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Here are the suggestions i have made for the game.


Below is the list of submissions i have made to the suggestions page which have made the 2/3rds keep majority, along witha few comments by me.

Syringe Notifications

Suggestion to let Brain Rot zombies know when they got a syringe in the head.

This suggestion was implimented on the 28th March 2006. Id like to think that it had something to do with me, but i may never know.

Emotional Atrophy and Ignore Pain

Suggestion to give brain rot zombies access to two new skills, one that increased their barricade bashing by 10%, and another which increased their accuracy by 20%.

With recent changes the odds of this getting implimented are slim to nil, and it was made in an age where zombies were serious underdogs, massively underpowered and outnumbered. As such i consider it pretty much obsolete. However, if Kevan nerfs zombies again, this may become viable again. It is marked by having the largest voter turnout i could find in the archives, with in excess of ninety votes, caused by pimping the suggestion to several major zombie hordes. This suggestion also marks the moment where zombies truely entered the suggestions arena, and managed to yank it into an area where both sides have a say rather than just the survivors (as was before).

Zombie In Game Communication

Suggestion to let zombies understand death rattle, so they could talk.

A Handy communication suggestion. Not sure what its odds are of getting implimented.

Free Running balance

Suggestion to disable free running when a player fell below 20hp.

A little survivor nerf i thought up to add some realism without breaking the game. Wounded humans would have trouble escaping a horde, and those who werent wounded would start to fear being wounded, instead of it being another trivial detail.

Close the Doors

Suggestion to make humans have to close the doors before they can barricade.

Due to the massive survivor advantage with barricades, and thier ability to close up any breach, even if there were hundreds of zombies streaming in the doors, i proposed that people would have to close the doors before they could construct a barricade, giving zombies a chance to squeeze in, and making barricades a bit more fair considering the idea.

Cellular Necrosis

Suggestion to give Brain Rot zombies a skill which made syringes explode when used on them, causing a small amount of damage.

A fun one. People had been saying zombies didnt need to be made more powerful, they needed to be made more fun. Well, this was my attempt at creating some fun for zombies and promoting brain rot which would have helped combat the then ubiquitous combat revive.

Construction tweak

Suggestion that makes barricade strafing very difficult to prevent the blatantly griefy tactic.

Another tweak to combat the use of barricades in an offensive manner, which was griefing zombie players out of the game, as they were constantly spending all their ap to open empty building after empty building, and the next day the whole suburb would be barricaded again. It was carefully measured not to harm regular barricade mechanics, while still stopping those who go solo to barricade five or six buildings in a line just to torment other players.

Rearrange Scent Skill Tree

Suggestion to restore the scent skill tree to its original order.

Implimented on the 16th of June, 2006. Was the result of a long protest with Kevan for creating the Scent Death skill and placing it at the base of the Scent Tree. The suggestion was posted to test the waters to see how widely my view was held. Apparently a lot of people shared my concerns, and after a long period of silence, this was implimented alongside Feeding Drag, and Scent Fear was slightly upgraded.

Fix stats page percentage

Suggestion to improve the stats page by removing the rounding bias in the zombie/human ratio.

Reasoning: The rounding bias throws off people perceptions of how badly the zombies are winning/losing, and the extra percentage point really does mean a lot, public perception wise, especially when the sides arent seperated by very much.

Screeching Wail

Suggestion to add a new zombie skill that lets them call out to other active zombies when decading a building.

Reasoning: Ferals are really stiffed by the game. They are both ineffective and pitifully underpowered as the game mechanics are directed more towards a swarming metagaming zombie menace. This would enable feral zombies to collaborate and cooperate to achieve goals that would normally be beyond their reach. Namely, seeing the inside of a building and making a dead person in the process without a horde to give them a leg up.