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You say "hahahahahahahaha. Oh the joys of wisdom."


Hey everyone its Limpus here. I hope you are enjoying this apocalypse as much as I am. It gives me a chance to act foolishly and do bad things without being flogged for my actions. Hope to kill... i mean see you around the city. If you need help just call me on 885-2032. I like meeting new peoples around town so just drop me a bell and we can meet up somewhere. :)


Meh, life.goes.on.

My Kills

28/03/10 Angela Mercy

30/03/10 slayer11111

14/04/10 Commander Zolo

14/04/10 Arexous

20/04/10 xcerazes0

26/04/10 Jennilyn Buchanan

26/04/10 Easton Beat

03/05/10 Jack Hammermill

17/05/10 Easton Beat

17/05/10 Jennilyn Buchanan

23/05/10 Easton Beat

25/05/10 Nick Sealy

25/05/10 Demon Goat

01/07/10 drizzt9889

11/07/10 80Keyz

11/07/10 Smith Frosty

22/07/10 Karl Berg

22/07/10 Bernard Sausage

26/07/10 ShockCam

01/08/10 Avellaneda

01/08/10 Alatreon

School Revenge

Today I decided I will revenge all those at school who are on here,

11/04/11 Michaleson :)

Limpus is Hitler.JPG
Joined: 2010-02-26
Character class: Millitary, Privat
Favorite equipment: my mustache
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Killing those n00bs
Character group: Nazi
Character stats: Unknown
Journal: No journal for Limpus