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Matt Polen

Nickname: Melted Plasteel Class: Civilian Firefighter Weapons: Multiple Pistols, Shotguns and a Fire axe(just in case) Gear: First-aid kits, Revivification Syringes, Radio, Flak jacket, Gas Mask Biography: During the initial outbreaks in Malton, Matt was a firefigher stationed at the Adler Crescent Fire Station in Penny Heights. When the first dead bodies started coming back to life to feed on the flesh of the living, Matt worked with the rest of his squad on search and rescue missions, and the usual fire duties. He had no family to speak of, so he was not tempted to leave the city to go on any foolish rescue missions for relatives. He did the best he could defending the city, but eventually all of his squad was killed and he decided it would be best to move on.

He moved west to Pennville, where rumors were that the ranks of the undead were thinner. He did his best he could there, working to restore ruined buildings, and even helping the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service hold their monitoring point at Durnsford Towers. Matt continued to fight the undead threat, mostly venturing out into the streets to rescue survivors and put down undead corpses. Eventually, he heard more rumors of a military base in the suburb to the south, Whittenside, that had just been retaken by survivors and needed more men to help defend it. He ventured south, and has been there for about 2 months. He helps with barricading duties and has even taken up a side profession as a medic, and has been known to revive a zombie or two in his time. Matt was an essential figure in the continuing battle to hold the Necrotech buildings, and would give his life to defend the fort. Inevitably, he got his chance.

After joining the Fort Perryn Defense Fort, Matt's duties increased. Eventually, however, due to zombie spies and sabotage the fort fell. Matt was soon among the ranks of the undead, though he was quickly revived by his comrades. When the retreat order was given, the Garrison scattered. Matt returned to his hometown of Penny Heights, and to his real home, the Adler Crescent Fire Station. He resupplied and helped protect the suburb, but the undead threat was at an all-time low. Matt guesses it's time to change out of his bloodsoaked clothes and start thinking about helping his fellow soldiers retake the fort.