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Mordred's UD Profile

Mordred was once the office manager of the MalTel regional HQ, located in scenic Tollyton's Sidoli Building. Presently, he is on sabbatical spending some quality time as a Necrotechnician in Paynterton. MalTel has been providing Malton with the finest in cellular communication since 1981.

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Project Tesla Research Log

Trial 1 Notes

Day 1 - Monday, August 14th: Set up shop in [CENSORED]. There's a good cluster of unattractive buildings here, and no zombies or other survivors in sight. Two portable generators have been deployed and fully fueled, one in [CENSORED] at 11:10 PM, the other in [CENSORED] at 11:19 PM. I've sprayed warning messages, so hopefully no one will disturb the project.

Day 2 - Tuesday, August 15th: No change to generator statii as of 11:15 PM. Fuel indicators are still reading at acceptable levels, no damage to the barricades or generators has been observed. No survivors have yet been seen in the vicinity of the project sites.

Day 3 - Wednesday, August 16th: No change to generator statii as of 11:10 PM. Same report as yesterday.

Day 4 - Thursday, August 17th: No change to generator statii as of 11:20 PM. Random survivor sleeping in one of the project sites, but he seems to be just passing through.

Day 5 - Friday, August 18th: Both generators reading 'low on fuel' as of 11:10 PM. Two survivors noted in the immediate area of the project sites, but both seem to be on the move.

Day 6 - Saturday, August 19th: Both generators reading very low on fuel as of 11:00 PM. A minor zombie incursion earlier today was thwarted with the help of a friendly survivor; the project sites remain secure and there were no casualties.

Day 7 - Sunday, August 20th: One of the two test generators was destroyed at some point during the night, but the remaining generator completed its cycle and ran out of fuel sometime between 11:30 AM and 8:15 PM.

Trial 1 Conclusions

Though there remains some question as to how many total hours a generator can run on a single fuel can, the results indicate that the answer lies somewhere in the ballpark of five and a half days. Subsequent trials of greater scale will hopefully provide greater clarity.

Trial 2 Notes

Day 1 - Sunday, August 20th: Set up generators and sprayed warning messages in [CENSORED], [CENSORED], and [CENSORED] at 8:33 PM. Though there's been more zombie activity than I'd hoped for lately, I'm confident that at least one of the test generators will survive for six days. Since I already have a rough estimate of how long a fuel can lasts, I won't need to pay much attention to generator statii during my daily rotation - I'm more worried about the barricades.

Day 7 - Sunday, August 27th: The trial has ended in failure. I did not observe the time at which the generators ran out of fuel, and as such the experiment must be repeated (once I find a few more fuel cans, that is).

Trial 2 Conclusions

There were no useful results generated by this trial, and as such, little to conclude.

Trial 3 Notes

Day 1 - Thursday, November 23rd: Set up generators and sprayed warning messages in [CENSORED] and [CENSORED] at 7:05 PM. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Day 7 - Thursday, November 30th: Checked generators at 6:45 PM. Both were out of fuel. Refueled both at 6:46 PM.

Day 13 - Wednesday, December 6th: Checked generators at approximately 5:30 PM. Both were running low. Checked again at 10:09 PM, both were empty. Refueled one at 10:10 PM, will refuel other tomorrow morning.

Day 14 - Thursday, December 7th: Refueled the other generator at 5:35 PM.

Day 35 - Thursday, December 28th: Run out of refill fuel cans. Missed all intervening generator fuel-out times.

Trial 3 Conclusions

Missed the damn fuel-out time again. This experiment will be the end of me, or at least of what little hair I've got left. My stock of spare generators and fuel cans has run a bit short (as has my first-aid kit stash), so I've taken a resupply trip to [CENSORED]. I'll be heading back to [CENSORED] soon to resume trials. At least I've got some company now: there are several other survivors occupying [CENSORED], and I suspect that I just might remain sane through the course of this miserable ordeal with their assistance.

Trial 4 Notes

Day 1 - Tuesday, January 2nd: Fueled only generator at 1:00 PM in [CENSORED]. Here's hoping that this is the last trial I have to do.

Day 7 - Tuesday, January 9th: Missed fuel-out time again. Refueled at 4:30 PM.

Day 13 - Monday, January 15th: Missed fuel-out time again. I'm beginning to suspect that generators may only last six days after all.

Day 20 - Monday, January 22nd: Missed fuel-out time again. Refueled at 9:48 PM. This time, I'm going to assume that the generator only lasts five days, and will be checking in at four-hour intervals after the five-day mark is passed.

Day 28 - Tuesday, January 30th: Missed fuel-out time again. Refueled at 5:40 PM. Will check back at 12:40 PM on the 4th, 5:40 PM on the 4th, 10:40 PM on the 4th, and 7:10 AM on the 5th. Must make a note!

Day 33 - Sunday, February 4th: Still running with only a little fuel left as of 3:09 PM. As of 6:15 PM, the generator has run out of fuel.

Trial 4 Conclusions

Finally, a measure of generator life within a reasonable span of error... Fuel cans last from 117:29 to 120:35 (hours:minutes). I suspect that the real answer is 120:00 on the dot, which translates to five days exactly. Just one more trial... Oh, only one more trial. And then it will all be over. All I have to do is make a quick hop over to [CENSORED] for a fuel can or two.

Trial 5 Notes

Day 1 - Sunday, February 4th: Refueled generator at 8:35 PM. I expect it will run out on Friday the 9th at 8:35 PM. I'll eat my hat if it doesn't.

