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Mikhail Kalashnikov

Lieutenant General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov (Russian: Михаи́л Тимофе́евич Кала́шников, Mikhail Timofeevič Kalašnikov) (born November 10, 1919 in Russia's southern Altai region) is a Russian small arms designer, most famous for designing the AK-47 assault rifle. At the onset of the outbreak Mikhail traveled to Malton in an attempt to secure the AK a position as the 'poster-weapon' of Zombie Hunting throughout the city. He had learned that the Malton City Council, in a PR ploy, had scrapped all of the city's assault-rifles and ammunition during a massive, mandatory "Guns For Food Drive". This left the standard police issue shotguns and revolvers as the city's only firearms. This was an opportunity to polish the AK-47's tarnished image and make a mountain of rubles simultaneously. Mikhail attempted to call the factory in Izhevsk, but his cellphone was dead and he had no adapter to charge it in English sockets. He hailed a bus on it's way out of the city but the military blockades were already in place. The spry 90 year old set off on his own; if only he could get a hold of the Izhevsk Mechanical Factory and arrange a shipment, the AK would be an icon of terrorism no more.

By the end of his first month in Malton Mikhail's cellphone had been eaten by the RRF. Hope for the shipment's success was beginning to fade. To make it worse, delusional trenchcoat wearing survivors were running around with shotguns and pistols that had been painted or had junk taped to them claiming that they were AK-47's. Already in a foul mood, Mikhail had had enough, something snapped. He began to devote his time to hunting these Trenchcoaters and aiding the PKA when on a parallel path.

Current News/Info

I've found myself to the south. In Buttonville. The Randoms seem like a good enough crew. Sat Phone #887-3342

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