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Note: since my server was cracked and had everything reinstalled, this script among many other things is lost. Links to will more than likely be dead. This page is purely for historical interest, if there can be such a thing. lɐʇɹoW-t-script 19:16, 19 September 2009 (BST)

I've developed a Greasemonkey script for Urban Dead. Development started in the middle of December, 2007.

You'll need the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox 2.

Some people have problems running the script without Firebug installed.

When all is set, you can get the latest version of the script at:

Thanks to: Nibor (for helpful testing <3), amb (sup), and Kyle the Feared (pointers from a veteran UD developer, thanks)

Suggestions by: Nibor, and Karek


The features in the script are implemented as I see fit. However, if you have any suggestions, email me. If you include your username, I'll tell the world about your great idea in the script as well.

Built-in GPS

Actually, the GPS-part of the script is two things. First of all, it figures out where you are (x,y) and puts your current location in the top-left part of the screen, along with some links to the wiki-page for the suburb, cade plans, and such.

With this information and the internal map of Malton, it figures out where you can find the closest buildings of certain types (firestation, police department, hospitals, malls, etc.) and outputs the relative coordinates on the bottom of the page (after the inventory).

Inventory sorting

The script categorises all your items into 8 categories. If you have more than one item, this will be indicated in front of the item (e.g. "2x  [ Wine ]").

Healing devices

Internally "heal"

  • First Aid Kit
  • Beer
  • Wine


Internally "nt"

  • DNA Extractor
  • NecroTech Revivification Syringe

Useful items

Internally "item"

  • GPS Unit
  • Flare Gun
  • Fuel Can
  • Mobile Phone
  • Spray Can
  • Portable Generator
  • Radio
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Binoculars
  • Stale Candy
  • Toolbox


Internally "arms"

  • Pistol
  • Shotgun


Internally "ammo"

  • Pistol Clip
  • Shotgun Shell

Melee weapons

Internally "melee"

  • Crowbar
  • Baseball Bat
  • Kitchen Knife
  • fire hax
  • Length of Pipe
  • Pool Cue
  • Cricket Bat
  • Fencing Foil
  • Ski Pole
  • Tennis Racket
  • Hockey Stick
  • Golf Club


Internally "decor"

  • Christmas item
  • plastic Christmas tree
  • red Christmas lights
  • white Christmas lights
  • dead fir tree
  • Museum Piece
  • European Painting


Internally "spam"

  • Book
  • Crucifix
  • Newspaper
  • Pair of Wirecutters
  • Poetry Book

Event history ("Since last turn")

If there hasn't happened much since your last turn (if fewer than 5 events are listed), the list will be populated with events from previous turns. All events will have attached their location (except for radio transmissions, of course) in a relative format. Flare shots will also show the absolute position and the appropriate block name and type.

Weapon sorting

The script will calculate the damage/ap - that is, the damage dealt * chance to hit. The weapons with higher values go higher in the list of weapons in the attack-dropdown.

Changing the infobox (bottom left)

The info about your username, HP, AP, XP, etc. will be translated into tabular format. The script will also calculate when you will have 20 AP, 35 AP, and 50 AP, if appropriate. For instance, at the time of writing, my table looks like this:

key   value
User eggtimer
Loc Shackleville
HP 50
XP 74
AP 16/50
50 AP tomorrow 18:41 pm
35 AP this morning 11:11 am
20 AP tonight 03:41 am

Downloads - one screenshot + all versions with a short changelog available.

At the time of writing, the script is in version 0.10. The latest version will always be available from [1].

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