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Yet another page to update! I could do this full time!

Sometime last week

I decided to start - in JEST - a theme as I "pilot fish" the Militant Order of Barhah around Malton, that I'm chastising them for the similarities between faith in Barhah and Scientology.

# Recon Squid said "Calimari Calumny continues..." (yesterday)
# Recon Squid said "Let us consider a moment, this Barhah of which you speak" (yesterday)
# Recon Squid said "I think perhaps it should be called Barhatology." (yesterday)
# Recon Squid said "It's tiered - clearly those with 10k xp are on a different plane than their lowly brethren" (yesterday)
# Recon Squid said "It reveres individuals over the collective..." (yesterday)
# Recon Squid said "And it presses into service the weak minded ferals who never quite make the inner sanctum" (yesterday)
# Recon Squid said "You, my good sir BrainsEastThePain, are the new Tom Cruise. You Myodorus, John Travolta." (yesterday)
# Recon Squid said "See the light of HAHRAB! For only 899.99, you too can buy our materials on our website. Search google for Two Girls, one Cup for more information." (yesterday)
# Recon Squid killed a zombie. (yesterday)

- thanks Rev!!!

September 3, 2008

The anti-Barhatology campaign continues...

# Recon Squid said "Ah, the true leader of Barhahtology. The L. Ron Hubbard of the rotted mind - the author of the tiered lies that favor the priviledge and exploit the meek."
# Recon Squid said "Flutter to the street, foul prophet! Spread no more your false redemption!"
# Recon Squid said "I shall now repair to the mall to await your rebuttal. "

September 5, 2008

Preaching in zombie form. Kudos to MoB for craking Pole Mall. If only I'd been on the East Coast as usual today! I'd have been there live! Instead, I woke up as stale calimari rings rotting next to the dumpsters out behind the food court. Alas Squidalon!

All there was to do was rise and attack as a zombie. Nice to see you Jay Gnaw - you were my first "head butt" kill! You'll also have to forgive my terrible zombish here..

# Recon Squid said "Nahz ahn MAHB! Nahz!"
# Recon Squid said "Nah mah barhahahahgah!! Rahz! Rahz!"

Does that second line sound anything like, "No more Barhahtology! Lies! Lies!"? Well now you know in any case. See you once some kind soul sticks me...

September 6, 2008

Got revived by some nice fellow named Hugo something. Thanks bud! Headed over to the mall, and did more shooting than talking, as they MoB has got the place under siege, and I feel like I need to shift into helpful survivor mode and less comedian mode. I did say:

# Recon Squid said "Adios Idolators! Enjoy riding on your fancy MoB yacht and living in your Barhatology castle!!"

Hee hee! Oh, and my apologies to bisfan and Candy Rotten!

September 16, 2008

I'd have to say that this has not been a good week for the Galamar! - The MoB ate me - curses to you Candy Rotten! - and there's few ports left in the storm that is West Grayside. I took the advice of an IRC sage and equipped a fire axe rather than go try to load up at the ever-frustrating police departments, or making the hike all the way southward to Buttonville. I have to say, axes are teh suck. Stats schmats, it's just not as satisfying as unloading a hail of buckshot into the Must Offer Bullets crowd.

So, absent the ability to actually kill anyone, I shifted into boring lecture mode. Here you go!

# You say "I am really just not a fan of the fire axe. I'd rather have to spend a day or two reloading than fail to kill Jorm when I'm trying."
# You say "So Jorm, I read in your book, Battlefield Malton some interesting things."
# You say "I discovered that a human being is not his body and demonstrated that through Barhahtology an individual can attain certainty of his identity apart from that of the body.
# You say "I dispute this assertion as pop science and demonically misleading to the simpletons of Malton."
# You say "Deny Barhatology! Embrace Hahrab! And.. be nice to puppies! And eat less saturated fat!"
# You say "Given your diet of the fat, lazy citizens of Malton, do zombies have cholesterol problems? "
# You say "Something to ponder..."

September 23, 2008

#You Say "Teefee and Kazeri, you're oh so very... dead and that is why... The squid he does hunt you, shoot you and punt you, and dance the jig when you die!"
#You say "Now sir Calimar will ink away, and live to kill another day!"
#You say,“Bye bye to my favorite horde, killing you, I’m never bored!”

May 1, 2013

Wow! first update in FIVE years! So I started following the MOB again, and look what happened today! I made it to 10K points! The first Squid to do that EVAH!!

Here's how it went down:

#You say "Hi NeonGod! I hope all's well with you! I'm at 9970 xp. Imma gonna find one of you to get me to 10K today!"
#You say "YAY! 10,000! I figured it should be you, even if you ARE on the street."
#You fire your pistol at NeonGod for 5 damage. Their rotten flesh absorbs 1 point of that damage. They take a Headshot and die.

Recon 10k.JPG

Woo hoo! So much fun, the MOB.

Until next time!  :)