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The Undeadinator is a WikiTroll and bastard. He lives for no other reason than to ruin your fun and lay scorn at the feet of your brilliant suggestions. It has been presupposed on numerous occasions that in real life, The Undeadinator is in fact a little punk-ass bitch fairy. It has also been stated that he has gratuitous sex with other men, takes it from behind like a manqueer, and will suck cock for nickles. The Undeadinator has refuted these claims as "entirely baseless" and "excellent advertising". That is how The Undeadinator rolls.

The Undeadinator is currently spending his days contributing approximately jack-shit to the Suggestions page, which is also where he has set up his WikiTroll toll bridge. Accounts differ as to the precise cause of his decision to roost in this area, as well as to the tomfoolery he commits upon it. Some propound extreme homosexuality. Others argue mental retardation. Regardless of his reasons, the fact remains that he stands as a monument to all that is sick and wrong with the Suggestions page, specifically Spam votes and the now-common practice of invoking mythological creatures from Greek culture. For this, The Undeadinator shall no doubt burn in eternal hell. The Undeadinator is not a centaur, though he aspires to one day make glue from a horse.

The Undeadinator's current Nemesis for the Week, customarily chosen at random from the suggestions page, is CthulhuFhtagn. The Undeadinator shall dedicate a hilarious parodical Wiki page to Cthulhu's failings as a man and being of indescribable horror, maybe. The Undeadinator does not care about Cthulhu's feelings. The Undeadinator will do as he damn well pleases.

The Undeadinator wrote this entire User summary while encased in a glass orb filled with water. He consumed three Nutrina bars and a small bird-like creature. The Undeadinator maintains that he also chlorinated the water by magic, and smuggled in a limited edition DVD of Sixteen Candles for the hell of it. The Undeadinator did not need to do this.

The Undeadinator is older than the stars and is made of caramel. He has never played Urban Dead.

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