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This group was made by the well know zerg group MALTON COLLEGE OF MEDICINE and zerg player Squirrelmeyer id=1599581 from the St George's Hospital in Greentown. It's funny he is trying to slander a group that doesnt even exist and still doesn't realize it our group is solely devoted to only and entirely using the public accounts from

  • We do not zerg. Each person involved is using only one account.

When we "arrived" at St. Georges Hospital, Squirrelmeyer is quoted as saying:

Squirrelmeyer said "This party is just about over folks, so stay tuned for what's next"

Immediately after multilpe zombies and PKers came in to kill all the survivors. Obviously in an effort to kill their own characters for some silly reason. The alts below were winessed all acting in unison from killing, to then rising, and rezzing.

Here are some of the names of the zerg player~ Rawarrrrr id=2218798 Deaditz id=2219223 Reveiller id=2219294 patient 17 id=2154796 ProxyPringle id=2219294 Ray Truman id=2219295 Zednick id=2220050 Bungus id=953818 Reviver50 Max Saigon id=2237839 Faye Moonfallow id=2195328 Brian F Gamble id=2218070 Lt Uribe id=2022043 Gong Li id=1091926 Cara Delevigne id=2243643 Jessica Rekos id=2098572 Horny Bastard id=94772 Demanche id=2193536

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