bessette,and dark butters could hold our own

against the pkers, new members were starting to lose their edge....among other things. i remember fighting one

a small time pker, and the newbie ended up squeezing my right arm, he started to smirk but then started to scream 

when i said "i have two picked the wrong one" and i ended up ripping his arm off and impaling him

through the mouth with it. this must of angered one of his friends when they ended up cutting my left arm with

a knife and shouting somthing in spanish, probetly a curse. i remember punching him in the gut then spinning

around his back and ripping his spin out along with his skull.....which i later used as a mace against another

guy. i looked around, breathing heavily and seeing eric shooting some guys brain out, dark butter cutting

people left and right, stockton was going in and out of the beallamy building carring our wounded in, and then

there was officer cannon.....eating a fuckin pie! i pondered this for a moment only to hear someone come up

from behind me, it was william bill murray and with him was an axe, he swung it forward and it cut my jacket,

causing it to fall off of me. "hoffman, you dont remember me that well, (strikes axe forward, it barely misses

me) but i sure as hell remember you"! "what are you talking about, i dont even know who you are" "dont try and

hide it hoffman, dont try and hide the fact that you killed several people in your life time, and think that

you can get away with it, you think that you could do that, and hope to wander away from that, no sir, justice

is due for you, and if a force higher then myself cant do the job, then ill just have to exterminate the bug

myself"! "ha! aahahhahahahhahaha! if your so confident, why dont you stop being a little bitch, and face me

yourself! this must have gotten to him, seeing as after i said this, he ended up going for ward and stabbing me

in my right eye with a knife, and before i knew it, there was me falling to the floor, my head heading the

ground first. all i could hear was murrays voice saying "i, i did it. ha! i just destroyed forensic hoffman! he

kneeled over me and picked my head up and pulling his knife out.....along with my metal eye! "wha....what the

hell!? "how did you"... he didnt get to finish his sentence because the next action i did was pulling my

grandfathers machede from my leg holster and impaling him through the stomach with it, he was shocked, and

looking at my face with blood osing from his mouth, my face was angry and was missing an eye.

before he died he told me "this....breaks the rules" to which i replied by impaling him through the head with

my knife and saying "there rules"! at this point everyone was finished fighting, and looking over at

canderous's throne, we could see the frustration running through him as he then picked up a radio and said "sir

ashferd, were ready for policy". and within the next seconds....well, lets just say that me and

cannon were looking at a familar face, or in this case....many!

Canderous ordo pic..jpg

above is a pic of canderous ordo, with his body armor in tact.

chapter thirteen-eric bessette's last stand

"oh, no. you again! cannon shouted "why hello there, its been a while since ive seen you hasnt it"? the creatures main head said "bullshit, we blew you up days ago, there is no way you survived that"? i shouted to the creature. "ah, true. normally i would have disenagrated long ago, but thanks to canderous and his.....generous propesition, im alive and more powerful then ever". "canderous, are you insane, dont you realize that this creature is too powerful to control"? eric bessette shouted. canderous looked over at eric from his throne and raised his eyebrow in a confused manner. "control"? "who ever said i was controling it, its doing this by its self". the monster blows a monsterous yell "ahh zombies, such fascinating creatures. creatures that have no rules to abide by, creatures that are obidiant, creaures that are so indestrucible to the point where not even an atomic bomb can destroy them.

"dont you realize what this creature is capable of"! shouted officer cannon. "fully". i looked over at bessette and saw his start to shake, he had small tears of anger escaping his eyes. "why are you doing this canderous"! "there will be nothing, nothing left at all. everyone, including you is going to die"! bessette shouted "why am i doing this........i just want to have fun is all..." "your a monster ordo" i said "am i hoffman"? "look at this creature, look of what its made up of, people.". "people you have dedicated your whole life to destroying". "face it hoffman, you and i are one in the same".

(frustrated) "no! im not an evil tyrant like you"! (ordos famous quote) "im not just honest". at this point eric bessette toke the time to sneak up from behind ordos throne. "die, f***er! and with that, eric thrust his spear forward and impaled ordo in the heart! "bhuwaaaaaaaaaaaaa"! was the sound that erupted from ordos lungs. but then an unexpected sound came after......" he....ahahahahahahahahhahhahahaaaa, wooooohahahahahahahahaha! ahahahahahahahaa! fool! and in our horror we witnessed ordo impale the azs's leader in the gut....i looked from erics shocked face and saw everyone elses shocked face.....but one face stuck of both anger and determination....chiara janus abernathy.

after canderous pulled the pole from erics abdomon....chiaras skin ran a blue aura around and she turned super human, (putting me and cannon to shame). she looked over at the rest of us survivors and whispered to us, "you guys...take care of the monster" lightning stricks behind ordo, "ordo is mine". and with that she jumped forward like lighting and struck ordo square in the face.....while the rest of us looked at the monster and relised, this truely would end in a bloodbath, only question is.....whose blood will it be? (part 3 of the battle coming soon).

