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Obsidian Cain is a former fireman who fights fiercely for the sake of survivors as a member of the Heroes of Talinton.



Day Zero

Hearing the groans out in the street, Obsidian Cain grabbed his axe and headed out to confront the hideous menace that had come to his fair city.


20 October 2007

Making little headway on his own, Obsidian decided to reunite with his old comrades, the Heroes of Talinton.

23 October 2007

Died in St Alexander's Hospital in Lockettside, a casualty of the Second Big Bash.

Revived shortly thereafter, Obsidian hoped he might help turn the tables on the suburb's attackers.

25 October 2007

Feeling as if he were only chipping at the edges of the problem, Obsidian looked for any signs of leadership in the struggle of the Survivors vs The Second Big Bash.

29 October 2007

After a brief spell amongst the undead, Obsidian Cain returned to Tompson Mall to join his fellow Heroes of Talinton in assisting in the mall's defense.

30 October 2007

Obsidian Cain died whilst defending Tompson Mall. His final thoughts centered on his determination to get back at The Second Big Bash.

31 October 2007

Rising (yet again) to his feet as a zombie, Obsidian Cain felt the echo of his dying thoughts pervade his clouded mind. It was something about getting back at the Big Bash. Or was that back to the Big Bash...?

November 2007

After dimly recognising a fellow Hero of Talinton, Obsidian ceased his mindless rampage and allowed himself to be revived. He then headed to the nearest Mall to collect what he could to aid him in the upcoming battle, for the Zombie horde had, according to rumour, started to head back towards the malls it had so recently devastated.


Obsidian became dimly aware of being buried under a pile of bodies. He had forgotten how long ago or how it had happened but he was once again a member of the walking dead.

May 2008

Obsidian lurched to a revive point only to be attacked by Sipho and killed by ElX. How senseless!


Obsidian Cain's profile can be found here...

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