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Damien Alner, 4th Viscount Alner
President of The ExclaveViscount Alner

Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs

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The Guardians of the Populat

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Damien Alner
Damien Alner.jpg
Assumed Office November 12th 2010
Preceded By Jacen Brazeau
Succeeded By Incumbent
Born December 22nd, 1950 (age 59 Chronologically, aprox. age 35 biologically (aging has seemingly stopped)) Alner Mansion, Roachtown, Malton
Citizenship Malton, ERIS
Party Independent
Residence Thorne Arms (Presidential Residence; rarely used)

Alner Mansion (Personal Residence)

Occupation President of ERIS (The Exclave, formerly known as DARIS)
Business Tycoon
Viscount Alner
NecroTech Associate
Religion Atheist
Webiste The Exclave Forums
Signature EEA14F25C91AE2D11FD0896190F05C7D.png

Damien Alner is the second and current President of the Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs (also known as The Exclave, ERIS and, formerly, DARIS) and the 4th Viscount Alner. He was born on December 22nd, 1950 to Frederick Alner, 3rd Viscount Alner, and his wife, Diane Hegarty. In his intial life, he was a sickly person, but was also viewed as a genius. Becoming his father's heir as per a special legal agreement, Damien earned the scorn of his older brothers from a young age.

In the last years of his first life, he spent most of the family fortune on supporting a fledgling scientific company called NecroTech. He would be murdered by his older brothers in 1985, seemingly ending his life. His body, however, would be donated to NecroTech, resulting in unforseen consequences.

When the outbreak hit Malton, he would be returned to life in an undead state. On November 12th 2010, he would become the President of the Exclave after the former president had disappeared and he stepped forward with an offer to the interim leader, Savaer.


Early Life

The sixth and youngest son of Frederick Alner, 3rd Viscount Alner and his wife, Diane Hegarty, Damien became the center of attention in the family. He was known to be a highly intelligent child and was capable of manipulating just about anyone to do whatever he wished. Despite being spoiled and raised within the aristocracy, Damien did not develop the arrogant nature of his older brothers, regularly playing on the streets with people they would never dare to mingle with. Damien, however, was a sickly boy from a young age, being relatively weak and struck with illness regularly. Despite this, he performed exceptionally well with his studies and earned his father's favor. When he turned 13, his father received permission from the crown to make an exception to the rule of Primogeniture (just as the 1st Viscount Alner had done to pass his titles to Arthur Roachwood), declaring Damien his heir. Throughout his teenage years, Damien developed into a relatively attractive person, being swooned over despite his regular sickness. However, aside from a single one night stand with an unidentified person, Damien refused all advances made upon him and kept no close friends.

Rise to Viscount and involvement with NecroTech

When his father died in 1971, Damien became the 4th Viscount Alner and inherited all of his father's property and vast fortune. Initially working to enhance his wealth, Damien eventually began to shift his focus as his health continued to worsen. He donated to numerous medical research groups, to no avail. Eventually, however, he heard of a company called NecroTech. While it already operated elsewhere, he (as well as a few others) played a role in bringing them to Malton, donating vast swathes of money to them and giving them some of his property in Roachtown so that they could build facilities near his residence, becoming an official associate of the corporation. Whilst few knew it at the time, Damien had struck the jackpot with NecroTech, for they had the answers to his health and fear of mortality.


However, on a cold winter night, his brothers stormed the Mansion. However, when they came to confront Damien, they found him far stronger and more robust than before, taking them nearly half an hour of wrestling him with a knife before they finally managed to strike him, though not without him striking at least one of them (his brother James Alner) back. As he lay dying, Damien mocked his brothers, telling them that his death was meaningless for within a matter of 20 years, he would rise again as an immortal. Whilst his brothers scoffed at such claims, mocking him as he passed on, they nevertheless felt a strangely evil presence surrounding them, though they shurrged it off as guilt. After the murder, however, without a clear heir due to legal technicalities, the late Damien's assets, including his title, were held in trust by the government until an agreement could be worked out, with everything still legally belonging to him, a dead man. As such, due to his brothers' imprisonments, his home remained abandoned with no living owner.


As the years passed, Roachtown fell into disrepair without the Alner family's skills keeping the local economy alive. NecroTech became one of the most powerful corporations in the city, with seemingly disastrous results, for in 2005, a devastating catastrophe called the Malton Incident broke out. However, this would prove to be a good thing for Damien, for the appearance of the living dead also brought him life once more.

As Malton collapsed into chaos, Damien rose from the dead, a mindless zombie, and wandered the streets for years. Life had come to him again, but without much function. However, this was not to last.

Return of mind and rise to the Presidency

On the 10th of November 2010, Damien's mind suddenly snapped back to him, even in his undead state. He remembered everything, and realized that he needed to build himself up so that he would be able to survive. He quickly figure out that zombies could be revived, restored to their true state in living form. He intended to go and do this immediately, but first he decided to wander. Eventually, he stumbled upon Shearbank, where The Exclave had recently returned to render some hindrance upon their enemies in the region. He soon discovered the origins of the group and then discovered that it had lost its president. Realizing the potential advantages in the situation, Damien found the interim leader of the Exclave, Colonel Savaer. He struck a deal with him, pledging to share his knowledge about NecroTech in exchange for the Presidency and the cessation of attacks against NecroTech facilities.

President of ERIS

Sworn in on November 2nd 2010, still in an undead form and only 2 days after the return of his mental capacity, Damien became the second President of the Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs. His first act as President was to order the end of attacks on NecroTech facilities due to their inherent use in bringing about eternal life. Damien also changed the reasoning behind the government sanctioned killing of non-citizens of ERIS, citing that they were simply scum unworthy of their gift of eternal life, and that by killing them they could be tormented until they became worthy. It soon became clear that Damien intended to not only embrace the Outbreak's effects on the populace, but to actively encourage its perpetuation, hoping to someday spread it beyond the confines of Malton. The Exclave had been transformed in mere hours, and Damien at last began to enact a plan he had formulated in the last months before his first death.

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