Hoffman story..jpg

above is a pic of eric bessette in his badass final moment.

chapter fourteen-canderous vs janus

(canderous goes flying threw a wall) "awwwwwwwwww, you forgetting yourself, abernathy"! "shut it ordo, im done being fathers

puppet"! "what that man did to us was wrong, and you know it ordo"! "awww, and here i thought we were going to have a nice bounding

experience, oh well such a pity". (canerous glows a blood red aura) (canderous rushes towards chiara and holds her throat, he slams

her face against the side of a building) "amazing, isnt it" ordo whisperd (chiara goes dizzy) "all of that power, and you using it

for them"! ordo shouted (chiara has blood rushing down her forehead) " doing what is right, you know this". chiara

whisperd to him "well im doing....(punches her in gut) what is fun....hahhahahahaaaaa" (chiara elbows ordo in the stomac) "guwa"!

(chiara escapes his grap and spin kicks his head, knocking off his helmet). "uhhhhhh....damn, you hit hard". (spits out

blood) "canderous, you dont have to day today, please stop this". chiara pleded with him "sorry but my path is already chosen, i

shall fullfill fathers wishes, with or without you" (canderous strikes chiara with a glowing red fist). "you would have made a

perfect weapon chiara, or as your new friends call you.....janus". (janus is bleeding heavily) "its ok brother.......i chose my

fate....(stabs a knife into canderous's chest and a screech of pain erupts from within his mouth) "im sorry ordo, but you left me

no choice..........but i know this wont kill ill give you another chance" (canderous looks confused, then a shot is

heard) (canderous's eyes go white, chiara looks over at who shot him......its hoffman). "hoffman, are you nuts"! "dont pull that

bull shit on me janus, you and i both know that canderous is too dangerous to keep alive" "he's not a threat to us anymore, please

stop this.....i can still control him"! "janus! are you forgetting what this man did, he killed eric, and he'll kill all of us, if

we dont end this now"! (sadly) "please" janus whisperd "janus, i'm doing what is best, please, if we dont kill him now, we wont get

a second chance, hes a monster". "hoffman, hes still a human being, hes not a monster, hes not a demon, hes not even a zombie! hes

my brother....and i say he still has a second chance". (hoffman cocks his robotic arm cannon) "janus, this will kill him and one shot, unless you want to be stuck in the blast i suggest you move". "im sorry hoffman, i cant allow you to do

that" "janus! listen to reason! what would eric do"! "he would do the right thing hoffman, he knew that by stabbing him, it wouldnt

kill him, but he was aiming to knock him out, so we could give ordo a chance" "he doesnt deserve a chance, hes an

animal"! "everyone deserves a chance"! (janus strikes hoffman down with a plasma blast) (canderous wakes back up and sees

janus) "sister.....wise choice......for my part. (canderous knocks her uncouncious and floats back into the air with her

body) "grrrrr stupid stupid stupid girl". "hehe, father will be so proud, ashferd can take care of you guys, ive got what i want.

come along sister, we've got a city to destroy" (canderous leaves with janus's unconcious body) "dammit i knew this would happen,

every time". (hoffman breaks the ground below) (a figure in a black trenchcoat appears behind hoffman and starts to speak) "wheres

he taking her". hoffman lefted his head up and said one last sentence. "shouldn't you be dead bessette"?

chapter fifteen-sanctum of hoffman

"my loveing racheal. its been several days since the battle with canderous ordo and william bill murry, im not going to lie, we had several casualities. for starters janus was captured by ordo, what he intends to do with her is beyond me. not a night goes by that i dont dream that i could have saved her.....and bessette. although eric was indeed alive at the end of the battle, he was bleeding out. now normally this would not have been a proplem, but apon futher investagation we, to our horror found out that the blade that was used to imaple eric was triangular, being a forensic i know that for a surgeon there is no way to stitch a trianular wound, the only way to seal it closed for good is to incinerate the surrounding flesh there for sealing the veins and arteries, but there was not one of those tools to be found. in his dying breath, bessette told us that if he had to die, he was glad to know that his dream wont die in vain and he whispered in my ear, you will escape, and you will find your father......jason.....

now normally one would not take much notice of this, but for some reason the mentioning of that name always brings a chill to my bones these days. perhaps it is the feeling of over bearing guilt i have for my son, jason hoffman. as many probetly know already, i was a good police officer, damn good i should say. but when it came to being a father and a husband, well....lets just say i hit rock bottom when that comes along, my wife relized this and to this day it astounds me to wonder why she stood besides me the whole way. wow, i have to say racheal, even in death you have one hell of a presence. racheal.....i dream about you every time, and im sorry i wasnt there for you and the kids when you needed me most. im sorry that i had to put you all into the grave, if there is one thing a husband should never have to live threw, its doing the burring of his own wife and children. oh how i miss everything about you, the way you always seemed to smile, even when the days where rainy and simply cumbersome with solice and despair.

