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This user or group is allied with the Order of the Black Rose and benefits from an overflowing amount of awesome.

Rowan Meelee

I have a journal, now. Please ignore the first entry. It was from a user before me. I found this in a library, of all places. Someone must've hidden in there, and died there, too, their journal being dropped and hidden under numerous other books. When I found the journal, I decided I'd use it to record what I've been doing, and what's been going on in my life, just in case I get killed. If you ever find this, and see a girl with blond hair, hopefully a baby in her arms, or a pregnant belly, but otherwise thin, ask her name, see if the journal belongs to her. She if she is Rowan Meelee, please?

The Journal

January 9th, 2009

I managed to be revived at the cemetery, once again. I-I mean, a zombie resting against a grave is bound to be revived. I took a brief stroll into a building, and rested a bit. Next thing I know, somebody comes up and kills me. Then, to make things worse, he dumps me outside. I know because I managed to wake up.

Nw v bn trnd nt zmb. dnt knw wht t d. Gss my nly chc s t g bck t th cmtry nd b rvvd gn. Gd dmn t.

Jnry 8 2009

m s cnfsd. Bn trnd nt zmb nd dnt knw wht t d. Fck! Th Bby! hp th bby s ky.

I feel so sick. I have hardly been able to move. I went to a revive point for OBR, and I managed to stand up, but I couldn't handle it, and I fell back against a gravestone. Now I'm writing, but there's obviously a zombie on the way, and I fear I'll be dead again very soon.

January 7th, 2009

I found this journal, it seems the last person who wrote in it was cut off by something. I hope her and her friend are okay, though it looks dim.

There are zombies everywhere. I stepped outside and saw a few zombies swaying all around me. I nearly hurried back inside, if hadn't been asked by the Order of the Black Rose to scout out some buildings in Mornington, which is only about five blocks away. I took a glance at a hotel, and it felt like a ghost town. I was so nervous. I checked how the building was holding up, then I immediately tore out and rushed back to the library, nearly crying. Otherwise, I've been reading. It's all a frightening situation. I wonder if there are any Malton Hospitals still running, maybe an abortion clinic. I'm afraid of raising a child when vicious creatures and humans are all around. I discovered a PKer, who was standing next to me next door, but the building was broken into, and I got infected. After rushing to the library, I asked the friendly man there if he'd help me. He was such a good soul, he did. I never got his name, though I hope to, someday. I feel safe here, I just wish that somebody was with me in such a lonely place.


my mom had me take this journal from home so I can record what happened. she has these fabulous dreams of this journal being found and helping the future military. she thinks this whole zombie thing is going to stop, and that we'll all be saved, yada yada yada. I don't think so, though. I mean, by the sounds I hear outside, the barricades won't hold up, and we'll all be dead by the morning. so will the entire city. if anything, they're just gonna gas us all, and we'll all be dead.

oh shit. that was so scary. a hand, like, a freaky dead hand tried to grab me when it broke part of the barricade. I'm so freaked out. we're all gonna die. I mean, they're gonna eat us. that man is standing really close to the door with a gun. I think we're all dead meat, but I still don't want to die. I'm here with my mother and my best friend Abbie. Abbie and I have been reading a lot, but I'm sick of reading. it's time to write now, and

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