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RAF.pngRAF Private.jpg
Joined: 2005-11-04 03:41:02
Character Class: Private
Current Level: 12
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Marxsydc's Profile
Current status: Dead
Zombies Killed 13
Zombies Revived 0
Group: RAF


Who is Marxsydc?

The only survivor of his unit, a lonely and inward focused man, he hopes to find and restore his friends before it is to late.

Why is he in Malton?

He was brought in in a military attempt to end the outbreak by force. During the withdrawal, his unit was ambused by zombies, leaving him stranded when the quarintine was put in effect.

Interesting Events

Killed two Zombies in one session for the first time today. Left me sleeping in the streets though. Marxsydc 02:47, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT)

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