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Patau Edwards

Patau Edwards Created July 8th, 2012

My first character in Urban Dead, Patau Edwards is a Paladin of the Knights Templar in Kempsterbank. This character prizes loyalty, order, decency, and restraint above all else.


Écorché Created July 13th, 2012 (Twenty minutes the elder of Charybdi.)

To help me rapidly understand how zombies functioned, this character was created and then remained inactive for several years before being recently reactivated. This brainrotter chiefly roams the southern suburbs of the NE Division, systematically reducing barricaded Junkyards to VSB.


Charybdi Created July 13th, 2012 (A mere twenty minutes after Écorché.)

Charybdi is a role-playing character who is also Dual Nature. He cannot speak whether human or zombie, Free Run, and he wears a hockey mask, which prevents him from biting others. He roams about the NE Division, eking out what existence he can.

Flesh Feeder [INACTIVE]

Flesh Feeder Created July 17th, 2012

Like Écorché, Flesh Feeder was created to help me rapidly understand how zombies functioned and then remained inactive for several years. I later used this character to update the danger statuses of buildings in the NW Division.



PyroSadist Created July 19th, 2012

PyroSadist is a Fire Cultist who follows the teachings of Phlogistera. He looks for Fryers mostly in the SE Division, while propagating the tenets of his religion. He also attempts to maintain the infrastructure of Fryerbank whenever possible.

MobilePhone Mastodon

MobilePhone Mastodon Created October 20th, 2015

A blue-collar working stiff who decided to support the infrastructure of cell phone coverage in Malton and put his job skills to work. Finding Malton Telephone abandoned, he signed his name in the register and went to work in the NW-3 District repairing, refueling, and monitoring Mobile-Phone Masts.

MobilePhone Mastiff

MobilePhone Mastiff Created October 26th, 2015

An older gentleman with few friends, this old-world individual has committed himself to lending a hand and loosely refers to himself as a member of Malton Telephone. This gentleman sticks to the SW-1 District, where he has had the unfortunate occasion to be zombified again and again.

The Assyrian

The Assyrian Created November 18th, 2015

Originally conceived of as a death cultist, this character is rapidly gaining skills and possibly lining up to become a Bounty Hunter (as less coordination is needed to be a BHer). Given his name and the recent broadcasts heard over 27.55 MHz, he is considering potentially joining the Free Syrian Army to oppose ISYS (Islamic State of Yagoton & Shearbank) in the NW Division.

Dan German

Dan German Created February 17th, 2016

This suave fellow was created to serve among the illustrious (if small) legions of the Malton Danger Updaters. He is slotted to maneuver into the space between space (i.e. wherever my other Alts are not) and use up the remainder of my IP allowance updating the danger statuses of buildings in Malton. If you see him, please do not "to kill, revive, PK, or otherwise interfere with the work of" this soon-to-be-MDU agent.

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