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Sibre came back from a hellish tour in the middle east to find his hometown ripped apart by the infection. After finding his entire family was gone he decided to bring the war back upon these monsters


--- Inside The Penning Building. Big mobs outside. But meaner people inside. Doors will definitely be broken down soon. Then they will be exactly where we want them.

--- Zombies assaulted Ashenden Way Police Dept again. One managed to drag me out into the street. After emptying my shotgun and pistols into the mob I ran for cover in St. Andrew's Hospital. Praying for peace and quiet while I nurse my wounds.

--- Zombies broke in to Ashenden Way Police Dept where I was resting. One managed to take a bite out of me before I could hit him with my axe and bail. Luckily for me I had a FAK on hand to cure the infection. I'm hidden in a building now trying to regain my energy so I can take the fight back to them.

--- Got back into the Ashenden Way Police Dept. Was calm for awhile until a zombie broke in again. Finally got to test out my newly acquired shotgun. I felt a sting of sorrow for the beast. He was my first undead kill. It almost pained me enough to not be able to throw the body out of the building. Almost.

--- Loaded up on FAKs. Managed to fall out of a building right into the feet of five zombies standing out front of Sixtus General Hospital. Ran inside to find three more and a half dozen dead bodies. A bit of fancy free running and I was safe.

--- Raided a Police Station. Cursed those pigs for not maintaining these guns enough. Poor weapons maintenance probably explains these dead blues at my feet. But they wished they spent the extra time now

Current Projects

Exploring Malton and getting my zombie killing skills together.