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I was part of the U.S. military before the outbreak of the Zacks. I was sent in Malton after the U.S. government heard...suspicious activity in Malton, two months prior to the first serious outbreak. (My unit's identity and rank are unimportant, as most likely the government has in a 98% chance, denied my existence). I was sent in on a recon mission, I was told nothing about the situation, only "snoop in suspicious activity". I was under the false identity of just "Jack", my safehouse/headquarters was the St. Ansgar's Hospital's aslym, where I could freely leave and enter as long I was under...mininmal detection. Unfortunatly, I couldn't find any solid evidence of anything "suspicious", only until it was too late. Also a misfortune, I was abandonded in my concrete cell as everyone fled for there lives. I had to live roughly on two years on rat blood and meat in these random rat holes in my cell, hmmm...I wonder how those holes got there in solid concrete...but, anyways, I would bait the holes with previous rat meat, or on rare occasions, pieces of my flesh. Roughly two years of this amazing lifestyle, Zack had heard me or found some way of obtaining my location, so they came in, whalloped me, bit me, and turned me into the dead. I don't know how or even why, but I found myself back to my good 'ol breathing, living self at Gee Avenue in South Blythville, where I met a very nice fellow who "revived" me and said he was a part of the Blythille Gang, nice people, those sorts. I was able to obtain bits and pieces of what has happened during my two year abscense, so I pretty much set up camp in the North Blythville hospitals,now I'm scouting, killing off the odd zombie, and reporting off my findings. Oh, and the two years of inactivity have taken rather a bad toll on me, so I've been retraining (zombies are always good target practice).

Just some journal I write in from time to time.

*Feb. 29, 2008. Currently I'm goining to spend a couple days restocking in a local police department, and won't be saying any daily news on North Blythville until those couple days pass.

*March 4, 2008. Not welcome in saying the NB news, maybe I was too unskilled?

*March 6, 2008. Joy, I'm holed up in South Blythville's Marven Mall and...well...I had the misfortune of getting PK'ed, so I'm camping out at a revive point.

*March 24, 2008. Graahhg...

*April 9, 2008. Hanging out at TZH HQ (very great people), did a NecroTech zombie search thingie, very low zombie count, ten and under groups, about 20-35 zombies total.

*May 1, 2008. Very quiet in NB, only about 30 hostile zombies.

*July 7, 2008. Found an Xbox 360 under a bunch of wreckage inside Julie Hospital, got it hooked

*Zombies broke the generator! Well, now I can bust some head now...

*July 26, 2008. "Hrn rh hra rrng hra rrrh, rh rrrh rn hra NA rrarrh an rh rrh hrh rnrh, rh rgrrrh rrh ha zrmbrrh rn grh hra."

*July 27, 2008.(Translation from yesterday) When I was closing a door, I tripped on a DNA extractor and fell out the window, I figured out that zombies don't go splat.

Onley Militia member.

Current locations I usually patrol are Neot General Hospital, Dear Street Police Department, or Herbert Road Police Department in North Blythville (expect to see me in the police stations).

I also have some quotes that hold some rather interesting merit.
"Don't placate yourself, your mistakes are
your own, remove this, and you can truly
become stronger". -SVD

"Trust and be betrayed" -Shishio Makato

"The MGL is multiple-shot weapon, intended to significantly increase a small squad's firepower when compared to traditional single-shot grenade launchers like the M203. The MGL is designed to be simple, rugged and reliable. It uses the well-proven revolver principle to achieve a high rate of accurate fire which can be rapidly brought to bear on a target. A variety of rounds such as HE, HEAT, anti-riot baton, irritant or pyrotechnic can be loaded and fired at a rate of one per second; the cylinder can be loaded or unloaded rapidly to maintain a high rate of fire. Although intended primarily for offensive/defensive use with high-explosive rounds, with appropriate ammunition the launcher is suitable for anti-riot and other security operations."-Wikipedia
You know that a Multiple Grenade Launcher would be your best friend. Think about it!
Pk'er? Blow him out the window!
Infested NecroTech building? Pop in some incendiaries and barricade that poor excuse of a pinata!
RRF? Thing of the past!

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Olney t2.png O.M Member
SlegthVonDraco is a Member of the Olney Militia