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UD Case File ID 1068720


Vikta Rosa






Military - Reconnaissance


Vikta Rosa was assigned to Malton on 30/11/2007 at 13:00 his squads was allocated the task of maintaining mobile communications however the squad failed to make communications and was believed lost.Approximately three months later, helicopter observations of East Becktown spotted Vikta maintaining the The Percival Building telecommunications array alone. Shortly after the mast became operational it was attacked and no further observations were sighted.
5 months later Vikta began broadcasting Zombie Survivor locations in Pimbank from the Brittan Building on the 26.77MHz frequency. During his occupation of the building he was spotted going back and forth between Tynte Mall for supplies and venturing in to the nearby suburb of Ridleybank in offensive manoeuvres. Whilst attempting to maintain the Mast Tynte mall fell on no less than four occasions to the horde. On the third fall of Tynte Mall Vikta relocated to Fort Creedy, and aided in attempts to recapture Tynte Mall. During this time strong evidence indicates Vikta fell to the hordes and developed a strong instinct for occupying the Brittan Building attacking Zombies and Humans alike and attempting to enter Tynte Mall as he had done when alive. Vikta was revived during one of his (successful?) attempts to enter the mall. He then attempted to re-assume his previous role however he began to display signs of emotional instability (possible indications of extreme stress at the (betrayal of his role) and when an exceptionally large horde devastated the area he was lost from observation.
Current information places Vikta going back and forth between Fryerbank and Miltown, alarming indications point towards instability, he appears to have developed an emotional attachment (possible friendship?) to a group of zombies in the area Jovially regarded as the 'Naughty Zombie Gods'. He currently seems to be fixated on working for survivors and this particular group of zombies synonymous with dissociative identity disorder.
Further observations required...
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