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GPS Modification

The GPS would be modified so that it can actualy tell you the route to your safe house like the firefox extension, still most people dont use firefox and this would be helpful as it will be incorporated ingame....

Also maybe it could store the location of 5-10 places you most use. Maybe useful if you move within a few suburbs or only in the around them.

At the moment it only show`s co-ordinates which arent that usefull unless you have the map from the Wiki.


Ok heres the Details:

Costs you a IP Address Point to save a loaction BUT doesnt require AP to use it...

If the list is full the last location is removed to make place for the new one

or stand on the new place you would like to add and keep the place you want removed selected on the GPS unit,

click the GPS button to replace it.(Refer to the image for better explanation)

To get Directions just select a saved location from the Drop Down list, Click the White Button and it`ll show you the directions. This does now cost AP Neither uses a IP Point


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