Day 5 - Friday, February 9th: Generator was destroyed today. I hate people... New generator fueled up at 5:35 PM. Forecast is that it'll run until Wednesday the 14th. Damn that freakshow...

Day 10 - Wednesday, February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day! Generator ran out of fuel between 5:20 and 5:40 PM, which is good enough for me.

Trial 5 Conclusions

Generators last for 120 hours - this is now a confirmed fact. I will return to my previous roaming technician duties immediately, as soon as I say goodbye to my friend at [CENSORED].

Infection: Eyewitness Account #431

A scarred and water-damaged Mead composition notebook was found lying in a patch of tall grass outside the quarantine perimeter by Pvt. Mason Holmes, who reported it to his commanding officer, Lt. George Bradley. A team of lab technicians led by Lt. Dr. Seamus Hannity determined that the notebook was free of viral contamination, and had it sent to the archivists at the "Malton Commission" headquarters.

According to the notebook's first page, it had been looted from Marven Mall by one Mordred Geralis, a technician for the Malton Telephone Company. Some pages are missing or unintelligible, but the notebook still contains information that could be valuable to the Commission's study. It is filed in the Commission archives as "Infection: Eyewitness Account #431"

Entry dated October 14th

I took a psychology class at Earletown Community College once... One of the things I remember the professor telling me is that survivors of traumatic events often turn to writing to relieve their anxieties. I guess I'm just another textbook case, then, though I don't think any psychoanalyst ever imagined that any human would experience anything like this.

It's still difficult for me to understand what happened at Ackland Mall on July... Was it the 3rd? Sometime in the first week of July. If I still had my dispatch log, I'd be able to find out for sure, but I think it's still at Ackland, and I'm not about to go back to get it.

I had been sent out with a couple other techs to go work out a couple of the kinks in the new phone mast that'd been installed a few months ago on the mall roof. We had one of the MalTel company vans, filled with all kinds of crap, since nobody knew just what was wrong with the mast this time. Damn thing couldn't go a week without breaking down and making the customer support assholes come bitch at us. I didn't really see the crowd inside the mall, since the mall security guys let us in through the service corridors. I caught a glimpse of a security monitor as I followed the Rent-A-Cop to the roof access door, and it looked like there was a huge stampede of some kind. At the time, I dismissed it as a new Beanie Baby release or some dumb crap like that.

When we got to the roof... God, I remember how the world sort of opened up, and then the bottom dropped out. There were thousands of people in the street, running, all of them towards the mall. I dropped my tool kit, and it bounced off the roof. There were a few people at the back of the crowd that were kind of bloody, and were limping with a weird sort of stagger. There were clusters of them around the people that had fallen down... God.

The Rent-A-Cop closed the roof door and wedged a crowbar against it, so we lay low on the edge of the roof and watched. The mobs broke into the mall, absolutely pouring in, and the bloody people followed them. The bodies in the street, [the writing becomes shaky here] they were half-eaten, but they stood up and started walking towards the mall too.

About twenty minutes later, a whole load of soldiers showed up and surrounded the mall main doors. A whole bunch of guys in riot gear, a whole company I'd guess, rushed the doors and started firing wildly. I ducked behind the roof wall and sort of cowered for a while.

When I got back up, the other guys were gone and the roof door was closed, but the crowbar was gone. I looked over the roof wall again, and I saw a huge field of corpses. Some of them were moving. I puked over the edge, got myself together, and left the roof. The security hallways were smeared with blood here and there, but there were no bodies. The security monitor I saw earlier now showed nothing but an empty plaza.

I left the mall via the same service corridor I used to get in, and just sort of staggered away. There wasn't a single living thing for as far as I could see. Just some trash blowing in the breeze.

The second entry, entirely legible, details Mr. Geralis' progress after leaving the roof of Ackland Mall after its fall to the zombie horde.

Entry dated October 20th

I wound up in North Blythville after a while, no more than a day or two, and if I thought Ackland was bad... Well, this was worse. Whoever was in charge here had done a great job of sweeping up big piles of those things, but what they hadn't really figured out yet was how to destroy them. In the meantime, people had just started filling mass graves and trenches, or even abandoned lots and carparks, with corpses and lighting them on fire.

It was like walking into Hell. There's a patch of dirt between Langman and Herbert PD; I drove by it on my way to Gatford a few times. Back then, I remember it was just an overgrown, half-paved wasteland. But, they'd been busy. There were soldiers camped out by Herbert, and it looked like they'd spent the company mess fund on a few extra rolls of razor wire for their perimeter. It looked like a smart choice, I've got to say, since right next door there was a huge gash in the earth filled with writhing corpses. I can't say how big it was, but it was big enough. I'd say there had to be at least a thousand bodies in the pit - as for how deep, well, the closest thing to a standing zed I saw was an upraised arm, clawing limply at the sky.

But that wasn't the worst of it. There were four other pits just like that scattered around the field, and three of them were on fire - I could have sworn they were screaming, but really it was just that damn moan they make, multiplied by ten thousand. The other pit was gushing black, greasy smoke, and a bunch of Army grunts were shoveling lime into it. A couple of other soldiers were standing around the pit, watching for movement with M-whatevers shouldered. Some firemen in full blaze gear stood around talking in whispers, some of them leaning against the sooty fire engine parked near the smoldering pit.

I couldn't get any closer to the other survivors there. I just turned around and left. Some things don't warrant further discussion.

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