i miss the way you used to always laugh in the face of danger no matter what the challenge. you were always stronger then me racheal, and you probetly still are. me, ha! i almost died twice, once by my owns hands. if you were in my position, i know for certain that you would have done better then me at this point. god it seems that no matter how hard i try, someone always dies because of a chioce i made, that little girls father,bessette, several civilians, those victems of the train station who forged to create that monster i fought, and even the man whom me and eric meet who was killed by victourious secret. its just like you told me racheal, i cant save everyone. you were right racheal, you were always right. quite ironic isnt it, the horror state in which this city finds it's self in. you were strong willed,determined,kind,and caring. me? i killed murderers for a living and loved extracting my revenge on them, and yet i lived, and you died. the morality of this city has shown me somthing, you take one treat away from the shirt of society and suddenly the bosom of truth is revealed to us for what it truely is. chaos is not an exclusive feature in this city.....but the entire world in general is just one giant game of chaos, and we are the pawns that provoke this.

im stumped ashley, i just don know what to do anymore, i feel as if im going to die, but i cant do that, not yet. for you see my love, i have some unfinished tasks i still need to do in the physical world that is planet earth i am sorry my love, but soon i will be in the afterlife by your side yet again, were all 5 of my senses will be able to embrace you yet again. .....i can still hear you here racheal, i know your calling for me darling.....and i feel i will be there soon......very...very....soon

                                                           -yours entirely and eternally
                                                                      walter hoffman."

(the bellamy building alarm sets off) "five azs members in bound and ready for landing" said the alarm "landing, what landing"? i asked. "the helicopter, didnt know" cannon told me. "no i didnt know you guys had a helicopter,......whos in it"? "only the best of the best in our secret service members of the azs" "who are they" "they are a special tactics and reconisance team that were the central mission men used by bessette before he died, if anything ever bad happened, they were told to report back immediatly" "wow, bessette must have really trusted the guy who runs that team, whats the guys name anyway"? "his calvin D.".

chapter sixteen-calvin's plan

(the helicopters whirling noise comes to an end) (as all the essential members of the anti zombie squad approach the aircraft, a man wearing a black rain coat walks out it. apon looking at this man, hoffman and cannon notice that he is sporting black leather gloves, blonde hair that is neatly combed back, a set of glasses with dark purple outlines, blue trousers, and sharp looking black dress shoes) (while taking off his gloves) "gentlemen....allow me to introduce myself, i am calvin Derkson, head reasearcher of the malton genetics group and consilierge to the late eric bessette. as of now i am now in charge of this fine (rolls hand and eyes) facility! you have here". "hello there mr derkson, my name is cannon, these here with me are special agent daneil stockton and to his right, is lieutenent forensic walter hoffman. (more to come)


july 29-most of ruddlebank is destroyed and only a few hundred people are left to defend it. i have lost contact with my brother, and detective redfield. i am currently in the cheeke building with USER:ERIC BESSETE. together, we will try to restore the buildings to its natural state. it should be noted that not all zombeis want to kill. seeing as a saw one killing another zombie who was eating a survivor. hmm strange what the memories of life can do.i plan on studying into this matter later on.

august 7-ruddlebank is destroyed, i have lost contact with eric bessete and have moved to the area to the south called old arkram. while i was there, the nt building was destroyed. i entered in the building killed the zombies inside and restored it to its original state. wow talk about impressive

october 06-i have joined (temporarily) the Anti-Zombie Squad and plan on helping the group out until the person they seek is destroyed or brought to justice

march 14- i have added chapter 11, the first episode of the second season.


1.forensic hoffman is a highest "soldier" unit in the anti zombie squad only being out ranked by eric bessette and janus abernathy.

2.despite being the 5th highest by rank, hoffman is the strongest member in terms of level.

3.forensic hoffman is the only person in the anti zombie squad who has appeared in 3 movies (saw 3-5)

4.forensic hoffmans offical height is 5'8

5.hoffmans birthday is october 24th.

6.hoffmans favorite colers are red and black

7.hoffman has killed over 100 criminals in his life time, he has not forgotten any of their names

8.hoffmans iq is 142

9.hoffmans favorite weapon is his grandfathers revolver

10.hoffman is the last member of his original police squad.

11.hoffman has a scar in the shape of an x on the back of his neck

12.hoffmans favorite toy as a child growing up was a be-be gun

13.hoffmans original country was ireland

14.hoffman is a social drinker and never smokes

15.hoffmans left eye is constently bloodshot (due to stress from zombies and pkers)

16.hoffman owns 14 guns,a fire axe,and a knife

17.hoffman is the most ruthless of the anti zombie squad members.

18.hoffmans mustache nevers changes

19.hoffman is the only member of the anti zombie squad to kill another human, without orders to do so.

20.hoffman's favorite band is breaking benjamin.

21.hoffmans blood coler is light red

22.hoffman weighs 186 pounds

23.hoffmans favorite drink is captain morgan

24.hoffman has 2 pet cats named hercules and goliath, both have killed zombies. (im proud of them (: )

25.hoffmans favorite song is diary of jane

26.hoffman is also featured in several anti zombie squad stories as a supporting character.

27.hoffman is one of the only people to survive the mall siege of pole mall in 2009 mall tour. every other member of the anti zombie squad was killed on this day, hoffman left for another mall near ruddlebank is is residing there.

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